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North Oak Image

This is a guide to North Oak, one of the subdistricts found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out the important locations in this map, including shops, vendors, and fast point dataterms, as well as notable people you can meet and missions you can do.

North Oak Map and Description

In-Game Description

Database Entry for North Oak
North Oak is the newest district in Nighty City. It's also the richest. Freedom from poverty and gangs - now that's what you call luxury. It's hard to believe, but fifty years ago this was just a rocky hill hemming the city in from the northeast. After the nuclear bomb went off at Arasaka Tower, almost eight thousand desperate Night Citizens moved to higher ground, putting up corrugated tin roofs and à la shantytown. Over the next few years, the heill became something of an independet district - its poverty and duct-taped houses a grim reminder of the past. Finally, in the 50s, the Night City council - sponsored by corporations - decided to do some spring cleaning, officially waging a "War against crime". The North Oak slum was forcefully evacuated and bulldozed, only to boost the city's priciest real estate soon after.
Today North Oak houses the wealthies elite corpo execs, venture capitalists, actors, musicians living next door to their producers and rock stars such as Kerry Eurodyne. All of North Oak is dotted with spacious villas featuring their own microclimates and manicured lawns. North Oak is the city's very own Elysium and every Night Citizen's dream neighborhood.


North Oak.pngEnlarge

Places of Interest in North Oak

Shinto Shrine

Cyberpunk 2077 - Shinto Shrine.jpg
The Shinto Shrine is a place of worship located in Night City. People also visit the shrine to learn more about Japanese tradition.

Villa Eurodyne

Cyberpunk 2077 - Villa Eurodyne.jpg
This villa is owned by Kerry Eurodyne, a former member of SAMURAI and Johnny's old friend. It is located in the up-scale North Oak where the rich and famous reside.

Fast Travel Dataterms in North Oak

Location Subdistrict
Columbarium North Oak
North Oaks Sign North Oak
Kerry Eurodyne's Residence North Oak
Arasaka Estate North Oak
Drive-In Theater North Oak

Available Gigs in North Oak

Gig: A Shrine Defiled

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North Oak NCPD Scanner Hustle Locations Map

North Oak NCPD Scanner Hustles

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