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Downtown Image

This is a guide to Downtown, one of the subdistricts found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out the important locations in this map, including shops, vendors, and fast point dataterms, as well as notable people you can meet and missions you can do.

Downtown Map and Description

In-Game Description

Database Entry for Downtown
Downtown is one of the newest districts in Night City, having been re-built after the Arasaka Headquarters Bombing. If you buy a postcard in Night City, chances are it has a picture of Downtown, with its sky-high office and apart buildings, corporate hotels and exclusive restuarants - it all screams glamour and luxury. No matter where you turn, you'll see animated billboards and ads for bars, BD clubs, or love hotels. For those who have to spend, Downtown is the beating heart of the city.
But like all other districts, Downtown also has a darker side. After dusk, in sketchy alleyways, hotels and bras, you can meet dealers offering synthetic drugs and illegal braindances. Most places offerieng nighttime entertainment are also guarded by gang members. Businessmen and criminals, prestige and fraud, and brute strength - these are all two sides of the same coin called Downtown.


Downtown BG.pngEnlarge

Places of Interest in Downtown


Cyberpunk 2077 - Empathy.jpg
Empathy is a braindance strip club located in Downtown. The club caters to mid-ranking corpos and is run by Larry Fanghorn and Adam Ibrahimovic.

Fast Travel Dataterms in Downtown

Location Subdistrict
Halsey & MLK Downtown
Metro: Republic Way Downtown
Downtown North Downtown
Downtown Central Downtown
Metro: Downtown - Alexander St Downtown
Berkeley & Bruce Skiv Downtown
Corporation St Downtown
Gold Beach Marina Downtown
Skyline & Republic Downtown

Available Gigs in Downtown

Gig: The Frolics of Councilwoman Cole
Gig: Guinea Pigs
Gig: A Lack of Empathy
Gig: An Inconvenient Killer

List of Gigs and All Gig Guides

Downtown NCPD Scanner Hustle Locations Map

Downtown NCPD Scanner Hustles

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Downtown Vendors and Shops

Weapon Vendors

There are no vendors of this type in this area.

Ripperdocs (Cyberware Vendors)

Ripperdoc (Downtown)

Item Rarity
Arasaka MK.3Arasaka MK.3 Epic
Arasaka MK.4Arasaka MK.4 Legendary
BioDyne Berserk MK.2BioDyne Berserk MK.2 Rare
Bioplastic Blood VesselsBioplastic Blood Vessels Rare
Bioplastic Blood VesselsBioplastic Blood Vessels Epic
Bioplastic Blood VesselsBioplastic Blood Vessels Legendary
Currently UnavailableBlade - Electrical Damage Rare
Blade - Physical DamageBlade - Physical Damage Rare
Blood PumpBlood Pump Rare
Bounce Back MK.1Bounce Back MK.1 Common
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Sandevistan: Arasaka Software Common
Crafting Spec: Sandevistan: NeurotransmittersCrafting Spec: Sandevistan: Neurotransmitters Common
Crafting Spec: Threat DetectorCrafting Spec: Threat Detector Rare
Feedback CircuitFeedback Circuit Epic
Gorilla ArmsGorilla Arms Legendary
InductorInductor Epic
KerenzikovKerenzikov Rare
Knuckles - Thermal DamageKnuckles - Thermal Damage Rare
Mantis BladesMantis Blades Legendary
Memory BoostMemory Boost Rare
Metabolic EditorMetabolic Editor Epic
MicrogeneratorMicrogenerator Epic
Currently UnavailableMilitech Incendiary Round Rare
MonowireMonowire Legendary
Moore Tech Berserk MK.3Moore Tech Berserk MK.3 Epic
NeofiberNeofiber Rare
Projectile Launch SystemProjectile Launch System Legendary
QianT "Warp Dancer" Sandevistan MK.5QianT "Warp Dancer" Sandevistan MK.5 Legendary
Ram UpgradeRam Upgrade Rare
Currently UnavailableSandevistan: Arasaka Software Legendary
Currently UnavailableSandevistan: Rabid Bull Epic
Sandevistan: Tyger PawSandevistan: Tyger Paw Epic
Shock-N-AweShock-N-Awe Epic
Shock-N-AweShock-N-Awe Legendary
Smart LinkSmart Link Rare
Subdermal ArmorSubdermal Armor Rare
Currently UnavailableTabula E-Rasa Legendary
Titanium BonesTitanium Bones Rare
Zetatech Sandevistan MK.3Zetatech Sandevistan MK.3 Epic

