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Genshin Impact - List of Mechanicus and Upgrades - Best Mechanici for Theater Mechanicus

Here you can find a list of the Mechanicus Towers available for the Tower Defense event, Theater Machanicus, during the Lantern Rite in Genshin Impact.

Lantern Rite Event
Lantern Rite Icon Lantern Rite Guide Theater Mechanicus IconTheater Mechanicus Stand by Me Icon Stand By Me
Festive Fever Icon Lantern Rite Tales Xiao Market IconXiao Market Genshin - Xiao Lantern Icon.pngXiao Lantern

List of Mechanicus Towers

All Mechanici Descriptions

Mechanicus Description
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Tidal Flats Veneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats Attacks opponents in AoE with Water Cannons that deal Hydro DMG and apply the Wet status.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Spark Veneficus Mechanicus: Spark Attacks opponents with Blazing Sparks that explode, dealing Pyro DMG in certain AoE.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Thin IceVeneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice Periodically fire a Frost Bullet in a straight line. On hit, deals Cryo DMG to opponents.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - ThunderstrikeVeneficus Mechanicus: Thunderstrike Attacks opponents with a Thunder Strike that deals Electro DMG.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - GustVeneficus Mechanicus: Gust Once deployed, the orientation can be adjusted in the construction menu to attack in different directions. Deals Anemo DMG.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Mark IRecovery Mechanicus: Mark I Generates bonus Veneficus Points for each opponent defeated in an AoE around it.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Ambush MineAmbush Mine Ambush Mine will explode upon contact with opponents, dealing massive Pyro DMG to the surrounding opponents.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - LongbowVeneficus Mechanicus: Longbow Periodically fires an arrow shot, dealing Physical DMG to opponents it hits.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - DesireMysticus Mechanicus: Desire Continously buffs the Veneficus Mechanici in an AoE around it, increasing their DMG.
Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus - Portal of WondersArcane Mechanicus: Portal of Wonders Players can select Arcane Mechanicus: Portal of Wonders to another portal.

Recommended Mechanici

The Mechanici not mentioned here are also useful, but you can achieve the elemental effects with characters instead of towers.

Since you cannot directly damage opponents with your characters, you will need damage-dealing mechanici to defeat all the opponents!

Cryo and Hydro Tower Combo

Genshin - Best Mechanicus - Cryo and Hydro Tower

On of the best ways to clear waves in Theater Mechanicus is by slowing down enemies by blocking them and using Elemental Reactions to stun or knock them back. The Cryo and Hydro Mechanicus combo allows you to keep freezing enemies in place, leaving them vulnerable to other Mechanici attacks.

Use the Electro Tower

Geshin - Best Mechanicus - Electro Tower

The Electro Mechanicus is one of the best in the event! Its attacks have a homing feature that always hit the target, and the electro effect has an AoE.

The Electro Mechanicus also combines well with the Pyro and Hydro Mechanicus, dealing even more damage!

Use the Pyro Tower

Genshin - Best Mechanicus - Pyro Tower

The Pyro Mechanicus deals the most damage among all Mechanici. Its powerful and long-ranged attacks are perfect for larger enemies and slow-moving groups of enemies.

Be careful though, because faster enemies can dodge Pyro Mechanicus shots.

How to Best Use Each Mechanicus

Hydro Tower Strategy

Geshin - How to Use Hydro Mechanicus

The Hydro Mechanicus is useful mainly for setting up elemental reactions like Electro-charged and Freeze. The Hydro Mechanicus also deals a decent amount of damage to an AoE. To best use the Hydro Mechanicus, pair it with another elemental Mechanicus and trigger an elemental reaction!

Pyro Tower Strategy

Pyro Tower Strategy

The Pyro Mechanicus is strong against bigger enemies and slimes because it deals a lot of damage. It also has better range than the other Mechanici. You can place Pyro Mechanici in the middle of the field so you can utilize its range and have a failsafe in case any enemies manage to get past the frontline.

The Pyro Mechanicus' major flaw is that it has a slow attack speed, so it's weak against speedy enemies like the Samachurl. The Pyro Mechanicus also misses sometimes, so be sure to keep an eye out for escaping enemies!

Cryo Tower Strategy

Genshin - How To Use Cryo Mechanicus

The Cryo Mechanicus is useful for freezing enemies to keep them in place and give your towers more time to attack. As you level the Cryo Mechanicus up, you can slow enemies down with each attack and deal Cryo damage in an AoE.

