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Step back into the wizarding world of Harry Potter with Hogwarts Legacy and explore familiar areas like Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and Hogwarts Castle itself. Learn all there is to know about the game including the latest news, release date, walkthroughs, and more in Game8's walkthrough wiki for Hogwarts Legacy!

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Fresh Content

New Content - 03/03 (Friday)

List of New Articles
How to Distract Enemies and People
Map With Floating Candles Location and How to Use
Mysterious Map Fragment Location and How to Use
Poidsear Coast Collection Chests Locations
Irondale and Feldcroft Collection Chests Locations
Hogwarts Valley Collection Chests Locations
What Do Grass Dragon Bushes Do?
Articles Updated with New Information
List of Treasure Map Quests and Locations
Best Spell Loadouts and Combos
Best Brooms
How to Visit Azkaban
Best Recipes and Room of Requirement Conjurations
Can You Increase the Vivarium Species Limit?
What to Do When Missing One Side Quest

Articles to Keep on Your Radar

Hogwarts Legacy - Best House to Choose Banner v2 Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff! Choose the best house for you in Hogwarts Legacy.
▶︎ Best House to Choose
Hogwarts Legacy - How to Link Harry Potter Fan Account Learn how to link your Harry Potter Fan account to earn exclusive rewards!
▶︎ How to Link Harry Potter Fan Account
Hogwarts Legacy - Story and Plot Summary Find out how the story will go in Hogwarts Legacy!
▶︎ Story and Plot Summary
Hogwarts Legacy - List of Bugs Get to know all the characters in Hogwarts Legacy.
▶︎ List of Bugs
Hogwarts Legacy - All Puzzle Types and Solutions A guide to all the puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.
▶︎ All Puzzle Types and Solutions

Hogwarts Legacy Story Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy - Main Quest Walkthroughs

Main Quest Walkthroughs

List of All Main Quests

No. Mission No. Quest
1 The Path to Hogwarts 2 Welcome to Hogwarts
3 Charms Class 4 Defence Against the Dark Arts Class
5 Weasley After Class 6 Professor Ronen's Assignment
7 Welcome to Hogsmeade 8 The Locket's Secret
9 Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 10 Secrets of the Restricted Section
11 Tomes and Tribulations 12 Herbology Class
13 Potions Class 14 The Girl From Uagadou
15 Trials of Merlin 16 Prisoner of Love (Hufflepuff)
16 Scrope's Last Hope (Slytherin) 16 Ollivander's Heirloom (Ravenclaw)
16 The Hunt for the Missing Pages (Gryffindor) 17 Professor Hecat's Assignment 2
18 Jackdaw's Rest 19 Flying Class
20 The Room of Requirement 21 In the Shadow of the Undercroft
22 The Map Chamber 23 Percival Rackham's Trial
24 Beasts Class 25 The Caretaker's Lunar Lament
26 Professor Sharp's Assignment 1 27 The Helm of Urtkot
28 In the Shadow of the Estate 29 The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom
30 Astronomy Class 31 Professor Garlick's Assignment 1
32 The High Keep 33 Back on the Path
34 Charles Rookwood's Trial 35 Fire and Vice
36 Professor Weasley's Assignment 37 In the Shadow of the Mine
38 It's All Gobbledegook 39 The Headmistress Speaks
40 The Polyjuice Plot 41 Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial
42 Professor Howin's Assignment 43 In the Shadow of the Mountain
44 Lodgok's Loyalty 45 San Bakar's Trial
46 Wand Mastery 47 The Final Repository
48 Post-Game Main Quests

