Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to One-Shot Every Enemy

The complete guide to the one-shot method in Cyberpunk 2077. If Arasaka forces or Maelstrom cyborgs are getting to be too much, you may want to go for the ultimate one-shot option. Check here for information on how to obtain this weapon and where to find it.

The One-Shot Weapon


The one-shot weapon will consist of attaching the Tranquilizer Rounds mod onto your Projectile Launch System.

Once you have attached this mod, fire it at human enemies. They will instantly be defeated. If you approach them, you will find that they are actually just knocked out, but that does not make it any less effective. This mod can only hit one person at a time, so if you are facing strong enemies, it is still recommended to think about how you will approach them. Taking out enemies from afar with this weapon can be a good strategy.

Keep in mind that the Tranquilizer Rounds only work on human enemies. If you attempt to use this on a mech, drone, or robot, it will be ineffective.

How to Obtain the Projectile Launch System

Projectile Launch System One-Shot

The Projectile Launch System is a cyberware that basically installs a missile launcher into your arm. Once you reach level 20 Street Cred, you can buy the mod and have it installed at Ripperdoc locations.

Projectile Launch System: Stats, Effects, and How to Obtain

Where to Buy the Tranquilizer Mod

Tranquilizer Map

The Tranquilizer Rounds mod can be purchased from a Ripperdoc found in the southwestern area of the map for 540 Eddies. He will be by the beach and will have no cyberware installed on himself which V will remark on. The fast travel point Pumping Station is very close to his shop.

Level Up Quickly Strategy

Since combat against human enemies will become much more easier with this weapon, it can be used to level up very quickly. Set your game difficulty to Very Hard and save the game.

While on Very Hard difficulty, enemies will have better gear and give much more experience. Head to any location with gang members and take them out using your Projectile Launch System.

Because they are simply knocked out, finishing them off with a lethal weapon will count as killing them again, giving you double the experience.

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1 Anonymousover 3 years

This thing still kills people, even with the "Non-Lethal: Enemies shot with this type of round will lose consciousness" equipped. :(


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