Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Dog Eat Dog Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Dog Eat Dog is the first quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Check out its location in Dogtown, how to find the access point, a full walkthrough, all missable loot, all known bugs, and rewards!

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- Dog Eat Dog Hole in the Sky

Dog Eat Dog Quest Information

Dog Eat Dog Overview

Dog Eat Dog is the first quest in the Phantom Liberty DLC questline. This quest will introduce you to Songbird and unlock the Dogtown area!

Quest Type Main
Act Act 2
Quest No. 1
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Dog Eat Dog

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete Transmission in Act 2 or start a new game.

Dog Eat Dog Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Dog Eat Dog Objectives and Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Dogtown Border
  2. Talk to Songbird
  3. Enter the Restricted Area
  4. Enter the Garage
  5. Go to the Underground Garage
  6. Connect to the Access Point
  7. Reach the Catwalk
  8. Go to the Construction Site
  9. Get Up Onto the Roof

1. Go to the Dogtown Border

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Go to Dogtown Border

After Songbird contacts you, proceed to the Dogtown Border using your preferred vehicle. As you reach the border, you'll then have to walk on foot to actually enter it. Once you enter the border, the Relic will shortly malfunction and Songbird will appear.

2. Talk to Songbird

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Perk Tree Unlocked After Talking to Songbird
During your conversation with Songbird, you will unlock the Relic Skill Tree. To access its abilities, you will need to acquire Relic points which can be found from Militech Data Terminals.

Relic Skill Tree Guide and List

3. Enter the Restricted Area

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Go to the Dumpster
If you have your Technical Ability at 11, you can easily open the fence to access the restricted area. Alternatively, you can get in the dumpster to sneak in.

4. Enter the Garage

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Sneak Past the Guards
A lot of enemies are stationed outside of the garage so be careful not to alert them. You can opt to take them down or simply go straight to the garage without being detected!

5. Go to the Underground Garage

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Move the Metal Sheet
After entering the garage, go to the marked location. Then, move the metal sheet to access the underground garage.

6. Connect to the Access Point

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Connect to the Access Point

Once you're in the underground garage, you're tasked to locate the access point in the marked area. Find it then locate the generator nearby to power it up. After that, use the elevator platform activated.

How to Find the Access Point ▼

7. Reach the Catwalk

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Use the Elevator to Reach the Black Market
At this point of the quest, you need to reach the top part of the garage in order to reach the catwalk. After arriving at the catwalk, you'll then have to use the elevator to finally reach Dogtown, specifically the Black Market.

8. Go to the Construction Site

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Go to the Construction Site
When you're in the Black Market already, proceed to the construction site by following the quest marker on your mini-map.

9. Get Up Onto the Roof

To reach the roof, you have to first fix the elevator by resetting the power. After that, proceed to the roof using the fixed elevator. As you reach the roof, a short cutscene will trigger which officially starts the Phantom Liberty questline!

How to Find the Access Point in Dog Eat Dog

  1. Located Near the Entrance
  2. Activate the Generator

1. Located Near the Entrance

The access point can be found near the entrance of the marked area. Get close to the access point for V to mention that it needs power to work.

2. Activate the Generator

To restore power, find the generator hidden at the back of the marked area. Turn it on and then go back to the access point and connect to it. You'll now be able to access the elevator platform connected to the garage.

Tips and Strategies for Dog Eat Dog

Loot the Garage

As you're making your way to Dogtown through the garage, be aware of your surroundings since several dead bodies, abandoned cars, and containers may contain some loot.

How to Loot the Elevated Platform

Once you reach the top of the garage, turn right before heading to the hallway. You'll spot a ladder that leads to an elevated platform, You can try accessing this platform if you have Fortified Ankles or Reinforced Tendons equipped. The platform will have several containers for you to loot!

Pass Body and Technical Skill Checks

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Body Skill Check
During the Dog Eat Dog quest, you will encounter several objects such as fences and cars that can be interacted with if you have the Body or Technical Ability leveled up. With this, use them in order to make your life easier during your journey to reach Dogtown!

2.0 Perks and Skill Tree Guide

All Known Bugs in Dog Eat Dog

Car Elevator Platform Bug

According to this forum post, it's possible that the car elevator may be bugged. With this, it may be possible to fix this bug by reloading a save before starting Dog Eat Dog. If you use mods, you can try disabling them as they may also be the cause of the bug!

How to Save

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