Hogwarts Legacy Side Quests

Hogwarts Legacy - List of Side Quest.png
List of Side Quests

All Side Quests

Hogwarts Castle Side Quests
Like a Moth to a Frame Crossed Wands: Round 1
Flying Off The Shelves Gobs of Gobstones
Cache in the Castle The Daedalian Keys
Crossed Wands: Round 2 Spell Combination Practice 1
Venomous Valour Crossed Wands: Round 3
Spell Combination Practice 2 Dissending for Sweets
Summoner's Court: Match 1 Interior Decorating
Mer-Ky Depths The Man Behind the Moons
Summoner's Court: Match 2 The Tale of Rowland Oakes
The Hall of Herodiana The Plight of the House-Elf
Summoner's Court: Match 3 Foal of the Dead
Beeting a Curse All's Well that Ends Bell
Summoner's Court: Match 4 Phoenix Rising
History of Magic Class Summoner's Court: Match 5
South Hogwarts Side Quests
The Lost Astrolabe Carted Away
Absconder Encounter Well, Well, Well
Hogsmeade Side Quests
Follow the Butterflies Flight Test
A Demanding Delivery A Friend in Deed
Sweeping the Competition Venemous Revenge
Take the Biscuit Spot Removal
Tangled Web Minding Your Own Business
The Sky is the Limit The Unique Unicorn
Portrait in a Pickle -
Hogsmeade Valley Side Quests
Breaking Camp Brother's Keeper
Forbidden Forest Side Quests
Ghost of Our Love -
Hogwarts Valley Quests
Kidnapped Cabbage Troll Control
Feldcroft Region Quests
E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre A Thief in the Night
Poidsear Coast Side Quests
The Hippogriff Marks the Spot -
Marunweem Lake Side Quests
Birds of a Feather -
Manor Cape Side Quests
Cursed Tomb Treasure Rescuing Rococo
Solved by the Bell -
Cragcroftshire Side Quests
Sacking Selwyn -

All Relationship Quests

Sebastian Sallow Questline
In the Shadow of the Bloodline In the Shadow of the Study
In the Shadow of Discovery In the Shadow of Time
In the Shadow of Distance In the Shadow of Hope
In the Shadow of the Relic In the Shadow of Fate
In the Shadow of Friendship
Natsai Onai Questline
The Lost Child Mum's the Word
A Basis for Blackmail Grief and Vengeance
Finding Focus Harlow's Last Stand
Acting on Instinct
Poppy Sweeting Questline
A Dragon Debrief Poached Egg
The Poacher's House Call Surprise Meeting
The Centaur and the Stone It's in the Stars
A Bird in the Hand Poppy Blooms

Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles

Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles
Collections and List of All Collectibles

List of Collections

All Collections
Enemies IconEnemies Appearances IconAppearances Revelio Pages IconRevelio Pages
Beasts IconBeasts Traits IconTraits Wand Handles IconWand Handles
Conjurations IconConjurations Ingredients IconIngredients Brooms IconBrooms
Tools IconTools Additional Content Appearances

Other Collectibles

Other Collectibles
Floo FlamesFloo Flames Collection ChestCollection Chests Merlin TrialsMerlin Trials
Ancient Magic HotspotsAncient Magic Hotspots BalloonsBalloons Demiguise StatuesDemiguise Statues
Astronomy TablesAstronomy Tables Cairn Dungeon IconCairn Dungeons Landing Platform IconLanding Platforms
Butterfly IconButterfly Chests Hedge MazeHedge Mazes Moth Puzzles IconMoth Puzzles
Field Guide Page IconField Guide Pages

Hogwarts Legacy Choices

Hogwarts Legacy Choices

List of Choices

Choices and Consequences Guides

Choices Guides
Tell Weasley the Truth? Natty or Sebastian?
Get the Fwooper Feather? Tell Natty the Truth?
Tell Claire the Truth? Tell Sebastian the Truth?
Who Should Cast Crucio? Take the Relic?
Side with Ominis or Sebastian? Should You Talk to the Centaurs?
What is the Black Family Motto? Should You Burn Ferdinand’s Frame?
Kneel or Attack the Graphorn? Learn Avada Kedavra?
Turn In Sebastian? Keep the Repository Contained or Open it?
Should You Free Penny?

Hogwarts Legacy Puzzles

Hogwarts Legacy - Puzzles

How to Solve All Puzzles

Hogwarts Puzzle Guides

All Hogwarts Castle Puzzles
How to Solve Animal Door Puzzles All Hogwarts Secrets and Puzzle Solutions
How to Open the Unicorn Door in the Clock Tower How to Solve the Bridge Puzzle
How to Open Locked Door Near Headmaster's Office How to Solve the Bell Tower Puzzle
All Depulso Puzzle Rooms Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Solution
Depulso Puzzle Room 2 Solution

Other Puzzle Guides

Other Puzzle Guides
How to Solve Bone Pile Puzzle How to Unlock All Treasure Vaults
All Landing Platform Puzzles How to Solve the Chess Puzzle
How to Solve Arrow Block Puzzle How to Solve Light and Darkness Puzzle
How to Solve Marunweem Lake Chess Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Tips and Tricks

Hogwarts Legacy - Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Early Game Guides

All Early Game Guides
Character Creation Guide How to Level Up Fast
Best Common Room How to Link Fan Account
Room of Requirement Guide List of Companions
List of Classes How to Open Eyeball Chests
How to Use Moonstones List of Traits and How to Upgrade Gear
List of Shops and Locations How to Get a Broom
House Sorting Ceremony Guide What to Buy First?

