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How to Get Aux Evasions: Effects and Locations

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Aux Evasions are an item in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Read on to learn where to find Aux Evasions, as well as their effect and price!

How to Get Aux Evasions

Can Be Crafted

Materials Crafted Item
Aux Evasion Image Aux Evasion

How to Unlock Recipe

Crafting Recipe Location Jubilife Village
How to Obtain Purchase from Craftworks for ₽8,000.

Given as a Reward for Requests

Aux Evasions can often be obtained by completing requests. Check the list below to see which requests can be completed to obtain more Aux Evasions!

Request Number Obtained
Request 41: An Elegant Tail 2

All Request Walkthroughs: How to Unlock All Requests

Aux Evasion Effect and General Information

Aux Evasion ImageAux Evasion
Effect An item that makes moves less likely to strike a Pokémon during a battle. This effect disappears if the Pokémon leaves the battle.

Sell and Buy Price

Sell Price ₽400
Buy Price -

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