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Cyberpunk 2077 - Radio Stations.jpg

This article will show you the different radio stations in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn more about each radio station's genre, list of songs, as well as how to listen to them.

How to Listen to the Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 - Change Radio Station

Cyberpunk 2077 has in-game radio stations that you can listen to while driving, making exploring by vehicle much more favourable than Fast Travelling.

To access the radio, simply ride any vehicle and then you will automatically hear the radio playing. If the radio is turned off, hold R1 (or press R on PC) to access the list of radio stations that you can switch to.

Driving Guide

List of Radio Stations

There are 11 radio stations in Cyberpunk 2077, each having their own genre of music. All songs are performed by real-life artists under pseudonyms based on the game's fictional universe. For example, A$AP Rocky is credited as TELO$ in his song.

88.9 Pacific Dreams

Cyberpunk 2077 - Pacific Dreams.jpg Genre: Chill Instrumental

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Isometric Air" Brian Aspey Quantum Lovers
"Practical Heart" Brian Aspey Quantum Lovers
"Real Window" Brian Aspey Quantum Lovers
"Antagonistic" Chris Cardena and Sebastian Robertson Pacific Avenue
"SImple Pleasures" Kid Moxie Jänsens
"Lithium" SLG Flatlander Woman
"Slag" SLG Flatlander Woman
"Chodze" Mchy i Porosty Muchomorr
"Midnight Eye" Earth Trax Lick Switch
"Blurred" Earth Trax Lick Switch
"The Other Room" Earth Trax Lick Switch
"La Stessa Causa" Eltron Sonoris Causa
"Retrogenesis" Private Press Left Unsaid
"Miami Suicide" Chino Talk To Us
"Slippery Stabs" Chino Talk To Us
"Ashes and Diamonds" Hatti Vatti Wormview
"Ice Maddox" Foql Mona Mitchell

89.3 Radio Vexelstrom

Cyberpunk 2077 - Radio Vexelstrom.jpg
89.3 Radio Vexelstrom
Genre: EDM and Industrial Rock

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Resist and Disorder" RezoDrone The Cartesian Duelists
"Kill the Messenger" RezoDrone The Cartesian Duelists
"Makes Me Feel Better" Kevin Hastings Slavoj McAlliste
"Dead Pilot" SRDD Keine
"Come Close" SRDD Keine
"Black Terminal" Blue Stahli and Danny Cocke Upgrade
"Reaktion" RezoDrone Alexei Brayko
"With Her" Steven Richard Davis Ego Affliction
"Never Stop Me" Steven Richard Davis Den of Degenerates
"Violence" Le Destroy The Red Glare
"Pain" Le Destroy The Red Glare
"Night City Aliens" The Armed Homeschool Dropouts
"Selva Pulsátil" Deafkids Tainted Overlord
"A Caça" Deafkids Tainted Overlord

91.9 Royal Blue Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 - Royal Blue Radio.jpg
91.9 Royal Blue Radio
Genre: Jazz

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Black Satin/What If/Agharta Prelude Dub" Miles Davis -
"Bitches Brew" Miles Davis -
"Générique" Miles Davis -
"Impressions" John Coltrane -
"Solo Dancer" Charles Mingus -
"Laura" Dexter Gordon -
"You Don’t Know What Love Is" Chet Baker -
"‘Round Midnight" Thelonious Monk -
"Dark Prince" Trio of Doom -

92.9 Night FM

Cyberpunk 2077 - Night FM.jpg
92.9 Night FM
Genre: Electronic Instrumental

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Dirty Roses" Oneno Perilous Futur
"Worlds" SRDD The Unresolved
"X" SRDD The Unresolved
"Maniak" Picasso Doctor Berserk
"Me Machine" Poly Face Generating Dependencies
"Like A Miracle" Earth Trax Lick Switch
"Run" Steven Richard Davis Kings of Collapse
"Glitched Revelation" Procesor Plus Reviscerator
"Yellow Box" Procesor Plus Reviscerator
"Kill Kill" Le Destroy The Bait
"Flying Heads" Kid Moxie and Ivan Iusco Ashes Potts
"Volcano the Sailor" Połoz Yards of the Moon
"Brain-Damaged" Nikola Nikita Jeremic Cyber Coorayber