Game Mechanics Guides

All Game Mechanics Guides
Combat Guide: How to Fight Dark Arts Battle Arena Guide
What are Ancient Magic Spells? List of DLC and In-Game Purchases
Missables and One-Time Events Guide What is the Wizard's Field Guide?
How to Identify Gear Can you Respec? How to Undo Talent Points
How to Skip Time How to Fix No More Missions Available Bug
How to Get More Spell Slots Best Spells to Use
Stealth Guide: How to Avoid Getting Caught Battle Arenas
Do Offspring Grow Up? Can You Store Gear?
How to Heal Broom Race Challenge List
How to Breed Beasts What is the Max Talent Points?
How to Upgrade Gear All Seasons Differences
What Does the Beast Toybox Do Can You Get All Legendary Gear?
Can You Fast Travel to Your Common Room? All Gear Types: What Do Gear Colors Mean?
Disillusionment Spell vs Invisibility Potion Differences List of Chest Types
Do Traits Stack? Can You Increase the Vivarium Species Limit?
Can You Get a Fourth Flying Mount? How to Get Large Pots
How to Curse Enemies How to Levitate a Goblin
What to Do When Gear Slots are Full Where to Sell Beasts
How to Use Potions How to Distract Enemies and People

Tier Lists

All Tier Lists
Best Wizard and Witch Names Best Wand Cores
Best Optional Quests Best Custom Character Designs
Best Talents Best Potions
Best Gear Best Traits
Best Recipes and Room of Requirement Conjurations Best Brooms
Best Spell Loadouts and Combos

Story Guides

All Story Guides
How to Find Jackdaw's Head in the Pumpkins Should You Choose Natty or Sebastian to Go to Hogsmeade?
List of House Specific Quests How to Get the Chest in the Antechamber
Should You Tell Sebastian the Truth? Who Should Cast Crucio?
Should Sebastian Take the Relic? Should You Side with Ominis or Sebastian?
Should You Turn In Sebastian? Should You Free Penny?
How to Get All Endings Endings Explained
Should You Kneel or Attack the Graphorn? Is Professor Fig Evil?
Can You Save Sebastian's Sister Anne from Her Curse? Where to Find the Boiler Door
Prepare for Your O.W.L.S How to Enter the Ruins

Dueling Feats

All Dueling Feats Guides
What are Dueling Feats? How to Keep 2 Enemies Airborne
How to Flip a Troll's Club How to Steal a Ranger's Crossbow Bolt
How to Levitate a Dugbog How to Flip a Dugbog Waiting to Sneak Attack
How to Slice a Dangling Dugbog How to Flip a Dugbog Onto its Back
How to Hit a Troll With Its Own Boulder How to Launch an Enemy Into an Object
How to Disarm an Ashwinder Before Lightning Spell How to Interrupt a Charging Mongrel with Depulso
How to Freeze a Poacher While Readying Their Attack How to Launch a Burning Enemy into Another Enemy with Depulso
How to Bury a Spider's Head Into the Ground How to Slow a Poacher After Their Blast Attack
How to Summon 2 Enemies Simultaneously How to Destroy the Orb as It Is Charging Up
How to Catch and Throw a Disarmed Weapon How to Ignite a Shooter as it Prepares to Attack
How to Hit a Flaming Spider to Blow it Up -

Settings Guides

All Settings Guides
PS5 DualSense Feature Guide Difficulty Settings: How to Change Difficulty?
How to Change Language Options How to Change Your Location to New Zealand Time
Accessibility and Language Options Guide Best Settings
All Controls Immersion Mode Guide: Best Settings for Immersive Gameplay

