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Step back into the wizarding world of Harry Potter with Hogwarts Legacy and explore familiar areas like Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and Hogwarts Castle itself. Learn all there is to know about the game including the latest news, release date, walkthroughs, and more in Game8's walkthrough wiki for Hogwarts Legacy!

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Fresh Content

What are You Looking Forward to Most in Hogwarts Legacy?

Attending class 2
Rescuing and caring for beasts 7
Completing the main story 3
Exploring Hogwarts for secrets 24
Brewing Potions 1
Learning and mastering spells 14
Helping out the characters with side quests 1
Getting all the collectibles 2

New Content - 02/02 (Thursday)

List of New Articles
How to Get Magical Beasts Avatar
Missable Dialogue and Events Guide
Will There Be a Day 1 Patch?
Can You Turn Off the HUD and Minimap?
List of Side Quests
What are Wizarding Wednesdays?
List of Face Gear
List of Headwear
List of Robes & Cloaks
How to Watch Hogwarts Legacy Q&A Livestream
Articles Updated with New Information
Hogwarts Legacy House Cup Sweepstakes
How to Get House Crest Avatars
Best Patronus: Can You Get a Patronus?
List of Gear
Can You Customize Your Wand?
Best House to Choose
When Will the Review Embargo Be Lifted?

Articles to Keep on Your Radar

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▶︎ How to Link Harry Potter Fan Account
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Hogwarts Legacy News and Game Info

Which House Will You Choose?

Gryffindor 32
Slytherin 66
Ravenclaw 53
Hufflepuff 47

Which Hogwarts House will you choose?


Hogwarts Legacy - News and Game Info

All News and Game Info

February 10, 2023 Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy has been confirmed with a February 10, 2023 release date for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Release Date and Time

Early Access from February 7, 2023

Players who just can't wait to put on their wizarding robes can pre-order the Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, or Collector's Edition of the game and gain early access from February 7, 2023.

Early Access Guide

Delayed Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

It was announced via twitter on December 14, 2022 that the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions of Hogwarts Legacy would be released at later dates to ensure the best experience possible. PS4 and Xbox One owners can expect to receive the game on April 4, 2023, while Switch players will need to wait until July 25, 2023 to experience the magic.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Delayed?

Pre-Orders are Now Available

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for pre-order on hogwartslegacy.com and other retailers. Choose from the Standard, Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Editions.

Pre-Order Guide and List of Bonuses

Available Platforms

Console Availability
Playstation 4 ✔️
Playstation 5 ✔️
PC (Steam/Epic Games) ✔️
Xbox One ✔️
Xbox Series X & Series S ✔️
Nintendo Switch ✔️

All Available Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy - News and Game Info

News and Game Info

Featured News

Other News

Other News
Can You Visit Gringotts? Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Denuvo?
Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Fast Travel? Can You Get Pets?
When Will the Review Embargo Be Lifted? Are there Multiple Endings?
Is Hogwarts Legacy an MMO? Are There Animagi?
Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Steam Deck? Pre-Orders Cancelled on Some Platforms
Will There Be a Demo? How Many GB is Hogwarts Legacy?
Is Internet Required to Play Hogwarts Legacy? Story and Plot Summary
Cast and List of Voice Actors Can You Torture and Kill in Hogwarts Legacy?
Will There Be Raids? Is Hogwarts Legacy Delayed?
Can You Get Patronus? Can You Customize Your Wand?
What is Hogwarts Legacy's ESRB Rating? Is Harry Potter in the Game?
Can You Be Evil? Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross Platform?
Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon? List of Console-Exclusive Content
Can You Choose Your Own House? Is Hogwarts Legacy Open World?
Will Hogwarts Legacy Be on Mac? Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Romance Options?
List of Unconfirmed Spells Is There Swimming?
Will the Deathly Hallows be in the Game? Is the Chamber of Secrets in the Game?
Is There Autosave? All Ancestors in Hogwarts Legacy
Everything We Know When Does Pre-Load Start?
Will There Be a Photo Mode? What Game Engine Does Hogwarts Legacy Use?
Who is the Hogwarts Legacy Developer? Is There a Hogwarts Legacy Beta?
All Available Platforms Can You Play Quidditch?
Can You Turn Off the HUD and Minimap? Is Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?
Trailers and Gameplay Showcase How to Get House Crest Avatars
Is There Steam Family Sharing? List of Secrets and Easter Eggs
Is J.K. Rowling Involved with Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get Magical Beasts Avatar
How to Watch Hogwarts Legacy Q&A Livestream -

