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Genshin Impact - Update 1.6 Livestream Summary
This page has the latest information on Genshin Impact's Update 1.6 Livestream. Read on for a summary of the Version 1.6 Livestream's newly announced characters, weapons, artifacts, regions, bosses, quests, events, and game features!

1.6 Livestream Date

Livestream and Special Program

Genshin - Update 1.6 Livestream
Livestream Dates
English May 28, 2021 - 11:00 AM (UTC-5)
Chinese May 28, 2021 - 7:00 AM (UTC-5)

Where to Watch the Livestream

The Chinese Livestream has already ended, and was available on Bilibili. The English Special Program has also ended, but can still be rewatched on the official Genshin Impact Youtube channel:

Version 1.6 Special Program

Version 1.6 Update Information

Version 1.6 Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 1.6
Release Date June 9, 2021

Update 1.6 Release Date and News # 1.6 Livestream Summary ## Update 1.6 Summary
New and Featured Characters
New and Featured Weapons
Features and Improvements

1.6 Livestream Redeem Codes

List of Livestream Redeem Codes

Code and Server Status Reward
All Servers
Genshin Impact - Primogem Image x100
Genshin Impact - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image x10
All Servers
Genshin Impact - Primogem Image x100
Genshin Impact - Hero x5
All Servers
Genshin Impact - Primogem Image x100
Genshin Impact - Mora Image x50000

List of All Redeem Codes

1.6 Livestream Wish Banners

1.6 Livestream Characters
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee (RERUN) Genshin Impact - Kazuha ImageKazuha (NEW)

1.6 Character Banners: Klee and Kazuha

The first Character Banner in Version 1.6 is Klee's Banner Rerun, which will be followed by Kazuha's Banner. Klee's rerun will most probably be released the same time as Version 1.6, and Kazuha's Banner will most probably be released the same day Klee's Banner ends.

1.6 Livestream Weapons and Artifacts

New 1.6 Weapons

List of New Weapons
Freedom-Sworn Image Freedom-Sworn Dodoco Tales Image Dodoco Tales Mitternachts Waltz Image Mitternachts Waltz

The 4-Star Dodoco Tales Catalyst has confirmed to be a reward from the Midsummer Island Adventure Event, while the 5-Star Freedom-Sworn Sword and 4-Star Mitternachts Waltz Bow will most probably be rate-up weapons in the Epitome Invocation banner.

No New 1.6 Artifacts

The 1.6 Livestream had no mention of new Artifacts or Artifact Domains, so there may not be any new ones in the upcoming version.

1.6 Livestream Regions and Areas

New Area: Dodo Land

Dodo Land Area Previews
Island Puzzles Island Treasures
Island Scenery Island Scenery

The 1.6 livestream featured teaser images of a new area: the mysterious islands of Dodo Land! This new area will host new 1.6 events, world quests, and more.

Inazuma Area Preview

Inazuma Concept Art
Watatsumi Island Seirai Island
Tsurumi Island Inazuma Structure

Ayaka appeared on the 1.6 livestream to describe a few Inazuma regions. Since no in-game map footage was shown on the livestream, Inazuma probably won't be released in Version 1.6.
Inazuma Map Guide

1.6 Livestream Quests and Events

New Archon Quest: Chapter 2 Prologue

Genshin - New Archon Quest
Chapter 2: Prologue will be released in Version 1.6, and the livestream teased Kazuha's Inazuma origin! This may suggest that the Archon Quests after this will take place in Inazuma.
List of All Archon Quests

Possible Kazuha Story Quest?

Genshin - Kazuha Story Quest
The livestream didn't confirm if Kazuha would get a Story Quest, but past 5-Star Character releases are usually accompanied by their Story Quests so it's possible! Here's a list of Story Quests so far:
List of All Story Quests

Midsummer Island Adventure Event

Dodoco's disappearance will have you venturing a whole new area: Dodo Land! The Midsummer Island Adventure event is similar to the Windblume Festival as the main event has multiple mini games for players to challenge. Summon and sail the Waverider boat to explore the new area and its features!
Midsummer Island Adventure Guide

Echoing Tales Event

Magical ''Echoing Conches'' will be available throughout the event, whispering hidden tales to you. Collect these Echoing Conches to receive event rewards, including a new character skin feature: Barbara's new outfit, Summertime Sparkle!
Echoing Tales Event Guide

KaboomBall Kombat Event

A mechanism called the ''Dodo Fortress'' will shoot different types of KaboomBalls at you, which you can send back with a Dodo Guard! Damage and defeat as many Dodo Fortresses as you can, and get the most amount of Enigma Gears to exchange for event rewards.

You can also play KaboomBall Kombat in Co-Op mode! Note however that only two players at a time are allowed to play.
Kaboomball Kombat Event Guide

Never-Ending Battle Event

Defeat the various enemies that invade Dodo Land at your preferred difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the event score! Berserker enemies and round buffs will appear throughout the match to spice things up as well.

The event challenges are scattered all around the archipelago, which gives us another reason to explore the new area!
Never-Ending Battle Event Guide

1.6 Livestream Features & Improvements

Character Skins and Outfits

Version 1.6 will bring us a new feature: character skins! Only Jean and Barbara have been shown to have character skins, but we can expect that they'll add more in the future.
List of All Character Outfits

How to Get Character Skins

Jean's character skin will only be available in the shop, and can be bought with Genesis Crystals. You get a discount on the skin for a limited time, so buy as early as you can if you're willing to spend!

Barabara's skin is a reward from Echoing Tales, but will also be available in the shop after Version 1.6.

Character Skin Price
Genshin Impact - Jean ImageJean Limited: Genesis Crystals x1350
Permanent: Genesis Crystals x1680
Genshin Impact - Barbara ImageBarbara Limited: Free from Echoing Tales
After 1.6: Genesis Crystals x1680

Add Companions to Teapot Realms

Genshin - Place Characters in the Teapot Realm

Add up to 8 characters at a time

You can have up to 8 character companions in your Serenitea Pot at a time, and they can be placed in both indoor and outdoor areas. Characters who stay in the Serenitea Pot can be interacted with, and even gain Companionship EXP for the duration of their stay!
Housing System & Serenitea Pot Guide

Favorite Furnishing Sets

Character Companion Rewards
Character Companion Furnishing Set Rewards

Each character has a Favorite Furnishing Set, and you can get rewards and special dialogues from them by placing it, including Primogems!

Auto-Track Next Monster with the Handbook

Genshin - Auto Tracking
When using the Adventurer’s handbook to track down elite monsters for materials, you will now automatically be guided to the next monster of the same kind once you defeat it.

New PC Hotkeys

Hotkey Hotkey Function
O Key Opens the Friend List
L Key Opens the Party Menu

New PC shortcuts have been added to the PC interface for easier gameplay and screen access.

Domain Level Details from Menu

When entering a domain and selecting difficulty level, you can now see more details about the domain challenge in the top right corner of the menu. The information includes:

  • Active Ley Line Disorders
  • List of Domain Enemies
  • Domain Enemy Levels

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