Use the Cryo Mechanicus with a Hydro Mechanicus or Hydro characters to hold enemies in place, or at least slow them down!

Electro Tower Strategy

Electro Tower Strategy.png

Electro Mechanici attacks deal decent damage and always hit targets in their AoE. Upgrade it to level 3 as soon as you can to increase its targets to 3 at a time.

Use the Electro Mechanicus with Hydro to deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time. You can also use it with the Pyro Mechanicus or a Pyro character to trigger Overload and knock enemies back, making it harder for them to escape.

Anemo Tower Strategy

Genshin - How To Use Anemo Mechanicus

Use the Anemo Mechanicus to deal decent damage to enemies while knocking them back at the same time. The Anemo Mechanicus is good for players who don't have Jean, Zhongli, or characters that can push the enemies back.

Remember to adjust the direction of the Anemo Mechanicus to fit the Theater Mechanicus map!

Recovery Mechanicus Strategy

Genshin - How To Use Recovery Mechanicus

The Recovery Mechanicus is cheap and good for collecting points to build new towers quickly.

Place the Recovery Mechanicus in areas your towers will deal the final blow. For example: if you have a powerful set up in front of the field, place the Recovery Mechanicus at the front, but if you have a set up that deals damage over time instead of instantly, place the Mechanicus near the exit portal.

Ambush Mine Strategy

Ambush Mine Strategy

Ambush Mines are Mechanici that explode when an enemy moves over it, dealing massive Pyro DMG. This is best placed on areas like enemy chokepoints, where the most number of enemies can be affected. It's also a good strategy to place them near your portal to prevent runaway enemies from escaping.

Longbow Strategy

Longbow Mechanicus

The Longbow is effective against Geo enemies, breaking their shields and dealing high physical DMG. It's best to place them behind other towers, because their range enables them to hit targets from afar.

Mysticus Mechanicus Strategy

Mysticus Mehcanicus Strategy

The Mysticus Mechanicus is very effective, as it helps strengthen surrounding Mechanici. This increases their DMG, and allows you to use less Mechanici to defend certain areas. This is very effective in stages with multiple entry points, as you would need to spread out your Mechanici.

Portal of Wonders Strategy

Portal of Wonders

The Portal of Wonders allows you to travel across different points of the stage, helping you travel faster. This is effective when setting up defenses, since you have a limited time to place Mechanici in-between stages. The best way to use this Mechanici is placing each point in vulnerable areas of your defenses, allowing you to deal with enemies quicker, or construct more Mechanici.

Mechanicus Tower Effects and Stats

Tower Overview and Jump Table

Click on a Tower to Jump!
Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Tidal FlatHydro Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus SparkPyro Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Thin IceCryo Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus ThunderstrikeElectro Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus GustAnemo
Genshin - Recovery Mechanicus Mark IRecovery Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Ambush MineMine Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus LongbowLongbow Genshin - Mysticus Mechanicus DesireBuff Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Portal of WondersPortal

Veneficus Mechanicus: Tidal Flats

Hydro Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Tidal Flat Name Effect
Base Tidal Flats Inflicts Hydro AoE DMG and Wet Status
Level 3 Mirror Image AoE Range Increased
Level 5 Rippling Reflections Periodically makes Mist Bubbles, trapping enemies

Hydro Tower Stats

Hydro Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 250 6m 4s
2 120 625 6m 4s
3 140 1000 8m 4s
4 160 1375 8m 4s
5 180 1750 8m 4s
6 180 2125 8m 4s
7 180 2500 8m 4s
8 180 2875 8m 4s
9 180 3250 8m 4s
10 180 3625 8m 4s

Veneficus Mechanicus: Spark

Pyro Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Spark Name Effect
Base Spark Pyro DMG in an AoE
Level 3 Conflagration AoE Range Increased
Level 5 Inferno Attacks leave behind flames, damaging opponents passing through

Pyro Tower Stats

Pyro Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 500 20m 5s
2 120 1250 20m 5s
3 140 2000 20m 5s
4 160 2750 20m 5s
5 180 3500 20m 5s
6 180 4250 20m 5s
7 180 5000 20m 5s
8 180 5750 20m 5s
9 180 6500 20m 5s
10 180 7250 20m 5s

