Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

2.0 Best Attributes (Starting to Endgame)

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - Best Attributes
Different builds have their own best Attributes to level up in different parts of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn the best starting, mid-game, and endgame attributes, and the best way to spend Attribute Points.

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Best Attributes For Update 2.0

Select Attributes Based to Your Playstyle

Builds for Each Attribute
Attribute Playstyle
Body Tank (Shotgun)
Blunt Weapon
Reflexes Assault Rifle
Blader (Katana)
Technical Ability Tech Weapon
Intelligence Netrunner (Quickhacks)
Smart Weapons
Cool Assassin (Stealth)
Gunslinger (Pistols)

Since Update 2.0, you can only respec you attributes once. If you've been playing before the update, you can continue on adding attributes based on your previous playstyle or use this opportunity to start fresh and experiment with a new one.

Check out our in-depth guide on different 2.0 builds here:

Best Builds for Update 2.0

Best Attributes For Phantom Liberty

Focus on Reflexes, Cool, and Intelligence

Best Attribute Distribution (Level 15)
Attribute Points
Body 5
Reflexes 9
Technical Ability 4
Intelligence 9
Cool 9

You can start the Phantom Liberty DLC as a standalone. Here, your V will be at Level 15 and you're free to put in attribute points based on your preference.

We recommend putting points in Reflexes, Cool, and Intelligence. The gigs in Phantom Liberty are easier to deal with if you focus on stealth and your Netrunning ability. Investing in these attributes will make the DLC much more convenient to play through.

How to Start the Phantom Liberty DLC

Best Starting Attributes (Act 1)

Prioritize Reflexes and Intelligence

Best Attribute Distribution (Level 1)
Attribute Points
Body 4
Reflexes 6
Technical Ability 4
Intelligence 4
Cool 4

This starting build is a general build if you don't know which Attributes to choose yet. Put some points in Reflexes early since it gives you some mobility, then 1 for each attribute so you can access the Tier 1 Perks for each Attribute.

As you play through the early game, try out different weapons, decide if you like being stealthy or if you like rushing in, and explore the different ways to complete missions and gigs.

Best Mid-Game Attributes (Act 2)

General Build: Increase Reflexes, Balance Out Everything Else

Best Attribute Distribution (Level 10)
Attribute Points
Body 6
Reflexes 9
Technical Ability 4
Intelligence 6
Cool 6

If you still don't have a preferred playstyle, feel free to continue with this all-rounder build.

Reflexes is leveled up to level 9 since that is the level you unlock Tier 2 perks, giving you more mobility and evasion options. Some points are added to the other Attributes except for Technical Ability; at this stage of the game, it's still a bit early to benefit very much from the Cyberware bonuses given by it.

Best Endgame Attributes (Act 3)

General Build: Max Reflexes, Keep Other Stats at Level 15

Best Attribute Distribution (Level 50)
Attribute Points
Body 15
Reflexes 20
Technical Ability 15
Intelligence 6
Cool 15

This distribution is only up to level 50, the max level in the base game. It's possible to reach level 60 and get more Attribute Points if you purchased Phantom Liberty.

Since this is an all-rounder playstyle, you'll be leveling most of your stats together. Most stats here are Level 15, since that's the level you unlock the Tier 3 perks, giving you a wide variety of perks to choose from depending on your playstyle.

We chose Reflexes as the best attribute since the Dash perks in it are great, and Blades and Rifles are good and versatile weapons.

Intelligence isn't leveled up, since we need to choose an Attribute to leave out. This just means that you won't be using much quickhacks in this build, but if you like using them, don't hesitate to replace the Attribute left out with another.

How to Best Spend Attribute Points

How to Best Spend Attribute Points

Choose Attributes That Suit Your Playstyle

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Gunslinger

The best Attributes to choose throughout the game are those that suit your playstyle. We've given an example of a build above, but we won't claim it's the best build out of all, since every player has their own strengths and favorites!

For example, if you like going guns blazing with Assault Rifles, placing points into the Reflexes stat will be essential. If you're hoping to go for a stealthier style, Attributes like Technical Ability and Cool will prove more useful. Take the time to study what each Attributes do and what perks are under each Attribute!

Best Builds for 2.0

Keep Unused Attributes at Level 3

As you choose the Attribute that best suits your playstyle, you also have to decide which Attribute you're going to leave out for your playthrough. For example, an assassin build will have no use for the survivability offered by the Body attribute, so you're going to have to leave that Attribute out.

Keep the left out Attribute at the minimum of 3, and don't bother to level it up. If you have to, you can level it up once to Level 4 so you can access the Tier 1 perks for that Attribute.

It's not a good idea to spread attributes too thin and becoming a jack-of-all-trades, since this might lock you out of Perks of certain tiers.

You Can Reset Attribute Points Once Per Playthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Reset Attributes
The game allows players to respec and reset their Attributes once per playthrough.

If you chose to respec, make sure you have your next build planned (or make a separate save first) before refunding your points.
Can You Reset Attributes?

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nah.... Intelligence Attribute is useless. breach protocol and quick hack is a less effective in early game.

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