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Vista Del Rey Image

This is a guide to Vista Del Rey, one of the subdistricts found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out the important locations in this map, including shops, vendors, and fast point dataterms, as well as notable people you can meet and missions you can do.

Vista Del Rey Map and Description

In-Game Description

Database Entry for Vista Del Rey
There's not need to sugarcoat it - Vista Del Rey is the worst part of Heywood, eaten alive by poverty and oppression. Gangs are the neighborhood's undisputed rulers - though the streets they rule over are often deserted. Fugitives or suspicious types hide in the shadows of megabuildings that've seen much better days - now their run-down exteriors seem to scorn you as you pass them. It's no wonder then that Vista is a thorn in the side of powers-that-be in neighboring districts like Corpo Plaza and North Oak. Corporate executives would happily forget about the squalor of Heywood if it weren't literally right on their doorstep. Every once in a while rumors circulate that the city's authorities could take over and "clean up" Vista Del Rey, but who'll actually step up to the task?


Vista Del Rey.pngEnlarge

Places of Interest in Vista Del Rey

La Catrina

Cyberpunk 2077 - La Catrina.jpg
La Catrina is a Valentino-run funeral home in Heywood. Even though it is a completely legal enterprise, the gang uses the deceased bodies to transport drugs and guns.

Fast Travel Dataterms in Vista Del Rey

Location Subdistrict
Shooting Range Vista Del Rey
College St Vista Del Rey
Skyline East Vista Del Rey
Metro: Congress MLK Vista Del Rey
Republic & Vine Vista Del Rey
Delamain HQ Vista Del Rey

Available Gigs in Vista Del Rey

Gig: Jeopardy
Gig: Old Friends
Gig: Sr. Ladrillo's Private Collection

List of Gigs and All Gig Guides

Vista Del Rey NCPD Scanner Hustle Locations Map

Vista Del Rey NCPD Scanner Hustles

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Vista Del Rey Vendors and Shops

Weapon Vendors

Gun Vendor (Vista Del Rey)

Item Rarity
Add-VantageAdd-Vantage Uncommon
AshuraAshura Uncommon
AshuraAshura Rare
Bounce Back MK.1Bounce Back MK.1 Common
Combat AmplifierCombat Amplifier Rare
Common Item ComponentsCommon Item Components Common
CQO MK.72 Kanone MiniCQO MK.72 Kanone Mini Uncommon
CQO MK.72 Kanone MiniCQO MK.72 Kanone Mini Rare
Crafting Spec: A-22B ChaoCrafting Spec: A-22B Chao Epic
Crafting Spec: AshuraCrafting Spec: Ashura Legendary
Crafting Spec: Combat AmplifierCrafting Spec: Combat Amplifier Common
Crafting Spec: CrunchCrafting Spec: Crunch Common
Crafting Spec: DB-2 TesteraCrafting Spec: DB-2 Testera Epic
Crafting Spec: G-58 DianCrafting Spec: G-58 Dian Legendary
Crafting Spec: HJSH-18 MasamuneCrafting Spec: HJSH-18 Masamune Epic
Crafting Spec: M221 SaratogaCrafting Spec: M221 Saratoga Legendary
Crafting Spec: RT-46 BuryaCrafting Spec: RT-46 Burya Epic
CrunchCrunch Uncommon
CrunchCrunch Rare
CS-1 TaipanCS-1 Taipan Common
DB-2 TesteraDB-2 Testera Uncommon
DB-2 TesteraDB-2 Testera Rare
DB-2 TesteraDB-2 Testera Legendary
E255 PercipientE255 Percipient Uncommon
E255 PercipientE255 Percipient Rare
E305 ProspectaE305 Prospecta Uncommon
Electric Baton GammaElectric Baton Gamma Uncommon
F-GX Frag GrenadeF-GX Frag Grenade Common
G-58 DianG-58 Dian Uncommon
G-58 DianG-58 Dian Rare
HJSH-18 MasamuneHJSH-18 Masamune Uncommon
HJSH-18 MasamuneHJSH-18 Masamune Rare
HJSH-18 MasamuneHJSH-18 Masamune Legendary
HPO Mk.77 Kanone MaxHPO Mk.77 Kanone Max Uncommon
HPO Mk.77 Kanone MaxHPO Mk.77 Kanone Max Rare
HyakumeHyakume Uncommon
KatanaKatana Common
KatanaKatana Uncommon
KnifeKnife Uncommon
KnifeKnife Rare
M221 SaratogaM221 Saratoga Uncommon
MK. 8 ClearvueMK. 8 Clearvue Uncommon
MK.2X GrandstandMK.2X Grandstand Rare
Molodets Biohaz GrenadeMolodets Biohaz Grenade Rare
Currently UnavailableOS-1 Gimleteye Uncommon
PaxPax Uncommon
Pistol AmmoPistol Ammo Common
PulverizePulverize Uncommon
Rare Item ComponentsRare Item Components Rare
Rare Upgrade ComponentsRare Upgrade Components Rare
RT-46 BuryaRT-46 Burya Uncommon
RT-46 BuryaRT-46 Burya Rare
SOR-22SOR-22 Uncommon
SOR-22SOR-22 Rare
TomahawkTomahawk Uncommon
Type 2067Type 2067 Uncommon
Type 2067Type 2067 Rare
Uncommon Item ComponentsUncommon Item Components Uncommon
WeakenWeaken Rare
XC-10 AlectoXC-10 Alecto Rare
XC-10 CetusXC-10 Cetus Uncommon
Currently UnavailableXC-10 Strix Uncommon

Ripperdocs (Cyberware Vendors)

There are no vendors of this type in this area.

Clothing Vendors

There are no vendors of this type in this area.


Netrunner (Vista Del Rey)

Item Rarity
ContagionContagion Uncommon
ContagionContagion Rare
Cripple MovementCripple Movement Uncommon
Cripple MovementCripple Movement Rare
Cyberware MalfunctionCyberware Malfunction Uncommon
Cyberware MalfunctionCyberware Malfunction Rare
Epic Quickhack ComponentsEpic Quickhack Components Epic
Legendary Quickhack ComponentsLegendary Quickhack Components Legendary
Memory WipeMemory Wipe Rare
OverheatOverheat Uncommon
OverheatOverheat Rare
PingPing Uncommon
PingPing Rare
Rare Quickhack ComponentsRare Quickhack Components Rare
Reboot OpticsReboot Optics Uncommon
Request BackupRequest Backup Uncommon
Short CircuitShort Circuit Uncommon
Short CircuitShort Circuit Rare
Sonic ShockSonic Shock Uncommon
Sonic ShockSonic Shock Rare
Synapse BurnoutSynapse Burnout Rare
Uncommon Quickhack ComponentsUncommon Quickhack Components Uncommon
Weapon GlitchWeapon Glitch Uncommon
Weapon GlitchWeapon Glitch Rare
WhistleWhistle Uncommon
WhistleWhistle Rare

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