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This is a guide on Delamain, a character in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about Delamain's role in the story, whether Delamain is available as a Romance option, and Delamain's effect on the ending of the game.

Delamain Profile and Background

Delamain Image Delamain
Full Name Delamain
Job Manager and Sole Employee
District -
Gender N/A
Affiliation Delamain Corp.
Voice Actor Samuel Barnett

In-Game Description

If you ever wish you could leave your problems at the door, make sure it's the door of a Delamain luxury cab. Delamain is the only cab service in Night City managed by an Artificial Intelligence and prioritizes passenger safety as highly as comfort. Delamain's intriguing personality alone is reason enough to travel in his company. He is likewise an excellent business partner due to his boundless dedication to improve the quality of his services through effective management and innovative technologies.
(Sponsored by Delamain Corp.)

Quest Appearances

1 The Heist
2 Human Nature
3 Tune Up
4 Epistrophy
5 Epistrophy: The Glen
6 Epistrophy: Badlands
7 Epistrophy: Northside
8 Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado
9 Epistrophy: Coastview
10 Epistrophy: Wellsprings
11 Epistrophy: North Oak

Delamain Romance Options

Delamain Cannot Be Romanced

Delamain is not available as a Romance Option to V for either gender.

If you have found evidence that a Romance Option exists for Delamain, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Romance Guide

Does Delamain Affect the Ending?

No Effect on the Ending or Credits Sequence

Character Appears in Credits.jpg

The player's relationship with Delamain does not have a significant effect upon the ending of the game itself.

Delamain is also not one of the possible characters who can appear during the credits sequence, so regardless of your relationship with Delamain, it will have no effect on either the ending or credits. As such, there's no need to worry about maintaining a good relationship with Delamain throughout the game.

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