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Chevreuse Banner Dates in Phase 2 of Version 4.3

Genshin Impact - Chevreuse Banner Release Date in Version 4.3

Chevreuse is featured in Phase 2 of Genshin Impact Version 4.3, on Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya's banners from January 9, 2024, to January 30, 2024. Check out Chevreuse's banner date, and all the featured 4-stars with her here!

When is Chevreuse's Banner Release?

In Version 4.3 Phase 2 on January 9, 2024

Genshin Impact - Phase 2 Banner

Chevreuse was released on the rerun banners for Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya on Phase 2 of Version 4.3, available from January 9, 2024 until January 30, 2024!

Version 4.3 Release Date and Banners

What Banner is Chevreuse Part Of?

Part of Raiden and Yoimiya's Banners

Genshin Impact - Reign of Serenity GachaReign of Serenity Genshin Impact - Tapestry of Golden Flames GachaTapestry of Golden Flames

Chevreuse is featured on both Raiden and Yoimiya's banners as a 4-star character rate-up. You can switch between the two banners and have an equal chance of getting Chevreuse, as the two banners share the same Pity History.

Current & Upcoming Banner Schedule

Part of the Standard Banner in 4.4

Genshin - Permanent Banner - Wanderlust Invocation

After the Version 4.4 update, Chevreuse joins the pool of 4-star characters available in all banners. This means from Version 4.4 onwards, you can get Chevreuse from the standard banner, any character rate-up banners, and weapon banners!

Wanderlust Invocation Banner

Who are the 4-Stars with Chevreuse's Banner?

4-Star Character Rate-Ups with Chevreuse

Genshin - Chevreuse Chevreuse Genshin - Bennett Bennett Genshin - Sara Sara

The 4-Star Characters featured with Chevreuse are Kujou Sara and Bennett!

List of All 4-Star Characters

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