Veneficus Mechanicus: Thin Ice

Cryo Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Thin Ice Name Effect
Base Thin Ice Cryo DMG in a straight line
Level 3 Rimefrost Attacks slow enemies down
Level 5 Glacial Bloom Attacks deal Cryo DMG in an AoE

Cryo Tower Stats

Cryo Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 100 15m 3s
2 120 250 15m 3s
3 140 400 15m 3s
4 160 550 15m 3s
5 180 700 15m 3s
6 180 850 15m 3s
7 180 1000 15m 3s
8 180 1150 15m 3s
9 180 1300 15m 3s
10 180 1450 15m 3s

Veneficus Mechanicus: Thunderstrike

Electro Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Thunderstrike Name Effect
Base Thunderstrike Electro DMG
Level 3 Blitz Trident Targets Increased to 3
Level 5 Furious Discharge Periodically strikes a nearby enemy with Lightning, dealing Electro DMG

Electro Tower Stats

Electro Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 200 15m 4s
2 120 500 15m 4s
3 140 800 15m 4s
4 160 1100 15m 4s
5 180 1400 15m 4s
6 180 1700 15m 4s
7 180 2000 15m 4s
8 180 2300 15m 4s
9 180 2600 15m 4s
10 180 2900 15m 4s

Veneficus Mechanicus: Gust

Anemo Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Veneficus Mechanicus Gust Name Effect
Base Gust Anemo DMG and knocks back enemies
Level 3 Razor Wind Knockback Distance Increased
Level 5 Dust Devil Gathers opponents in an AoE while charging

Anemo Tower Stats

Anemo Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 300 8m 4s
2 120 750 8m 4s
3 140 1200 8m 4s
4 160 1650 8m 4s
5 180 2100 8m 4s
6 180 2550 8m 4s
7 180 3000 8m 4s
8 180 3450 8m 4s
9 180 3900 8m 4s
10 180 4350 8m 4s

Recovery Mechanicus: Mark I

Point Recovery Tower Info and Effect

Genshin - Recovery Mechanicus Mark I Name Effect
Base Mark I Bonus Veneficus Points
Level 2 Mark II AoE Range Increased
Level 3 Mark III Bonus Veneficus Points increased

The Recovery Mechanicus can only be leveled up twice, so the max level of 3 can be reached easily despite the expensive upgrade costs.

Point Recovery Tower Stats

Point Recovery Tower Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 50 0 6m 0s
2 50 0 8m 0s
3 50 0 8m 0s

Ambush Mine

Ambush Mine Info and Effect

Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Ambush Mine Name Effect
Base Ambush Mine Deals massive Pyro AoE DMG when touched
Level 3 Soulfire Mine Cost Decreased
Level 5 Tandem Mine Chance to explode again if enemy is killed by first explosion

Ambush Mine Stats

Ambush Mine Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 20 800 5m 0s
2 20 2000 5m 0s
3 10 3200 5m 0s
4 10 4400 5m 0s
5 10 5600 5m 0s
6 10 6800 5m 0s
7 10 8000 5m 0s
8 10 9200 5m 0s
9 10 10400 5m 0s
10 10 11600 5m 0s

Veneficus Mechanicus: Longbow

Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Longbow Name Effect
Base Longbow Physical DMG
Level 3 Sharpshooter Effectiveness against Geo increased
Level 5 Ordnance Attacks gain a homing ability

Longbow Stats

Longbow Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 100 300 30m 2s
2 120 750 30m 2s
3 140 1200 30m 2s
4 160 1650 30m 2s
5 180 2100 30m 2s
6 180 2550 30m 2s
7 180 3000 30m 2s
8 180 3450 30m 2s
9 180 3900 30m 2s
10 180 4350 30m 2s

Mysticus Mechanicus: Desire

Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Desire Name Effect
Base Desire Increases DMG of other Mechanici in AoE
Level 3 Fulfilment AoE Range Increased
Level 5 Arcanum Can overlap with effects of other Mysticus Mechanici

Desire Stats

Desire Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 150 0 6m 0s
2 150 0 8m 0s
3 150 0 8m 0s

Arcane Mechanicus: Portal of Wonders

Genshin - Venificus Mechanicus Portal of Wonders Name Effect
Base Portal of Wonders Teleports from one portal to another

Portal Stats

Portal Stats
Lv. Cost ATK Range ATK SPD
1 40 0 0 0

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