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How to Beat Magnus the Beast Claw: Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Magnus the Beast Claw, a(n optional) boss in Elden Ring. Read on to learn more about Magnus the Beast Claw's drops, weaknesses, and recommended level!

Magnus the Beast Claw General Info

Stats and Rewards

Magnus the Beast Claw
Elden Ring - Magnus the Beast Claw Image
Weakness Resistance Immune
Scarlet Rot
Affected By Bleed, Poison, Scarlet Rot, Frost
Spirit Ashes Available? No
Rune Rewards Coming Soon!
Summonable NPCs ・None
Item Drops Great Stars
Somber Smithing Stone 6

Magnus the Beast Claw Location

Where to Find Magnus the Beast Claw

Magnus the Beast Claw Sign Map Location.png

Magnus' red Invasion sign can be found in one of the buildings in the Writheblood Ruins, surrounded by dogs. You will need a Festering Bloody Finger to Invade.

He is part of White Mask Varre's questline and defeating him will continue Varre's questline.

Writheblood Ruins Location and What to Do

How to Beat Magnus the Beast Claw

Tips for Beating Magnus the Beast Claw
Check IconTake advantage of his slow movements
Check IconDodge his attacks to prevent him from healing
How to Beat Strategies
Ranged Strategy Melee Strategy

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Ranged Strategy

Magnus the Beast Claw Boss Tips
Check IconKite and dodge him
Check IconKeep your distance so he doesn't heal

Kite and dodge him

Magnus wields the Great Stars, which is a large weapon, making his attacks slow. Take advantage of this by kiting and dodging him with arrows and spells. Avoid using a channeled spell like Comet Azur since he can easily knock you out of the cast animation if he reaches you.

Keep your distance so he doesn't heal

Great Stars provides a small amount of HP recovery whenever Magnus lands a hit, so make sure to keep your distance.

Melee Strategy

Magnus the Beast Claw Boss Tips
Check IconPunish his slow attacks or inflict status effects
Check IconDodge so he doesn't heal

Punish his slow attacks

Magnus has rather slow attacks, so try to wait for a move with a slow recovery frame and then punish him.

If you're using Dexterity weapons, he is difficult to Poise break, but he is very vulnerable to status effects, so have a weapon that inflicts Bleed, Frost, or Scarlet Rot.

Dodge so he doesn't heal

Great Stars heals Magnus for a small amount of HP if he lands a hit, so make sure to dodge his attacks whenever he swings.

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