Diablo 4 (D4)

Wrack and Ruin Walkthrough and How to Find Left Eye

Diablo 4 - Wrack and Ruin

Wrack and Ruin is a Main Quest in Diablo 4 (Diablo IV). Learn where to find the town of Yngovani, the Left Eye location, how to slay the serpents, all rewards, as well as completion tips!

Wrack and Ruin Overview

Basic Information

Quest Type Main Quest
Zone Hawezar
Starting Location Blightmarsh
Quest Giver Timue
Renown EXP Gold

How to Unlock Wrack and Ruin

Diablo 4 Tainted Flesh Next Quest

Wrack and Ruin begins immediately after speaking to Timue to complete the preceding quest Tainted Flesh.

Tainted Flesh Walkthrough

Wrack and Ruin Quest Walkthrough

Find the Town of Yngovani Location

Find the town of Yngovani
You can find the town of Yngovani in the middle of the Blightmarsh.
Find the temple in Yngovani
Once you arrive at the town of Yngovani, you'll have to locate the temple. The temple is found in the east area of the town.

Find the Left Eye Location

Find the Left Eye
You can find the Left Eye north of the temple, at a campsite being attacked by serpents.
4 Slay the serpents
Defeat the serpents surrounding the Dying Bandit NPC. Afterward, talk to him.
Speak with the survivor
Ask the bandit, "what happened?" in order for him to drop the Left Eye.

Find the Right Eye Location

Find the Right Eye
The Right Eye is located a bit east of the temple.
Search the cultist corpses
Once you arrive at the location, search the corpses in the area until you obtain the Right Eye. The corpse that dropped the Right Eye for us was the one found at the top of the stairs.
Return the Left and Right Eye
Once you have both Right Eyes, head back to the temple and place them both in the engraved door to complete the quest and start the next quest.

Wrack and Ruin Previous and Next Quests

Previous Quest Next Quest
Tainted Flesh Cold Blood

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