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This page is about the clothing item Syn-Threaded Shorts from Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn this clothing's weight, armor, and mod slot information, as well as where to find the Syn-Threaded Shorts.

Syn-Threaded Shorts Overview

General Info

Syn-Threaded Shorts
Syn-Threaded Shorts
Tier(s) Uncommon Rare Epic
Clothing Slot Group Legs
Weight 0.4
A sticker version of old-fashioned kitsch.

Syn-Threaded Shorts Stats and Mod Slots


Armor 79

Note that the stats shown here are the highest values that we have been able to confirm so far available to this clothing item. These numbers may be updated in the future


Mod Slots
Mod IconEmpty Mod Slot Mod IconMod Slot

The slots shown here are the ones we have been able to confirm exist for higher tier versions of the clothing item. More slots may be added in later on as they are confirmed.

How to Get the Syn-Threaded Shorts

Currently Unknown!

We are currently investigating where to find the Syn-Threaded Shorts. If you have an idea of how it is obtained, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Cyberpunk 2077 Clothing


List of Clothing

All Legs Clothing

VV's Pants Boulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical PantsBoulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical Pants Old SaekoOld Saeko's Windbreaker Pants
Flexi-Duolayer Harem PantsFlexi-Duolayer Harem Pants Loose-fits with Micromesh UnderlayerLoose-fits with Micromesh Underlayer Old Military ShortsOld Military Shorts
Boostknit Neotac PantsBoostknit Neotac Pants AT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker PantsAT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker Pants Extra-Rubber Neotac PantsExtra-Rubber Neotac Pants
JohnnyJohnny's Pants Militech Neotac PantsMilitech Neotac Pants Venom Dye Duolayer Riding PantsVenom Dye Duolayer Riding Pants
Sturdy Synfiber Pleated PantsSturdy Synfiber Pleated Pants Currently UnavailableProtective-layer Fixer Pants Golden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal SkirtGolden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal Skirt
6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos Composite-Coated Camo Slim-FitsComposite-Coated Camo Slim-Fits Classy Aramid-Weave SkirtClassy Aramid-Weave Skirt
Comfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-FitsComfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-Fits Cyan Plastic ShinosCyan Plastic Shinos Powder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid WeavePowder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid Weave
Classic Composite-Lined Pleated PantsClassic Composite-Lined Pleated Pants Ultra-Elastic Bitch V.13 SkirtUltra-Elastic Bitch V.13 Skirt Durable Plaid SkirtDurable Plaid Skirt
Sturdy-Stitched Slim-FitsSturdy-Stitched Slim-Fits Light Azure Composite-Lined Slim-FitsLight Azure Composite-Lined Slim-Fits Durable Bioweave Pleated PantsDurable Bioweave Pleated Pants
Classic Aramid-Weave Denim ShortsClassic Aramid-Weave Denim Shorts Punk Composite-Metal RacersPunk Composite-Metal Racers Duolayer Military Camo ShortsDuolayer Military Camo Shorts
Yoru no Samurai Padded Loose-FitsYoru no Samurai Padded Loose-Fits N54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive MeshN54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive Mesh Tear-Resistant Office SkirtTear-Resistant Office Skirt
Athletic Aramid-Weave ShortsAthletic Aramid-Weave Shorts Durable Smiley Hard Loose-FitsDurable Smiley Hard Loose-Fits SaekoSaeko's Limited Elegant Duoweave Skirt
Burgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced SynfiberBurgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced Synfiber Simple Office PantsSimple Office Pants Street Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-FitsStreet Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-Fits
Classic Athletic Nanoweave ShortsClassic Athletic Nanoweave Shorts Amethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility PantsAmethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility Pants Midori Tora Reinforced Utility PantsMidori Tora Reinforced Utility Pants
Reinforced Federalist StraightcutsReinforced Federalist Straightcuts Composite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded HotpantsComposite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded Hotpants Sombra Rosa Foam-Padded StraightcutsSombra Rosa Foam-Padded Straightcuts
Composite-Lined Jean ShortsComposite-Lined Jean Shorts Light Psycho Knee-Padded YorosLight Psycho Knee-Padded Yoros Blue Brick Reinforced HotpantsBlue Brick Reinforced Hotpants
Tiger Sturdy-Stitched YorosTiger Sturdy-Stitched Yoros Athletic Hybrid-Weave HotpantsAthletic Hybrid-Weave Hotpants Foam-Padded RacersFoam-Padded Racers