Other Guides

All Other Guides
Floo Flame Locations and How to Fast Travel All Field Guide Page Locations
Hogwarts House Quiz How to Unlock Alohomora Puzzle Minigame
List of Game Terms How to Fast Travel to Map Chamber and Room of Requirement
How to Get Elder Wand What is the Max Level?
Game Length: How Long is Hogwarts Legacy? How to Make Harry Potter in the Character Creator
How to Change Clothing Appearance: Transmog Guide How to Claim Pre-Order Bonuses
All Twitch Drops and How to Claim Them Is There a Ravenclaw Companion?
How to Increase Inventory Space Are There Dragon Mounts?
Gold Farming Guide Goblin Camp Merlin Trial Walkthrough
List of Challenges and Rewards Can You Enter Other Houses Common Rooms?
Bandit Camp Locations How to Get Shiny Beasts
How to Reach Poidsear Coast: Coasting Along Trophy Guide Post-Game Content and 100% Guide
New Game Plus Guide List of Infamous Foes and Locations
The Absconder Infamous Foe Can You Complete Quests After Finishing the Game?
How to Buy Limited Edition Controller Spilled Milk: Where to Find Cows
List of Wanderer Shops and Locations How to Get a 100 Combo: Raising Expectations Guide
Room With a View: How to Reach the Highest Point in the Castle Should You Tip the Musician?
Where is Dervish and Banges? Respawn Timer: Do Enemies and Chests Respawn?
Wingardium Leviosa vs Levioso List of All Bugs and Glitches and How to Fix Them
How to Rescue Biscuit Bug Fix How to Enter the Werewolf Tapestry Room
How to Get Past Moving Floors How to Stop Accio
What to Do When Missing One Side Quest List of Hamlet Locations
Arn Merchant Shop Location How to Visit Azkaban
Exploration Challenges and Rewards How to Get The Collection Chest in the Gilded Perch
Combat Challenges and Rewards Quests Challenges and Rewards
Field Guide Pages Challenges and Rewards How to Climb the Battlements
Is There a Depulso Puzzle Room 3? Room of Requirement Challenges and Rewards
Henrietta's Map Location and How to Use List of Treasure Map Quests and Locations
How to Climb the Ladder at the South Hogsfield Ancient Magic Spot How to Find Falbarton Castle
Who Published the Law of Elemental Transfiguration? What Do Grass Dragon Bushes Do?
Mysterious Map Fragment Location and How to Use Map With Floating Candles Location and How to Use
Musical Map Location and How to Use Rowland Oakes' Map Location and How to Use
Arthur's Map Location and How to Use -

Hogwarts Legacy Bugs

Bugs Partial

List of All Bugs and Glitches and How to Fix Them

All Bugs Guides

All Bugs Guides
Rescue Biscuit Bug Fix Follow the Butterflies Conjuration Chest Bug Fix
Hippogriff and Thestral Mounts Disappeared Bug Frame Rate Issues and Green Face Bug
Falling through World Bug How to Fix Lodgok Not Moving: Helm of Urtkot Bug
How to Fix Herodiana Puzzle 3 Bug

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

Beasts Partial Banner
List of Beasts

Graphorn Puffskein Mooncalf
Niffler Kneazle Phoenix
Hippogriff Jobberknoll Unicorn
Fwooper Diricawl Giant Purple Toad

Hogwarts Legacy Spells

Hogwarts Legacy Spells

List of Spells

All Spells

All Essential Spells
AlohomoraAlohomora Ancient MagicAncient Magic Ancient Magic ThrowAncient Magic Throw
Petrificus TotalusPetrificus Totalus Basic CastBasic Cast RevelioRevelio
ProtegoProtego StupefyStupefy
All Transfiguration Spells
Altering SpellAltering Spell EvanescoEvanesco Conjuring Spell Conjuring Spell
All Unforgivable Curses
Avada KedavraAvada Kedavra CrucioCrucio ImperioImperio
All Force Spells
FlipendoFlipendo DescendoDescendo DepulsoDepulso
All Damage Spells
ExpelliarmusExpelliarmus DiffindoDiffindo IncendioIncendio
BombardaBombarda ConfringoConfringo
All Control Spells
Arresto MomentumArresto Momentum TransformationTransformation GlaciusGlacius
All Utility Spells
DisillusionmentDisillusionment ReparoReparo Wingardium Leviosa Wingardium Leviosa
Beast Petting BrushBeast Petting Brush Beast FeedBeast Feed Nab-SackNab-Sack

