Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Shot by Both Sides Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Shot by Both Sides is a Side Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a walkthrough of Shot by Both Sides, obtainable items, and if you should help Bree or Dante!

Shot by Both Sides Basic Information


Quest Type Side
Act Act 2
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Shot by Both Sides

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete Firestarter

Shot by Both Sides Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Shot by Both Sides Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Go to Bree's Apartment in Night City
  2. Find the Bamboo Plant
  3. Meet with Bree in Dogtown
  4. Follow Bree
  5. Talk to Bree
  6. Talk to Bree and Dante

1. Go to Bree's Apartment in Night City

Cyberpunk - go to Bree

Head to the marked building in Wellsprings and take the elevator up to the apartments. The door to Bree's unit is locked, but you can force it open with the base Body or Technical Ability levels.

2. Find the Bamboo Plant

Cyberpunk - bamboo plant

The bamboo plant is through the second door to your left. Check the plant in the corner of the room and grab the Militech Access Card under it.

Send Mr. Hands a message and he will reply with the coordinates for where you will meet the client.

3. Meet with Bree in Dogtown

Cyberpunk - Bree in Dogtown

A stranger will knock on the door as you exit. You can deal with him any way you want, or ignore him completely and continue the mission.

Fast travel to the Kress Street dataterm, beneath your Dogtown apartment, and take the elevator to the lower level.

Finding Bree

Cyberpunk - taking the elevator to the lower level

Once underground, follow the marker to the large room where you chose a path with Myers earlier during Lucretia My Reflection. Use your scanner to find footprints that can help you track Bree.

If you picked the left path before, there should be a ladder on your right that leads to a small tunnel. Turn right after getting to the other end and you should find a large opening.

However, if you picked the right path to escort Myers out, you will have to pass through the room on your left back to the fork and take the left path. At the end is the same opening as the route mentioned above.

Jump down the hole and immediately crouch. Take a few steps forward and you will finally find Bree.

4. Follow Bree

Cyberpunk - giving the card to Bree

Hand the card over to Bree and follow her downstairs. She will insist that you go first to check the rooms for defense systems. The first room's turrets are inactive so it's safe, but the rooms starting from the next can detect intruders and start shooting.

You can disable the cameras first to avoid being detected or just waltz in and destroy every turret that moves. Don't forget to disarm the mines!

Keep following Bree until you reach the mainframe.

5. Talk to Bree

Cyberpunk - old Militech recordings

Check out the files that Bree found and play the three recordings to learn more about Militech's old secrets. As soon as you try to leave the room, Dante (the stranger from the apartment) will show himself again as a Militech agent looking for Bree.

6. Talk to Bree and Dante

Cyberpunk - Bree and Dante

Now you will need to decide whether to surrender Bree, your client, to the Militech agent or defend her. Both Bree and Dante holds an Iconic weapon, and you can only get them from their dead bodies.

After making a decision, talk to the survivor and leave the laboratory to complete the quest.

Should You Help Bree or Dante? ▼

Should You Help Bree or Dante?

Kill Both to Get Their Iconics and Sell the Data Yourself

Choice Outcome
Kill Dante Obtain Ol' Reliable
Kill Bree Obtain Riskit
Kill both of them Obtain both Iconic weapons above plus the opportunity to sell the data to Mr. Hands

Taking either side will net you only 5000 Eurodollars for completing the mission, as well as the Iconic weapon of the person you decide to kill. You can get both weapons and more eddies by killing both of them and giving the data to Mr. Hands.

All three choices are detailed below.

Killing Dante

Letting Bree have the data by killing Dante will surely please Mr. Hands and give you the payment. However, you will find out the next day through Mr. Hands that she sold you out to the Netwatch, which is now on the hunt for everyone involved.

Dante will also drop Ol' Reliable after you defeat him.

Killing Bree

On the other hand, you won't get anything from Mr. Hands by taking Dante's side as you just killed the person who would've paid for the mission. You won't leave with empty pockets, though, as Dante will give you a cut for your help.

Letting Dante shoot Bree or shooting her yourself lets you have her Iconic weapon, Riskit.

Killing Both of Them

The option that will give you the best rewards is to take no sides at tall (or should we say, shoot both sides) and kill both Dante and Bree. You will get both Iconic weapons and additional eddies this way.

  1. Let Dante shoot Bree or shoot Bree yourself
  2. Take Riskit from Bree
  3. Talk to Dante and wait for him to give you 5000 eddies
  4. Kill Dante
  5. Take Ol' Reliable from Dante
  6. Leave the laboratory and tell Mr. Hands you have the data
  7. Deliver the data to the dead drop and wait for a day to receive 5000 eddies

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2 Anonymous7 months

still worth killing Bree just for the fact she sells you out

1 Anonymous10 months

You can get both Ol' Reliable and Riskit by killing only Dante. After you kill Dante and telling Bree that its safe, Bree will put Riskit on the table.


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