95.2 Samizdat Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 - Samizdat Radio.jpg
95.2 Samizdat Radio
Genre: EDM

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Pilling In My Head" Nina Kraviz Bara Nova
"Delirium 2" Nina Kraviz Bara Nova
"Harm Sweaty Pit" Nina Kraviz Bara Nova
"My Lullaby For You" Nina Kraviz Bara Nova
"Surprise Me, I’m Surprised Today" Nina Kraviz Bara Nova

96.1 Ritual FM

Cyberpunk 2077 - Ritual FM.jpg
96.1 Ritual FM
Genre: Heavy Metal

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Finis" Piotr Maciejewski and Drivealone V3RM1N
"The Accursed" Antre Dread Soul
"Adaptive Manipulator" Tomb Mold Bacillus
"Acid Breather" Mastiff Forlorn Scourge
"Witches of the Harz Mountains" Marcin Rybicki Nuclear Aura
"The Loop" Deszcz Weles
"Scrum" Totenmesse Hysteria
"Fuelled by Poison" Antigama Inferno Corps
"Kevin" Antigama Inferno Corps
"Future Drugs" Mord’A’Stigmata heXXXer
"Żurawie" Ugory Wydech
"Abandoned Land" Artur Rumiński & Haldor Grunberg Fist of Satan
"Black Concrete" Artur Rumiński & Haldor Grunberg Fist of Satan
"I Won’t Let You Go" Converge Shattered Void

98.7 Body Heat Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 - Body Heat Radio.jpg
98.7 Body Heat Radio
Genre: Pop

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Circus Minimus" JVZEL Neon Haze
"Health" Major Crimes Window Weather
"Night City" REL Artemis Delta
"I Really Want To Stay At Your House" Let’s Eat Grandma Hallie Coggins
"Hole in the Sun" Raney Shockne Point Break Candy
"Bliind" Raney Shockne American Medical Association
"History" Gazelle Twin Trash Generation
"4ÆM / Delicate Weapon" Grimes Lizzy Wizzy
"PonPon Shit" Namakopuri Us Cracks
"User Friendly" Namakopuri Us Cracks
"Off the Leash" Namakopuri and Damian Ukeje Us Cracks and Kerry Eurodyne
"Crustpunk" Rat Boy IBDY
"Here’s a Thought" Rat Boy IBDY
"Slime" Shygirl Clockwork Venus

101.0 The Dirge

Cyberpunk 2077 - The Dirge.jpg
101.0 The Dirge
Genre: Hip-hop

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"The God Machines" Sebastian Robertson, Kill The Computer, and Indijinouz Kill Trigger feat. Paul Senai, KraKow
"Blouses Blue" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter NC3
"Problem Kids" Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung Young Kenny
"Bigger Man" Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung Droox
"Go Blaze" Konrad OldMoney feat. Chanarah and Cidro OneToo DNE feat. G’Natt
"Dishonor" Konrad OldMoney ICHIBANCHI
"Frost" Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst Yamete
"High School Bully" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter UMVN feat. Imp Ra
"NBOM" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cidro Onetoo and Perry Porter DAPxFLEM
"Suicide" Geno Lenardo feat. Valin “ZEALE” Zamerron Code 137
"Day of Dead" Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung HAPS
"Bruzez" Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny Gr4ves Knixit
"Clip Boss" Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny Gr4ves Sugarcoob feat. ANAK KONDA
"Pluck U" Konrad OldMoney feat. Ded Stark Triple-B feat. Gun-Fu
"Hello Good Morning" Konrad OldMoney feat. S-God Pazoozu
"Run the Block" Konrad OldMoney feat. Taelor Yung Bez Tatami feat. Gully Foyle
"GR4VES" Konrad OldMoney feat. Johnny Gr4ves Kyubik
"Warning Shots" Konrad OldMoney feat. Perry Porter, Cidro Onetoo Laputan Machine
"Metamorphosis" Yugen Blakrok Gorgon Madonna
"No Save Point" Run The Jewels Yankee and the Brave
"Flacko Locko" A$AP Rocky TELO$

