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This page is about the clothing item Steel Microplated Kabuto from Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn this clothing's weight, armor, and mod slot information, as well as where to find the Steel Microplated Kabuto.

Steel Microplated Kabuto Overview

General Info

Steel Microplated Kabuto
Steel Microplated Kabuto
Tier(s) Uncommon Rare Epic
Clothing Slot Group Head
Weight 0.2
When you want everyone to know you represent strength.

Steel Microplated Kabuto Stats and Mod Slots


Armor 58.4

Note that the stats shown here are the highest values that we have been able to confirm so far available to this clothing item. These numbers may be updated in the future


Mod Slots
Mod IconEmpty Mod Slot

The slots shown here are the ones we have been able to confirm exist for higher tier versions of the clothing item. More slots may be added in later on as they are confirmed.

How to Get the Steel Microplated Kabuto

Obtained Through Quests

Steel Microplated Kabuto can be obtained through the following Quests.

Location Rarity
Gig: The Heisenberg Principle (Look around the basement as this item will be in one of the caches that you find.) Rare

Purchased From Shops

Each shop has a fixed pool of items which can show up, with some legendary items also purchasable at specific shops. If the Steel Microplated Kabuto is not present when visiting a shop, simply exit, use Skip Time to go 24 hours ahead, and repeat until Steel Microplated Kabuto is available.

Vendor Rarity
Clothing Vendor (Little China) Uncommon
Blossoming Sakura Clothier Uncommon
Blossoming Sakura Clothier Epic

Can be crafted after obtaining Crafting Specs

Steel Microplated Kabuto can be crafted after the Crafting Specs are obtained.

Crafting Spec Location Rarity
Crafting Spec unlocked automatically as a reward for reaching Crafting Level 9 Rare

We are currently searching for more locations where Steel Microplated Kabuto can be found. If you have found Steel Microplated Kabuto in any locations not listed here, please help us improve our guide by letting us know in the comments!

Cyberpunk 2077 Clothing


List of Clothing

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6th Street Side Cap6th Street Side Cap Aramid Kuro Kabuto with Hardened Carbon-Fiber ExteriorAramid Kuro Kabuto with Hardened Carbon-Fiber Exterior Arasaka Cap with CameraArasaka Cap with Camera
Arasaka Engineer Hardhat With HeadsetArasaka Engineer Hardhat With Headset Arasaka Kabuto With Composite PlatingArasaka Kabuto With Composite Plating Aztec Winter BeanieAztec Winter Beanie
Blooming Amber BandanaBlooming Amber Bandana Carbon-Fiber Arasaka Side CapCarbon-Fiber Arasaka Side Cap Carbon-Fiber Conical HatCarbon-Fiber Conical Hat
Classic Hardened-Leather Flat CapClassic Hardened-Leather Flat Cap Classic Side Cap with Strengthened PolyamideClassic Side Cap with Strengthened Polyamide Classic Trilby with Composite BandClassic Trilby with Composite Band
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Durable Lime Speed Modular HelmetDurable Lime Speed Modular Helmet Enhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinfoced TrilbyEnhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinfoced Trilby Flat Cap with Reinforced SeamsFlat Cap with Reinforced Seams
Graffiti Thermoset Synweave KeffiyehGraffiti Thermoset Synweave Keffiyeh Illegally Modded Hat with GaugeIllegally Modded Hat with Gauge Insulated Cap with Protective GogglesInsulated Cap with Protective Goggles
Laminated Nomad Hat with GaugeLaminated Nomad Hat with Gauge Laminated Security Hard Hat with HeadsetLaminated Security Hard Hat with Headset Light Keffiyeh with Microplate MeshLight Keffiyeh with Microplate Mesh
Light Techno Polymer HelmetLight Techno Polymer Helmet Limited-Edition Daemon Hunter CapLimited-Edition Daemon Hunter Cap Maelstrom Side CapMaelstrom Side Cap
Makeshift Rabenda Banana BandanaMakeshift Rabenda Banana Bandana Media Baseball Cap with Reactive LayerMedia Baseball Cap with Reactive Layer Militech Tactical HelmetMilitech Tactical Helmet
Mirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy HatMirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy Hat Modified Snake-Skin Cowboy HatModified Snake-Skin Cowboy Hat Mox BeanieMox Beanie
OfficerOfficer's Side Cap with Reinforced Plastic Old Motorcycle CapOld Motorcycle Cap Ordinary Tactical Balaclava with Reactive LayeringOrdinary Tactical Balaclava with Reactive Layering
Plastic Zunari Kabuto with Absorbent LiningPlastic Zunari Kabuto with Absorbent Lining Police Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel VisorPolice Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel Visor Polyamide-Reinforced Conical HatPolyamide-Reinforced Conical Hat
Reinforced Baseball CapReinforced Baseball Cap Reinforced Cyan Cowboy HatReinforced Cyan Cowboy Hat Rusty Assault HelmetRusty Assault Helmet
Rusty Security HardhatRusty Security Hardhat Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent HeadbandSandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband Smiley Hard Pilot CapSmiley Hard Pilot Cap
Solid Straw-Woven TrilbySolid Straw-Woven Trilby Speed Addict Helmet with Anti-Impact TechSpeed Addict Helmet with Anti-Impact Tech Steel Microplated KabutoSteel Microplated Kabuto
Strong Canine Power Synthetic BandanaStrong Canine Power Synthetic Bandana Sturdi-Boost Cowboy HatSturdi-Boost Cowboy Hat Sturdy Conical HatSturdy Conical Hat
Stylish Leather Flat Cap with Light Armor LayerStylish Leather Flat Cap with Light Armor Layer Tyger Claw KabutoTyger Claw Kabuto Upgraded Farmer Hat with GaugeUpgraded Farmer Hat with Gauge
VeteranVeteran's Helmet Worn Brimmed Hat with GaugeWorn Brimmed Hat with Gauge Worn Graffiti HelmetWorn Graffiti Helmet
Currently UnavailableWorn Samurai Cap

All Clothing Types

Group Upper Slot Lower Slot
Head Head Face
Upper Body Outer Torso Inner Torso
Lower Body Legs Feet

Clothing Tiers

Clothing Tiers
Legendary Iconic


2 Anonymous5 months

There's drop chance if you kill specific gang members, for each gang members they have their own chance of dropping gears. So for this one get the Tiger Claws, through side mission, wandering around town, or get recipe either from clothing vendor

1 Anonymous5 months

What are words on the front??

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