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The Glen Image

This is a guide to The Glen, one of the subdistricts found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out the important locations in this map, including shops, vendors, and fast point dataterms, as well as notable people you can meet and missions you can do.

The Glen Map and Description

In-Game Description

Database Entry for The Glen
Rewind a few decades back and Night City Council was on its knees begging corporations to help rebuild the city. The Glen became home to the new City Hall. It's no surprise then then the Glen feels much safer and organized than other districts with millions of eddies invested on every corner. Reconciliation Part promises a literal breath of fresh air, while the elegaance of the surrounding architecture reminds you that bustle of Night City is never out of reach. City Hall is the main attraction of the Glen and the seat of city's mayor. But venture away from the tidiness and sophistication, and you'll quick start noticing run-down buildings and the menacing faces of the Valentinos and the 6th Street Gang. You won't get that in tourist guides. Still, the very fact that there's such a drastic social and economic difference only a few blocks away from City Hall says a lot about how the city is run.


The Glen.pngEnlarge

Places of Interest in The Glen

Padre's Base

Cyberpunk 2077 - Padre
You can find Padre at a basketball court in The Glen. By day, local kids shoot hoops, while by night, older residents get into organized fistfights here.

Fast Travel Dataterms in The Glen

Location Subdistrict
Megabuilding H3 The Glen
El Coyote Cojo The Glen
Hanford Overpass The Glen
Metro: Glen South The Glen
Valentino Alley The Glen
Ventura & Skyline The Glen
Palms View Way The Glen
Metro: Ebunike The Glen
Metro: Glen North The Glen
Senate & Market The Glen
Embers The Glen
Congress & Madison The Glen

Available Gigs in The Glen

Gig: Going Up or Down?
Gig: Life's Work
Gig: Psychofan
Gig: Fifth Column
Gig: Eye for an Eye

List of Gigs and All Gig Guides

The Glen NCPD Scanner Hustle Locations Map

The Glen NCPD Scanner Hustles

NCPD Scanner Hustles

The Glen Vendors and Shops

Weapon Vendors

Gun Vendor (The Glen)

Item Rarity
Add-VantageAdd-Vantage Uncommon
AshuraAshura Uncommon
AshuraAshura Rare
AshuraAshura Legendary
Bounce Back MK.1Bounce Back MK.1 Common
Combat AmplifierCombat Amplifier Rare
Common Item ComponentsCommon Item Components Common
CountermassCountermass Epic
CQO MK.72 Kanone MiniCQO MK.72 Kanone Mini Uncommon
Crafting Spec: AshuraCrafting Spec: Ashura Legendary
Crafting Spec: DB-2 TesteraCrafting Spec: DB-2 Testera Epic
Crafting Spec: G-58 DianCrafting Spec: G-58 Dian Legendary
Crafting Spec: HJSH-18 MasamuneCrafting Spec: HJSH-18 Masamune Epic
Crafting Spec: M221 SaratogaCrafting Spec: M221 Saratoga Legendary
Crafting Spec: OvertureCrafting Spec: Overture Epic
Crafting Spec: RT-46 BuryaCrafting Spec: RT-46 Burya Epic
Crafting Spec: SPT32 GradCrafting Spec: SPT32 Grad Epic
CrusherCrusher Uncommon
CrusherCrusher Rare
CS-1 TaipanCS-1 Taipan Common
DB-2 TesteraDB-2 Testera Rare
DB-2 TesteraDB-2 Testera Legendary
DR12 QuasarDR12 Quasar Uncommon
DR12 QuasarDR12 Quasar Rare
E255 PercipientE255 Percipient Uncommon
E305 ProspectaE305 Prospecta Uncommon
Electric Baton BetaElectric Baton Beta Uncommon
Electric Baton BetaElectric Baton Beta Rare
F-GX Frag GrenadeF-GX Frag Grenade Common
G-58 DianG-58 Dian Uncommon
G-58 DianG-58 Dian Rare
HammerHammer Uncommon
HammerHammer Rare
HJSH-18 MasamuneHJSH-18 Masamune Rare
HPO Mk.77 Kanone MaxHPO Mk.77 Kanone Max Uncommon
HyakumeHyakume Uncommon
HyakumeHyakume Rare
KatanaKatana Uncommon
KatanaKatana Rare
KnifeKnife Uncommon
KnifeKnife Rare
M221 SaratogaM221 Saratoga Uncommon
M221 SaratogaM221 Saratoga Rare
MK. 8 ClearvueMK. 8 Clearvue Uncommon
MK. 8 ClearvueMK. 8 Clearvue Rare
MK.2X GrandstandMK.2X Grandstand Uncommon
Currently UnavailableOS-1 Gimleteye Rare
PacifierPacifier Uncommon
PacifierPacifier Rare
PulverizePulverize Uncommon
Rare Item ComponentsRare Item Components Rare
Rare Upgrade ComponentsRare Upgrade Components Rare
RT-46 BuryaRT-46 Burya Uncommon
SO-21 SaikaSO-21 Saika Uncommon
SOR-22SOR-22 Uncommon
SOR-22SOR-22 Rare
Type 2067Type 2067 Uncommon
Type 2067Type 2067 Rare
Uncommon Item ComponentsUncommon Item Components Uncommon
XC-10 AlectoXC-10 Alecto Rare
XC-10 CetusXC-10 Cetus Uncommon
Currently UnavailableXC-10 Strix Uncommon

Ripperdocs (Cyberware Vendors)

There are no vendors of this type in this area.

Clothing Vendors

There are no vendors of this type in this area.


There are no vendors of this type in this area.

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