Hogwarts Legacy Mounts

Hogwarts Legacy - Mounts

List of Mounts

All Mounts

All Mounts by Type
All Brooms All Beast Mounts

List of Brooms

Wanderer Shop Brooms
Silver Arrow Broom Sky Scythe Broom
Antique Family Broom Aeromancer Broom
Pop Balloon Challenge Brooms
Night Dancer Broom Lickety Swift Broom
Wild Fire Broom Bright Spark Broom
Spintwitches Sporting Needs Brooms
Yew Weaver Broom Wind Wisp Broom
Moon Trimmer Broom Hogwarts House Broom
Ember Dash Broom -

Hogwarts Legacy Conjurations (Decorations)

Hogwarts Legacy - Conjurations
List of Conjurations

All Quest & Challenge Conjurations
Quest Conjurations Challenge Conjurations

Hogwarts Legacy Potions

Hogwarts Legacy - Potions

List of Potions

All Potions

All Potions
Edurus PotionEdurus Potion Felix FelicisFelix Felicis Focus PotionFocus Potion
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion Maxima PotionMaxima Potion ThunderbrewThunderbrew

Hogwarts Legacy Plants and Seeds

Hogwarts Legacy - Plants & Seeds

List of Plants and Seeds

All Plants and Seeds

Combat Plants
Hogwarts Legacy - Venomous TentaculaVenomous Tentacula Hogwarts Legacy - Chinese Chomping CabbageChinese Chomping Cabbge Hogwarts Legacy - MandrakeMandrake
Plant Ingredients
Hogwarts Legacy - DittanyDittany Hogwarts Legacy - MallowsweetMallowsweet Hogwarts Legacy - ShrivelfigShrivelfig
Hogwarts Legacy - KnotgrassyKnotgrass Hogwarts Legacy - FluxweedFluxweed

Hogwarts Legacy Gear

Hogwarts Legacy - All Gear

List of Gear

All Gear by Type

Gear by Type
Gloves Outfit Neckwear
Face Gear Headwear Robe & Cloak
Wand Handles - -

Hogwarts Legacy Builds

Hogwarts Legacy Builds Partial.png

Best Talent Builds

List of All Builds

Gameplay Builds
Stealth Wizard Alchemist
Pyromancer Psychic
Roleplay Builds
Harry Potter Death Eater
Dark Arts Knight

Hogwarts Legacy Locations

Hogwarts Legacy - Locations

List of All Locations and Map Size

Hogwarts Legacy Talents

Hogwarts Legacy - Talents
List of Talents

Hogwarts Legacy Enemies

Hogwarts Legacy - Enemies

List of Enemies

All Enemies

All Animated Statues
Pensieve GuardianPensieve Guardian Pensieve ProtectorPensieve Protector Pensieve SentinelPensieve Sentinel
Pensieve SentryPensieve Sentry
All Dark Wizards
Ashwinder AssassinAshwinder Assassin Ashwinder ScoutAshwinder Duellist Ashwinder ExecutionerAshwinder Executioner
Ashwinder RangerAshwinder Ranger Ashwinder ScoutAshwinder Scout Ashwinder SoldierAshwinder Soldier
DeathDeath's Shadow Poacher AnimagusPoacher Animagus Poacher DuellistPoacher Duellist
Poacher ExecutionerPoacher Executioner Poacher RangerPoacher Ranger Poacher StalkerPoacher Stalker
Poacher TrackerPoacher Tracker Ailsa TraversAilsa Travers Catrin HaggartyCatrin Haggarty
Dunstan TrinityDunstan Trinity Gwendolyn ZhouGwendolyn Zhou Iona MorganIona Morgan
Silvanus SelwynSilvanus Selwyn Tempeste ThorneTempeste Thorne
All Dugbogs
Cottongrass DugbogCottongrass Dugbog Great Spined DugbogGreat Spined Dugbog Rampant DugbogRampant Dugbog
Stoneback DugbogStoneback Dugbog
All Goblins
Loyalist AssassinLoyalist Assassin Loyalist CommanderLoyalist Commander Loyalist RangerLoyalist Ranger
Loyalist SentinelLoyalist Sentinel Loyalist WarriorLoyalist Warrior Ogbert the OddOgbert the Odd
Belgruff the BludgeonerBelgruff the Bludgeoner PergitPergit GrodbikGrodbik
All Mongrels
Dark MongrelDark Mongrel DeathDeath's Dark Mongrel The GrimThe Grim
The GrimThe White Wolf
All Spiders
AcromantulaAcromantula Thornback AmbusherThornback Ambusher Thornback HatchlingThornback Hatchling
Thornback MatriarchThornback Matriarch Thornback ScurriourThornback Scurriour Thornback ShooterThornback Shooter
Venomous AmbusherVenomous Ambusher Venomous HatchlingVenomous Hatchling Venomous MatriarchVenomous Matriarch
Venomous ScurriourVenomous Scurriour Venomous ShooterVenomous Shooter The AbsconderThe Absconder
All Trolls
Armoured TrollArmoured Troll DeathDeath's Troll Fighter TrollFighter Troll
Forest TrollForest Troll Fortified TrollFortified Troll Mountain TrollMountain Troll
Quagmire TrollQuagmire Troll River TrollRiver Troll The Riparian TrollThe Riparian Troll
FastidioFastidio's Monster
All Undead
Bardolph BeaumontBardolph Beaumont's Corpse InferiusInferius InferiusLord of the Manor

