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This page is about the clothing item Melting Hottie Tank Top from Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn this clothing's weight, armor, and mod slot information, as well as where to find the Melting Hottie Tank Top.

Melting Hottie Tank Top Overview

General Info

Melting Hottie Tank Top
Melting Hottie Tank Top
Tier(s) Rare Epic
Clothing Slot Group Inner Torso
Weight 0.9
The print quality will melt your brain too.

Melting Hottie Tank Top Stats and Mod Slots


Armor 150.2

Note that the stats shown here are the highest values that we have been able to confirm so far available to this clothing item. These numbers may be updated in the future


Mod Slots
This Clothing Item does not have any mod slots

The slots shown here are the ones we have been able to confirm exist for higher tier versions of the clothing item. More slots may be added in later on as they are confirmed.

How to Get the Melting Hottie Tank Top

Purchased From Shops

Each shop has a fixed pool of items which can show up, with some legendary items also purchasable at specific shops. If the Melting Hottie Tank Top is not present when visiting a shop, simply exit, use Skip Time to go 24 hours ahead, and repeat until Melting Hottie Tank Top is available.

Vendor Rarity
Clothing Vendor (Little China) Uncommon
Clothing Vendor (Little China) Rare
Clothing Vendor (Little China) Epic
Blossoming Sakura Clothier Rare
Blossoming Sakura Clothier Epic
Jinguji Uncommon

Dropped by Enemies

Melting Hottie Tank Top has a chance of being dropped by certain enemies. Enemy drops are highly random, so there's no guarantee this enemy will drop this specific Item, but it has been confirmed to occur.

Enemy Confirmed Location Rarity
Security Guard Assault Common

We are currently searching for more locations where Melting Hottie Tank Top can be found. If you have found Melting Hottie Tank Top in any locations not listed here, please help us improve our guide by letting us know in the comments!

Cyberpunk 2077 Clothing


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All Clothing Types

Group Upper Slot Lower Slot
Head Head Face
Upper Body Outer Torso Inner Torso
Lower Body Legs Feet

Clothing Tiers

Clothing Tiers
Legendary Iconic

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