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This is a guide on Claire Russell, a character in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about Claire Russell's role in the story, Side Quests involving Claire Russell, whether Claire Russell is available as a Romance option, and Claire Russell's effect on the ending of the game.

Claire Russell Profile and Background

Claire Russell Image Claire Russell
Full Name Claire Russell
Job Bartender
District Watson
Gender Female
Affiliation Afterlife
Voice Actor Maddie Taylor

In-Game Description

Every regular at the Afterlife knows Claire, the bartender who knows their favorite drink by heart, what they drank last time, and even what their friends ordered. Likewise, most know a few facts about Claire too. She's transwoman who hasn't installed a single piece of cyberware in her body. She quit her job as a Militech engineer. And she's responsible for immortalizing Night City legends by naming drinks after them on the bar menu. Posthumously, of course.
What not all Afterlife clients know, however, is that Claire owns her own autoshop where she can be found spending hours under the hoods of broken-down cars and Beast, the rig she takes out on less-than-legal street races.

Quest Appearances

1 The Beast in Me
2 The Beast in Me: City Center
3 The Beast in Me: Badlands
4 The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo
5 The Beast in Me: The Big Race

Claire Russell Romance Options

Claire Russell Cannot Be Romanced

Claire Russell is not available as a Romance Option to V for either gender.

If you have found evidence that a Romance Option exists for Claire Russell, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Romance Guide

Does Claire Russell Affect the Ending?

No Effect on the Ending or Credits Sequence

Character Appears in Credits.jpg

The player's relationship with Claire Russell does not have a significant effect upon the ending of the game itself.

Claire Russell is also not one of the possible characters who can appear during the credits sequence, so regardless of your relationship with Claire Russell, it will have no effect on either the ending or credits. As such, there's no need to worry about maintaining a good relationship with Claire Russell throughout the game.

All Game Endings and How to Unlock

Claire Story and Side Quests

The Beast in Me

The Beast in Me Walkthrough.jpg

Claire takes a break from her work at Afterlife and calls V to come over to her garage. Upon arriving, V is asked to drive Beast on a series of illegal street races with Claire. Little did V know that Claire is pursuing a vendetta against one of the competitors.

The Beast in Me Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

The Beast in Me: City Center

The Beast in Me City Center Walkthrough.jpg

The first race of the elimination round. V drives through the heart of Night City while Claire shoots anyone who gets in their way. After finishing the race, the duo waits for the next challenge.

The Beast in Me: City Center Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

The Beast in Me: Badlands

The Beast in Me Badlands Walkthrough.jpg

The second race takes the racers to an off-road course in the Badlands. Claire lets her Beast roar through the wasteland and its blinding sandstorm. One wrong turn and you'll roll along with the tumbleweeds.

The Beast in Me: Badlands Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo

The Beast in Me Santo Domingo Walkthrough.jpg

The third and last race of the elimination round. V gets a bad feeling about the race as the opponents are members of The Mox and 6th Street Gang. Regardless, V and Claire plows through the race and at the finish line, Claire tells V her true intentions on joining the competition.

The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

The Beast in Me: The Big Race

The Beast in Me The Big Race Walkthrough.jpg

Claire is finally getting what she's came here for. Race with Sampson and let Claire get her revenge. At the end of the road, V will learn the truth about the accident that killed Dean.

The Beast in Me: The Big Race Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

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