Hogwarts Legacy Tips and Tricks

Hogwarts Legacy Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

Settings Guides

All Settings Guides
PS5 DualSense Feature Guide Difficulty Settings: How to Change Difficulty?
How to Change Language Options How to Change Your Location to New Zealand Time
Accessibility and Language Options Guide

Early Game Guides

All Early Game Guides
Character Creation Guide How to Level Up
Best Common Room How to Link Fan Account
Room of Requirement Guide List of Companions
List of Classes How to Open Disillusionment Chests
How to Use Moonstones List of Traits and How to Upgrade Gear
List of Conjuration Spells List of Shops and Locations

Game Mechanics Guides

All Game Mechanics Guides
How Do Talents Work? What are Dueling Feats?
Dark Arts Battle Arena Guide List of DLC and In-Game Purchases
What are Ancient Magic Spells? What is the Wizard's Field Guide?
Missable Dialogue and Events Guide

Other Guides

All Other Guides
Floo Flame Locations and How to Fast Travel All Field Guide Page Locations
Hogwarts House Quiz How to Unlock Alohomora Puzzle Minigame
List of Game Terms Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest Guide
How to Get Elder Wand What is the Max Level?
Game Length: How Long is Hogwarts Legacy? Best Wizard and Witch Names

Hogwarts Legacy Spells

Hogwarts Legacy Spells

List of Spells

Types of Spells
Essential Spells Conjuration Spells
Unforgivable Spells Force Spells
Damage Spells Control Spells
Utility Spells

Hogwarts Legacy Houses


Hogwarts Legacy Houses

All Houses
Hogwarts Legacy - SlytherinSlytherin Hogwarts Legacy - GryffindorGryffindor
Hogwarts Legacy - HufflepuffHufflepuff Hogwarts Legacy - RavenclawRavenclaw

Hogwarts Legacy Side Quests

Hogwarts Legacy - List of Side Quest.png
List of Side Quests

Hogwarts Legacy Potions

Hogwarts Legacy - Potions

List of Potions

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Hogwarts Legacy - Characters

List of Characters

Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles

Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles
Collections and List of All Collectibles

All Collectibles
Collection Chests Field Guide Pages
Demiguise Statues -

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts

Hogwarts Legacy - Mounts

List of Mounts

All Mounts Guide

Mounts Guide
How to Get Onyx Hippogriff Mount How to Get the Thestral Mount

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

Beasts Partial Banner
List of Beasts

Hogwarts Legacy Plants and Seeds

Hogwarts Legacy - Plants & Seeds

List of Plants and Seeds

Hogwarts Legacy Gear

Hogwarts Legacy - All Gear

List of Gear

All Gear by Type

Gear by Type
Gloves Outfit Neckwear
Face Gear Headwear Robe & Cloak

Hogwarts Legacy Locations

Hogwarts Legacy - Locations

List of All Locations and Map Size

Hogwarts Legacy Message Boards

Hogwarts Legacy Message Boards

Message Boards

Discussion Boards

Lore / Story Discussion Board
Gameplay Questions Board
Memes Board

House Common Room Boards

Gryffindor Common Room Board
Slytherin Common Room Board
Hufflepuff Common Room Board
Ravenclaw Common Room Board

About Hogwarts Legacy

Open World of Familiar and New Locations

Wander Hogwarts Castle and other familiar locations like Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest, brought to life in more detail than ever before. Explore every nook and cranny for secrets upon secrets of a world filled with magic. There might even be some new places to discover along the way.

Play Out Your Wizard or Witch Fantasy

Character Customization
Customize the look of your character and choose your Hogwarts house so that you can play the game exactly how you want. You'll even be able to customize your combat style for a truly unique experience.

How to Customize Your Character

Battle Trolls, Goblins, and Other Threats

Battle a Troll
The wizarding world has no shortage of foes looking to do you harm. Master spells, brew powerful potions, and tame wild beasts to get the upper hand, defeat your enemies, and cement your legacy in the halls of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy Product Information

Price $59.99 - $299.99
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch
Genre Action RPG
Publisher Portkey Games
Official Site hogwartslegacy.com

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