Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to Use Photo Mode

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Use Photo Mode

Cyberpunk 2077's Photo Mode lets you control and adjust the camera, your character, and other settings in any way you like to get your own perfect snap! Read on to know how to use Photo Mode, how to take photos as Johnny Silverhand, and all the features available in Photo Mode!

How to Use Photo Mode

Press N for Keyboards or Both Analog Sticks for Controllers

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Use Photo Mode
To access Photo Mode, press the N key if you're using a keyboard or press both analog sticks on a controller. You can work around the Photo Mode in many ways, as there are 5 main tabs for editing and lots of slides to adjust and many options to choose from.

How to Access Johnny Silverhand Photo Mode

Open Photo Mode During Johnny's Flashbacks

To take photos as Johnny Silverhand instead of V, you need to open Photo Mode on occassions where you are playing as Johnny. These are during Playing for Time or Transmission, which act as flashbacks showcasing Johnny's past.

Features Unique Poses

Using the Photo Mode while playing as Johnny will allow you to select unique poses that highlights his rockerboy lifestyle!

Johnny Silverhand Unique Idle Poses

The Silverhand Scissor

Power Slide

Jam Sesh

The Show Must Go On

Silver Hand, Metal Soul

This Song's Dedicated To...

Night City Idol

The Big Finish

Wake the Fuck Up, Samurai

Added During Patch 1.5

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5

This feature was added in Cyberpunk 2077's 1.5 patch, which includes new content and several adjustments to the game.

Patch 1.5: Patch Notes and Release Date

Photo Mode Features

Customize Your Snaps!

Cyberpunk 2077's Photo Mode offers several features that you can play with which allows you to freely customize your shots in a variety of ways. Set the scene and frame your photo in any way you like!

Photo Mode Features
Camera Depth of Field Pose
Effect Stickers Load/Save


In the Camera tab, you have the option to adjust the following:

Mode Description
Camera Type This determines what type of camera your photo will be taken by. You can choose between a Drone or a First Person Perspective.
Preset You can either choose a preset from the game or use Customization to adjust everything.
Field of View This determines the extent of the scene the camera will take a photo of.
Rotate Adjustable by value and determines how rotated the entire photo looks. As of Patch 1.6, the rotation can go up to 90 degrees both ways, allowing for vertical shots.

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Depth of Field

In Depth of Field, you can determine how in focus or out of focus you character will appear by adjusting the following:

Mode Description
Enabled You can toggle this on/off.
Auto Focus You can toggle this on/off.
Aperture Higher aperture puts everything in focus. Lower aperture puts focus on your character.

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You can choose the way your character will appear on the photo by customizing these things. Patch 1.6 also allows you to take photos with Nibbles the cat.

Mode Description
Character Switch between V and Nibbles to adjust their poses.
Character Visible You can toggle this on/off if you want V or Nibbles to show or not.
Category This sets the overall theme or feel of the photo.
Pose This determines which pose your character will be in.
Muzzle Flash This is the visible light that comes from a gun blast. You can toggle this on/off.
(V only)
You have the option to put on an Angry face, or Sad face, or Smug face, lots of faces!
Look at Camera
(V only)
Toggle this on/off if you want V to look at the camera.
Rotate This determines how angled your character will appear.
Left/Right This determines how much to the left or right your character will be positioned in.
Close/Far This determines how close or far from the camera your character will appear.
Poses and Expressions
Idle Poses Action Poses Expressions

List of Idle Poses

List of Photo Mode Idle Poses
Tabula Rasa What Can I Get Ya? C'mere, Gonkbrain Peace & Love
Don't Event Serious 'Tude What Do We Have Here? Sir, Yes, Sir!
Dead End, Amigo Waiting for Godot Who's Number One? Wanna Try Me?
Like One of Your French Girls The Pensive Philosophizer Break Time Last Drag Before the Gig
In the Name of the Moon, I'll Punish You! V's Bizarre Pose Needed a Breather Slav Squat
You're Breathtaking Hard Pass Now You're Talking Got a Problem?
Joker Stairs For the Glory of the Motherland! On the Trail V for Victory
Run the Jewels Selfie Time Talk to the Hand I Know Kung-Fu
My Name is V. Just V. With a Katana Knuckle Sandwich With a Melee Weapon
With a Precision Rifle With a Revolver With a Rifle With a Shotgun
With an SMG Alt (circa 2020) Black Mastodon Blue Triceratops
Facepalm Rhapsody of a Rockerboy Cold-blooded Soldier Elvis Lives
Ready for War Check the 'cep, Baby V's Bizarre Buongiorno V's Bizarre Gesture
V's Bizarre Step V's Bizarre Pick-up Line Hawaiian King's Energy Blast From Korea with Love
Fortune and Long Life I Heart Night City Chromatic fucking rock! Mind. Blown.
Good Vibes Only Thunder Warrior Fire Warrior Water Warrior
Lunar Warrior Love Warrior Lemme Grab the Popcorn Red Tyrannosaurus
Unleash Your Inner Silverhand Think Smart Knight City Scout Salute
Indian Sweetheart When Lightning Strikes I promise it's going to hurt! Distracted Girlfriend
You ready for this? Yellow Saber-toothed Tiger

List of Action Poses

List of Photo Mode Action Poses
Cover Shot Stop! Police! Roundhouse Shot to the Face V Shot First
Be Cool, This is a Robbery! Eat Lead! Down with Gravity! Cyberyoga
Hold My Beer Crouching Punk, Hidden Samurai Off to the Races Night City Strut
Just a Peek Game Over Floor Is Lava Eavesdrop (Right)
Take Cover! (Right) Eavesdrop (Left) Take Cover! (Left) Oh, My God! They Killed V!
With an Assault Rifle With a Precision Rifle With a Revolver With a Shotgun
With an SMG V is the One When the street hits back

List of Expressions

List of Photo Mode Expressions
Neutral Charm Fury Boredom
Anger Satisfaction Disgust Happiness
Fear Surprise Sadness Whistling

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Customizing Effects can shake things up and put some spice into your photo.

Mode Description
Exposure This determines the amount of light that reaches the camera.
Contrast This determines the ratio between color tones in the photo. Higher contrast makes the photo darker.
Highlights This adjusts the lighting effects, making lit surfaces appear brigher or darker.
Vignette You can use this to darken the corners of your image.
Chromatic Aberration Simulates the refraction of light through a lens to create a distortion that makes the photo have blurry rainbow-like edges.
Grain This determines the granularity or noisiness of the photo.
Effect You can choose among different effects such as changing the color temperature and hue of the photo.

List of Effects

List of Photo Mode Effects
Effect 0 Effect 1
Effect 2 Effect 3
Effect 4 Effect 5
Effect 6 Effect 7
Effect 8 Effect 9
Effect 10 Effect 11
Effect 12 Effect 13
Effect 14 Effect 15

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Some add-ons to your photo for final touches!

Mode Description
Sticker You can place up to 10 stickers on your photo.
Frame Choose from several different frames, borders, and overlays to give a distinct look to your pictures.
Background You can choose a different backdrop for the photo if you prefer.

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You can save up to three settings of your choice, allowing you to use your preferred angles, poses, and effects as presets for future shots.

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