103.5 Radio Pebkac

Cyberpunk 2077 - Radio Pebkac.jpg
103.5 Radio Pebkac
Genre: Techno

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Drained" Rhys Fulber Sao Mai
"Subvert" Rhys Fulber Spoon eater
"Follow The White Crow" Kid Moxie and Ivan Iusco Nablus
"Fake Spook" Poly Face IOshrine
"Move Dat" Poly Face [flesh]reactor
"CANNIBALISMUS" Lutto Lento Bullet In The Head
"La canopée" Private Press culteX
"Undertow Velocity" Private Press Skin<>Drifter
"II0I Break" Private Press Yards of the Moon
"Across the Floor" Private Press Retinal Scam
"Gridflow" Private Press Retinal Scam
"Vascular" SPEED DATING Tar Hawk
"On My Way to Hell" Połoz Tinnitus
"Stackoverflow" Blue Stahli Clockwork OS
"Darkretro" Count Dukes of Azure

106.9 30 Principales

Cyberpunk 2077 - Principales.jpg
106.9 30 Principales
Genre: Latin Hip-hop and Reggae

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"BAMO" Konrad OldMoney feat. Tonoso Kartel Sonoro
"Dagga" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus and Johnny Gr4ves Kartel Sonoro
"Dinero" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus 7 Facas
"Serpant" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus and Johnny Gr4ves 7 Facas
"Tatted on my Face" Konrad OldMoney feat. 37 Heartbreak Don Mara
"Barrio" Konrad OldMoney feat. Frawst Big Machete
"Hood" Konrad OldMoney feat. Awrath ChickyChickas
"Only Son" Konrad OldMoney feat. 37 Heartbreak ChickyChickas
"Muévelo / Cumbia" David Rolas Papito Gringo
"Muerto Trash" Konrad OldMoney feat. Blackheart NC FKxU
"Westcoast Til I Die" Konrad OldMoney feat. Cerbeus DJ CholoZ

107.3 Morro Rock Radio

Cyberpunk 2077 - Morro Rock Radio.jpg
107.3 Morro Rock Radio
Genre: Rock

List of Songs

Song Title Artist In-Game Pseudonym
"Suffer Me" The Cold Stares Brutus Backlash
"Heave Ho" Konrad Oldmoney feat. Frawst XerzeX
"I Will Follow" Snot Abundance Beached Tarantula
"Whos Ready For Tomorrow" Rat Boy IBDY
"Likewise" Rat Boy IBDY
"Friday Night Fire Fight" Aligns Rubicones
"Trauma" Aligns Rubicones
"Summer of 2069" Metz Blood And Ice
"Testmaster" Pissed Jeans Krushchev’s Ghosts
"Sustain/Decay" Piotr Maciejewski / Drivealone Cutthroat
"To the Fullest" The Unfit Artificial Kids
"So It Goes" Man Man Fingers and the Outlaws
"Never Fade Away" Refused SAMURAI
"Black Dog" Refused SAMURAI
"Chippin’ In" Refused SAMURAI
"The Ballad of Buck Ravers" Refused SAMURAI

Official Score and Soundtrack

Cyberpunk original score.jpeg

Cyberpunk 2077 also has an official soundtrack featuring original music from A$AP Rocky, Grimes, HEALTH, and more. Check the article below for a full list of songs!

Soundtrack and All Released Songs

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