Hogwarts Legacy Bosses

Hogwarts Legacy - Boss Guides

List of Boss Guides

All Hogwarts Legacy Bosses

Main Story Bosses
Armored Troll Pensieve Guardian
Graphorn Victor Rookwood
Ranrok Dragon
(Final Boss)
Side Quest Bosses
Fastidio's Monster Cassandra Mason
Solomon Sallow Theophilus Harlow

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Hogwarts Legacy - Characters

List of Characters

All Characters

All Students
Amit ThakkarAmit Thakkar Everett CloptonEverett Clopton Garreth Weasley Imelda ReyesImelda Reyes
Leander Prewett Lenora Everleigh Mahendra Pehlwaan Natsai OnaiNatsai Onai
Ominis GauntOminis Gaunt Poppy SweetingPoppy Sweeting Sacharissa Tugwood Sebastian SallowSebastian Sallow
All Professors
Abraham RonenAbraham Ronen Aesop SharpAesop Sharp Bai HowinBai Howin Chiyo KogawaChiyo Kogawa
Cuthbert BinnsCuthbert Binns Dinah HecatDinah Hecat Eleazar FigEleazar Fig Matilda WeasleyMatilda Weasley
Mirabel GarlickMirabel Garlick Mudiwa OnaiMudiwa Onai Phineas Nigellus BlackPhineas Nigellus Black Satyavati ShahSatyavati Shah
All Hogmeade Characters
Albie Weekes Augustus Hill Calliope SnellingCalliope Snelling Ethel WigleyEthel Wigley
Gerbold OllivanderGerbold Ollivander Jasper Trout Madam Cassandra MasonMadam Cassandra Mason Parry Pippin
Sirona RyanSirona Ryan Thaddeus TraversThaddeus Travers Timothy TeasdaleTimothy Teasdale
All Hogwarts Castle Characters
Agnes Scribner DeekDeek Gladwin Moon Nearly Headless NickNearly Headless Nick
Noreen Blainey Peeves The Fat LadyThe Fat Lady The Sorting HatThe Sorting Hat
All Tudor Era Wizards and Witches
Charles RookwoodCharles Rookwood Isidora MorganachIsidora Morganach Percival Rackham Niamh FitzgeraldNiamh Fitzgerald
San BakarSan Bakar
All Other Characters
Ackley Barnes Garnuff George OsricGeorge Osric Lodgok
Miriam Fig RanrokRanrok Theophilius Harlow Victor RookwoodVictor Rookwood

Hogwarts Legacy Houses


Hogwarts Legacy Houses

All Houses
Hogwarts Legacy - SlytherinSlytherin Hogwarts Legacy - GryffindorGryffindor
Hogwarts Legacy - HufflepuffHufflepuff Hogwarts Legacy - RavenclawRavenclaw

Hogwarts Legacy Message Boards

Hogwarts Legacy Message Boards

Message Boards

Discussion Boards

Character Sharing Board
Lore / Story Discussion Board
Gameplay Questions Board
Memes Board

House Common Room Boards

Gryffindor Common Room Board
Slytherin Common Room Board
Hufflepuff Common Room Board
Ravenclaw Common Room Board

Hogwarts Legacy News and Game Info

Which House Will You Choose?

