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14 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

How do you get rid of a warrant?

9 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

I've been experiencing a bug where the enemy NPCs dont shoot back and neither do my teammates. They will melee me if I get close enough but other than that nothing. They just point there guns and run around. This literally takes away the thrill of the game. Anyone who knows what I have to do?

8 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Hey I was playing and gunna start the ghost town mission so I went to the afterlife and then went to rogues booth but i jumped and it glitched me past the security guy and now Panama won’t finish her dialogue And also just one thing all my previous saves before entering this room got wiped and I have no clue how

7 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

At the end of the "The Highwayman" quest I am at the garage with the bike but I can't input the code to unlock the garage. Is there a fix or a work around to help get in?

6 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

I finished Act 2. Act 3 won't start. Am I missing something?

5 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

And what I mean by in is under the map

4 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Yo anyone else’s can’t do the disasterpiece mission cuz Judy van isn’t there it’s in the map? It’s been like this for hours and I can’t progress through the story.

3 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

In my inventory my clothes say they are locked and I can't change them. I am not sure if it is intentional but if its not I don't know what to do.

2 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

I cant use my phone, and when i get calls v just says i cant talk right now, anyone else have this issue?

1 ZhairZhover 3 yearsReport

On the level “automatic love” you can choose to either beat up or negotiate with woodman, and afterward on either scenarios you’re supposed to take the elevator nearby. But as soon as the door opens for me to leave my character falls through the floor and there’s no way I can finish the mission. Is there anyone else who’s been dealing with the same problem?

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