Clothing Vendors


Item Rarity
Abrasion-Resistant Trickster Dress Shirt and VestAbrasion-Resistant Trickster Dress Shirt and Vest Rare
Animals Heavy Composite-Plated Tactical HarnessAnimals Heavy Composite-Plated Tactical Harness Rare
Anti-Chem Synfabric Tank TopAnti-Chem Synfabric Tank Top Rare
Arasaka Formal Jacket with Light ArmorplatingArasaka Formal Jacket with Light Armorplating Uncommon
Arasaka Tactical TechgogsArasaka Tactical Techgogs Uncommon
Arasaka Ultralight Hybrid Tactical HarnessArasaka Ultralight Hybrid Tactical Harness Rare
ArmadilloArmadillo Epic
Athletic Hybrid-Weave HotpantsAthletic Hybrid-Weave Hotpants Uncommon
Bai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-SilkBai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-Silk Uncommon
Basic Tank TopBasic Tank Top Uncommon
Beige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite InsolesBeige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite Insoles Epic
Bermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced LiningBermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced Lining Uncommon
Bitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel SequinsBitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel Sequins Rare
Border Guard Multilayer Aramid VestBorder Guard Multilayer Aramid Vest Rare
Burgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced SynfiberBurgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced Synfiber Uncommon
Camo Aramid-Weave Steel-ToesCamo Aramid-Weave Steel-Toes Uncommon
Canine Power Duolayer Tank TopCanine Power Duolayer Tank Top Uncommon
Carbon Triangle Graphene-Weave Pozer-Jacket Carbon Triangle Graphene-Weave Pozer-Jacket Rare
Claret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-ToesClaret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-Toes Uncommon
Classic Immuno-Cotton Corporate PantsClassic Immuno-Cotton Corporate Pants Rare
Classy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified SeamsClassy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified Seams Rare
Classy Pastel Shirt and VestClassy Pastel Shirt and Vest Uncommon
Comfy Dress Shoes With Metal InsertsComfy Dress Shoes With Metal Inserts Uncommon
Composite Geisha Combat ShirtComposite Geisha Combat Shirt Uncommon
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Aoi Tora Enhanced BD Wreath Legendary
Crafting Spec: Cyan Multiresist Evening JacketCrafting Spec: Cyan Multiresist Evening Jacket Epic
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Durable Emerald Speed Polyamide Beanie Legendary
Crafting Spec: Gold Punk Aviators with Coated GlassCrafting Spec: Gold Punk Aviators with Coated Glass Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Gold Punk Aviators with Coated Glass Epic
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Paris Blue Office Shirt and Vest with Reinforced Seams Epic
CY-4N Hybrid-Knit Aramid Tactical VestCY-4N Hybrid-Knit Aramid Tactical Vest Uncommon
Dandy Classico Shirt with Fibrotube WeaveDandy Classico Shirt with Fibrotube Weave Uncommon
Decadencia Verde Bulletproof Tactical HarnessDecadencia Verde Bulletproof Tactical Harness Uncommon
Decadencia Verde Heavy Plate-Weave Combat ShirtDecadencia Verde Heavy Plate-Weave Combat Shirt Rare
Dirty Nusa Tactical HarnessDirty Nusa Tactical Harness Uncommon
Faded Cirqt Laceless Steel-ToesFaded Cirqt Laceless Steel-Toes Uncommon
Flazh Armored Thermoset Tactical HarnessFlazh Armored Thermoset Tactical Harness Uncommon
Frayed Underwater Work BootsFrayed Underwater Work Boots Uncommon
Golden Hive Polyamide Designer PantsGolden Hive Polyamide Designer Pants Uncommon
Havskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-ToesHavskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-Toes Rare