Gryffindor 91
Slytherin 259
Ravenclaw 250
Hufflepuff 153

Which Hogwarts House will you choose?


Hogwarts Legacy - News and Game Info

All News and Game Info

February 10, 2023 Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy has been confirmed with a February 10, 2023 release date for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Release Date and Time

Early Access from February 7, 2023

Players who just can't wait to put on their wizarding robes can pre-order the Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, or Collector's Edition of the game and gain early access from February 7, 2023.

Early Access Guide

Delayed Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

It was announced via twitter on December 14, 2022 that the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions of Hogwarts Legacy would be released at later dates to ensure the best experience possible. PS4 and Xbox One owners can expect to receive the game on April 4, 2023, while Switch players will need to wait until July 25, 2023 to experience the magic.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Delayed?

Pre-Orders are Now Available

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for pre-order on hogwartslegacy.com and other retailers. Choose from the Standard, Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Editions.

Pre-Order Guide and List of Bonuses

Available Platforms

Console Availability
Playstation 4 ✔️
Playstation 5 ✔️
PC (Steam/Epic Games) ✔️
Xbox One ✔️
Xbox Series X & Series S ✔️
Nintendo Switch ✔️

All Available Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy - News and Game Info

News and Game Info

Featured News

Other News

Other News
Can You Visit Gringotts? Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Denuvo?
Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Fast Travel? Can You Get Pets?
When Will the Review Embargo Be Lifted? Are there Multiple Endings?
Is Hogwarts Legacy an MMO? Are There Animagi?
Will Hogwarts Legacy Be On Steam Deck? Pre-Orders Cancelled on Some Platforms
Will There Be a Demo? How Many GB is Hogwarts Legacy?
Is Internet Required to Play Hogwarts Legacy? Story and Plot Summary
Cast and List of Voice Actors Can You Torture and Kill in Hogwarts Legacy?
Will There Be Raids? Is Hogwarts Legacy Delayed?
Can You Get Patronus? Can You Customize Your Wand?
What is Hogwarts Legacy's ESRB Rating? Is Harry Potter in the Game?
Can You Be Evil? Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross Platform?
Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon? List of Console-Exclusive Content
Can You Choose Your Own House? Is Hogwarts Legacy Open World?
Will Hogwarts Legacy Be on Mac? Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Romance Options?
List of Unconfirmed Spells Is There Swimming?
Are the Deathly Hallows in the Game? Is the Chamber of Secrets in the Game?
Is There Autosave? All Ancestors in Hogwarts Legacy
Everything We Know When Does Pre-Load Start?
Will There Be a Photo Mode? What Game Engine Does Hogwarts Legacy Use?
Who is the Hogwarts Legacy Developer? Is There a Hogwarts Legacy Beta?
All Available Platforms Can You Play Quidditch?
Can You Turn Off the HUD and Minimap? Is Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?
Trailers and Gameplay Showcase How to Get House Crest Avatars
Is There Steam Family Sharing? List of Secrets and Easter Eggs
Is J.K. Rowling Involved with Hogwarts Legacy? How to Get Magical Beasts Avatar
How to Watch Hogwarts Legacy Q&A Livestream What's Included in the Dark Arts Pack?
Hogwarts Legacy Review: Is it Worth Playing? February 14 Update: Patch Notes
February 17 Update: Patch Notes Will There Be a Sequel?
March 8 Update: Patch Notes -

About Hogwarts Legacy

Open World of Familiar and New Locations

Wander Hogwarts Castle and other familiar locations like Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest, brought to life in more detail than ever before. Explore every nook and cranny for secrets upon secrets of a world filled with magic. There might even be some new places to discover along the way.

Play Out Your Wizard or Witch Fantasy

Character Customization
Customize the look of your character and choose your Hogwarts house so that you can play the game exactly how you want. You'll even be able to customize your combat style for a truly unique experience.

How to Customize Your Character

Battle Trolls, Goblins, and Other Threats

Battle a Troll
The wizarding world has no shortage of foes looking to do you harm. Master spells, brew powerful potions, and tame wild beasts to get the upper hand, defeat your enemies, and cement your legacy in the halls of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy Product Information

Price $59.99 - $299.99
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch
Genre Action RPG
Publisher Portkey Games
Official Site hogwartslegacy.com

Walkthrough Menu

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