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Genshin Impact - Specter Enemy Guide
Specters are a type of Inazuman enemy in Genshin Impact Version. Learn more about the Specters' enemy information, locations, item drops, and their expedition event in this enemy guide!

All Types of Specters

Specter Elemental Types

Specter Enemies
Genshin - Anemo Specter
Anemo Specter
Genshin - Geo Specter
Geo Specter
Genshin - Hydro Specter
Hydro Specter

New Specter Types in Version 2.4

New Specter Enemies
Genshin - Cryo Specter
Cryo Specter
Genshin - Electro Specter
Electro Specter
Genshin - Pyro Specter
Pyro Specter

New Specter Types were teased during the 2.4 Livestream and announced in a recent Inazuma Diaries update! Cryo, Pyro, and Electro Specters will appear after the Version 2.4 Update.

2.4 Livestream Summary

All Specter Locations

Specter Locations in Inazuma

Note: the numbers on the map indicate how many Specters may be found in each location.

Maps of Specter Locations

Watatsumi Island

Seirai Island

Currently, Specters can only be found on Watatsumi and Seirai Island! All Specters have the same item drops, so it won't matter which Specter type you farm.

Inazuma Map Guide

All Specter Item Drops

Item Drops from All Specter Types

Drop Level
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.
Lv. 60+

Used For Character Ascension

List of Characters
Gorou ImageGorou Kokomi ImageKokomi Aloy ImageAloy

Kokomi, Aloy and Gorou need the Spectral items you get from Specters as their character ascension materials.

All Specter Attack Patterns

Elemental Shot

Genshin - Anemo Specter - Elemental Shot
Each type of Specter shoots out an Elemental Shot as its main form of attack. Each type is also immune to its corresponding element.

Anemo Burst

Genshin - Anemo Specter - Anemo Burst
The Anemo Specter collects Anemo energy and releases it in one burst with a small AoE.

Hydro Burst

Genshin - Hydro Specter - Hydro Burst
The Hydro Specter spins in place, gathering Hydro energy and releasing it in a burst with a small AoE, characterized by the area on the ground rippling like water.

Charging Attack

Genshin - Geo Specter - Charging Attack
The Geo Specter faces the character and starts spinning, charging forward to attack.

Fury Explosion

Genshin - Specter Attacks 2
All Specter Elements build Fury up when taking a big hit. They will get bigger and stronger the more Fury they build up, then explode violently after you defeat them.

Specter Enemy Information

What are Specters?

Hydro Specter Image Geo Specter Image Anemo Specter Image Pyro Specter Image Cryo Specter Image Electro Specter Image

Adventurer Handbook Description
A monster born from highly-concentrated elements that can float in the air.
On the whole, they are little sprites that have a gentle temperament, much like Slimes, but they can sometimes explode into a rage.
Specter Locations
Found in Seirai and Watatsumi Island areas of Inazuma

Floating Enemies

Specters are floating elemental creatures that come from high elemental concentrations.

Specter Release Dates

Specter Release Dates
Genshin Impact - Version 2.1 Release Date and News
Version 2.1 Release
Genshin Impact - Update 2.4 Release Date and Patch Notes Guide
Version 2.4 Release

Certain Specter Types were released in the Version 2.1 update, on September 1, 2021, while 3 more Elemental Specter Types will be release in Version 2.4, on January 5, 2022.

Spectral Secrets Event

Genshin - Spectral Secrets Banner
Spectral Secrets is a new expedition event involving all Specter Types. Take a look at our full event guide here:
Spectral Secrets Event Guide

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