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This is a page on the vehicle Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway) from Cyberpunk 2077. Read more to learn about where to find the Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway), the price for the vehicle, and how fast it can go!

Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway) Basic Information

Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway)
Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway)
Class Hypercars
Model Caliburn
Manufacturer Rayfield
The rich can be capricious. The dignified design of Rayfield's flagship vehicle, the Aerondight, doesn't appeal to everyone. Some prefer an equal level of luxury but with a feistier flare. Rayfield developed the Caliburn with these clients in mind. Imbued with a sportier soul and crafted with fire-breathing engine and aerodynamic body, driving the Caliburn feels like flying a jet at ground level. And whenever the driver wants to come down from their adrenaline high, they need only let go of the steering wheel to let the onboard navigational computer take control.

Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway) Horsepower and Stats

Horsepower 1660
Mass (lbs) 3682
Drive Train AWD

How to Get the Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway)

Rayfield Caliburn (Gold Colorway) Location

Sold by a Fixer and requires a Street Cred Level of 40.
Location: Downtown.

Price 157,000
Street Cred Reward 3,000

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