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Genshin Impact - From Outer Lands Quest Guide

From Outer Lands is a Golden Apple Archipelago World Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this quest, where to find the shipwrecks with wooden planks, how to search for whatever the ship was carrying, a full quest walkthrough, and quest rewards in this guide!

From Outer Lands Basic Information

From Outer Lands Details

Quest Type World Quest
Location Twinning Isle, Golden Apple Archipelago

How to Unlock From Outer Lands

How to Unlock Unlock the Version 1.6 Archipelago
Collect a Wooden Plank from the shipwreck

Collect a Wooden Plank from the Shipwreck

Go to either of the two marked locations near Twinning Isle. To unlock From Outer Lands, you have to look for the Wooden Plank in the shipwreck and collect it.

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From Outer Lands Walkthrough and Rewards

From Outer Lands

You discovered a strange wrecked ship on a nameless island. But the question is, where did this ship come from?

From Outer Lands Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Search for the other half of the wrecked ship
  • Search for whatever the ship was carrying
  • Defeat the thing that suddenly appeared


Look for the a wooden plank in one of the shipwrecks located on a small island west of Twinning Isle.
Look for another wooden plank on the small island southeast of Twinning Isle.
3 Genshin - Twinning Isle Bubble Locations
After picking up the two wooden planks, your next task is to investigate the ocean and search for 3 bubbles to find treasure.
Upon examining the 3rd bubble, you will face a Defense Mechanism. Defeat it to finish the quest.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×300 Primogem Image Primogem ×40 Mora Image Mora ×20000
Hero Hero's Wit ×3 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

From Outer Lands Tips & Strategies

Wooden Plank Locations

The Shipwrecks and Wooden Planks are located on the small islands near Twinning Isle. One is on the small island to the west of Twinning Isle, while the other is on the small island southeast of Twinning Isle.

Shipwreck Locations

Twinning Isle Area

Wooden Plank A

Wooden Plank B

Search for Whatever The Ship was Carrying

Genshin - Twinning Isle Bubble Locations
To search for whatever the ship was carrying, you will have to investigate three bubble locations. The third location (Bubble Location C) is where the final objective appears. Defeat the mechanism to complete the quest!

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