Kang Tao Metalstitch Aramid VestKang Tao Metalstitch Aramid Vest Rare
Koumori Synleather Trench CoatKoumori Synleather Trench Coat Uncommon
Licks Kicks with Recycled Resistant MaterialsLicks Kicks with Recycled Resistant Materials Uncommon
Mallow Breeze Triweave Shirt and VestMallow Breeze Triweave Shirt and Vest Uncommon
Melting Ceramic Membrane Pozer-JacketMelting Ceramic Membrane Pozer-Jacket Uncommon
Melting Hottie Tank TopMelting Hottie Tank Top Uncommon
Mox Ultralight Tank Top with Micromesh LayerMox Ultralight Tank Top with Micromesh Layer Uncommon
Currently UnavailableNeokitsch Palm Bay Heat-Resistant Tank Top Rare
Ocean Bulletproof Neotac Biker PantsOcean Bulletproof Neotac Biker Pants Uncommon
Old Banana Juice Neotac PantsOld Banana Juice Neotac Pants Rare
Old Maelstrom-Tagged Aramid VestOld Maelstrom-Tagged Aramid Vest Uncommon
Once We Were Boosted Tank TopOnce We Were Boosted Tank Top Uncommon
Paris Blue Office Shirt and Vest with Reinforced SeamsParis Blue Office Shirt and Vest with Reinforced Seams Epic
Penguin Dress Shirt and VestPenguin Dress Shirt and Vest Uncommon
Police Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel VisorPolice Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel Visor Rare
Polyamide-Lined Work BootsPolyamide-Lined Work Boots Rare
Punk Aramid VestPunk Aramid Vest Uncommon
Purple Dragon Aramid-Weave Tank TopPurple Dragon Aramid-Weave Tank Top Epic
Reinforced Breathable Dress ShirtReinforced Breathable Dress Shirt Uncommon
Reinforced-Plastic Biker TechgogsReinforced-Plastic Biker Techgogs Rare
Robust Spunky Monkey KicksRobust Spunky Monkey Kicks Rare
Rostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work BootsRostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work Boots Uncommon
Rusty Assault HelmetRusty Assault Helmet Uncommon
Sankaku Nichibotsu Tarp-Weave Tank TopSankaku Nichibotsu Tarp-Weave Tank Top Uncommon
Secondhand Maelstrom Neotac PantsSecondhand Maelstrom Neotac Pants Uncommon
Simple Polycarbonate Dress ShoesSimple Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Rare
Spotted Sleeveless T-shirtSpotted Sleeveless T-shirt Uncommon
Sturdy Manganese Steel-ToesSturdy Manganese Steel-Toes Uncommon
Suichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical PantsSuichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical Pants Uncommon
Suichū Yōgan Syn-Fiber Combat ShirtSuichū Yōgan Syn-Fiber Combat Shirt Uncommon
Tear-Resistant Office Shirt and VestTear-Resistant Office Shirt and Vest Rare
Tyger Claws Reinforced Tactical HarnessTyger Claws Reinforced Tactical Harness Uncommon
Ultralight Shine Spectrum Trench CoatUltralight Shine Spectrum Trench Coat Uncommon
Worn Graffiti HelmetWorn Graffiti Helmet Rare
Worn Kang Tao Tactical PantsWorn Kang Tao Tactical Pants Rare
Worn Netrunning SuitWorn Netrunning Suit Uncommon
Worn Wraiths Neotac PantsWorn Wraiths Neotac Pants Rare
Yunami Formal Hybrid Duoweave JacketYunami Formal Hybrid Duoweave Jacket Uncommon


Meds Vendor (Downtown)

Item Rarity
Bounce Back MK.1Bounce Back MK.1 Common
Bounce Back MK.2Bounce Back MK.2 Uncommon
Currently UnavailableBounce Back MK.3 Rare
Currently UnavailableCapacity Booster Uncommon
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Bounce Back MK.2 Uncommon
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Bounce Back MK.3 Rare
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Maxdoc MK.2 Rare
Currently UnavailableCrafting Spec: Maxdoc MK.3 Epic
Maxdoc MK.1Maxdoc MK.1 Uncommon
Maxdoc MK.2Maxdoc MK.2 Rare
Maxdoc MK.3Maxdoc MK.3 Epic
Oxy BoosterOxy Booster Common
Currently UnavailableStamina Booster Uncommon

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