Syn-Threaded ShortsSyn-Threaded Shorts Comfy Nomad ShortsComfy Nomad Shorts Geisha Flexi-Weave Cargo PantsGeisha Flexi-Weave Cargo Pants
Kancho Syn-Weave Cargo PantsKancho Syn-Weave Cargo Pants Samurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo PantsSamurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo Pants Grauer Recycled ShortsGrauer Recycled Shorts
Mandarine Resistant Cargo PantsMandarine Resistant Cargo Pants Bitch V.13 Syn-Resistant PantsBitch V.13 Syn-Resistant Pants Green-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic ShortsGreen-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic Shorts
Flash Formal Pants with Additional LiningFlash Formal Pants with Additional Lining Phantom Tough-Lined Cargo PantsPhantom Tough-Lined Cargo Pants Caution Extra-Plastic Puffer PantsCaution Extra-Plastic Puffer Pants
Old N54 Athletic ShortsOld N54 Athletic Shorts Canine Power Anti-Tear PantsCanine Power Anti-Tear Pants Caution Extra-Plastic Cargo PantsCaution Extra-Plastic Cargo Pants
Classic Immuno-Cotton Corporate PantsClassic Immuno-Cotton Corporate Pants Army Star Anti-Chafing Cargo PantsArmy Star Anti-Chafing Cargo Pants Classy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified SeamsClassy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified Seams
Wraiths Anti-Tear Riding PantsWraiths Anti-Tear Riding Pants 6th Street Cargo Pants6th Street Cargo Pants Nomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo PantsNomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo Pants
Purple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo PantsPurple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo Pants Sweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker PantsSweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker Pants Durable Windbreaker PantsDurable Windbreaker Pants
Slant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo PantsSlant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo Pants Light Military Syn-Strengthened Riding PantsLight Military Syn-Strengthened Riding Pants Power Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced MeshPower Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced Mesh
Composite-Lined Jean ShortsComposite-Lined Jean Shorts Tacticloth Cargo PantsTacticloth Cargo Pants Faded ShortsFaded Shorts
Frayed Jean ShortsFrayed Jean Shorts Sporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-WeaveSporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-Weave Light SaekoLight Saeko's Derakkusu Sturdy-Mesh Pants
Royal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress PantsRoyal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress Pants Dark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker PantsDark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker Pants Geisha Tactical Extra-Guard PantsGeisha Tactical Extra-Guard Pants
Golden Hive Polyamide Designer PantsGolden Hive Polyamide Designer Pants Magenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave ShortsMagenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave Shorts Old-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off ShortsOld-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off Shorts
Anti-Puncture Cut-Off ShortsAnti-Puncture Cut-Off Shorts Bai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-SilkBai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-Silk Composite-Coated Cut-Off ShortsComposite-Coated Cut-Off Shorts
Sturdy-Stitched Punk JeansSturdy-Stitched Punk Jeans Patched JeansPatched Jeans Comfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded PantsComfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded Pants
Frayed Recycled JeansFrayed Recycled Jeans Durable Custom-Printed JeansDurable Custom-Printed Jeans Holy Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive CoatingHoly Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive Coating
Purple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-FitsPurple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-Fits Workplace Loose-FitsWorkplace Loose-Fits Lightweight Heat-Resistant HotpantsLightweight Heat-Resistant Hotpants
Psycho RacersPsycho Racers Trilayer Hotpants with MicromeshTrilayer Hotpants with Micromesh Chikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-FitsChikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-Fits
Military Camo RacersMilitary Camo Racers Heat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer RacersHeat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer Racers

All Clothing Types

Group Upper Slot Lower Slot
Head Head Face
Upper Body Outer Torso Inner Torso
Lower Body Legs Feet

Clothing Tiers

Clothing Tiers
Legendary Iconic

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