Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Battle System and How to Fight

Cyberpunk 2077 - Combat

This is a guide to the Battle System and How to Fight in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to know the basics of fighting in the game and how the battle system works!

Battle System Overview

Cyberpunk 2077 employs a similar Battle System to other RPGs such as damage variations, types, and resistances.

Damage Variation

Cyberpunk 2077 - Damage Variation

Whenever you deal damage, you will notice variations in the degree of injury inflicted.

Here's a list of damage variations:

Damage Variation Description
Critical Hits Based on your attributes and gear, you have a Critical Chance stat. This determines the probability of inflicting a damage multiplier. You also have a separate Critical Damage stat, which controls how large the multiplier is.
Modifiers Enemies can be more or less resistant or susceptible to various damage types.
Damage Deviation Each of your hits is subject to a random deviation from the expected result. For example, an attack that averages on 5 damage points can occasionally inflict 4 or 6 instead.

Damage And Resistance Type

Cyberpunk 2077 - Damage Type and Resistance

Each particular armor, weapon, and enhancement gives you a damage type and resistance. Taking a look at a character's details will determine how high your resistance is towards a Damage Type.

Here's a list of the damage types and resistances:

Damage/Resistance Type Description
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 05.pngPhysical These are your basic equips such as regular guns and melee weapons. This is the most common type of damage early on. Regular armor helps with these kind of damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 06.pngThermal This type of damage are characterized by explosives and fire-imbued weapons. Specialized armor is needed to raise your resistance to this damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 07.pngChemical This type of damage features corrosive substances that tend to deal damage over time. Like Thermal, specialized armor is needed to resist this type of damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 08.pngElectrical This damage type can be seen in paralyzing weapons that suppress your movement and abilities. Like Thermal and Chemical, specialized armor is needed to resist this type of damage.

Combat Controls

Ranged Combat

Action PS4/Xbox One PC
Draw recent weapon Press
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Double-tap LAlt
Weapons / Menu Cycle through Active Weaponss
Hold Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Hold LAlt
Holster weapon Double-tap
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Double-tap LAlt
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png
Right Click
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
Left Click
Square button.png / XboxOne_X.png
Hit enemy with equipped weapon R3 button.png Q
Shooting Position while behind cover
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png
, while behind cover[/align]
Right Click, while behind cover
Close quick-access Weapons menu
O button.png / XboxOne_B.png
Right Click / Esc

Melee Combat

Action PS4/Xbox One PC
Draw recent weapon Press
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Double-tap LAlt
Weapons / Menu Cycle through Active Weapons Hold
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Hold LAlt
Holster weapon Double-tap
Triangle button.png / XboxOne_Y.png
Double-tap LAlt
Fast Attack
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
Left Click
Strong Attack Hold
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
and release
Hold Left Click
Jump Attack
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
in midair
Left Click in midair
Slide Attack
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
while sliding
Left Click while sliding
Dodge Attack
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
while dodging
Left Click while dodging
Sprint Attack
R2.png / XboxOne_RT.png
while sprinting
Left Click while sprinting
Block Hold
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png
Hold Right Click
L2.png / XboxOne_LT.png
right before getting hit
Press Right Click right before getting hit
Close quick-access Weapons menu
O button.png / XboxOne_B.png
Right Click / Esc

How To Fight

Ranged Combat

Cyberpunk 2077 - Ranged Combat.png


Press or hold the fire button with a weapon equipped to hip-fire toward the center of your screen. Adjust your aim to keep your targets in your sights while you move. Shooting in this manner is suitable for very quick close-quarters gunfights, or when a target is at point-blank range.

Iron SIghts/Scopes

Hold the aim button to switch from your viewing angle's default position to your weapon's iron sights or scope. This will improve your aim and accuracy, making it far easier to align shots on more distant targets, or to shoot at specific body parts.


Your character will reload automatically whenever your ammo clip is empty, but it is suggested that you reload manually - ideally while in cover. You should always ensure that you have sufficient shots to take down at least one target whenever you emerge from cover and take aim.


Always position yourself to have easy access to cover when a fight is unavoidable. When your character is at the edge of a cover point, or is crounched behind a low barrier, hold the aim button to quickly emerge and shoot with the fire button, releasing the aim button to immediately return to safety.


Try to stay on the move as much as you can while facing multiple enemies, quickly alternating between different cover spots as you search for advantageuos firing positions. This will prevent your opponents from camping in positions, as well as providing opportuning to take them down as they relocate.

Critical Hits

As mentioned earlier, you will notice that some of your shots deal increased damage. Your character's attributes and weapons have their own critical chance and critical damage stats.


As you progress through the main story and explore Night City, you will secure more and much powerful weapons, each with their own specific features such as homing or penetrating bullets. Multiple skills and perks can also give you an edge in shootouts, enhancing your proficiency with certain weapon types.

Melee Combat

Cyberpunk 2077 - Melee Combat


Use the attack button to perform melee attacks. Tap for a light attack, and hold then release for a strong attack. The latter can break an enemy's guard. Multiple successive presses lead to combos.


Hold the block button to raise your guard. You will then automatically block all incoming attacks, reducing the damage that your opponent can inflict.


Attacking, blocking, and dodging will deplete your stamina bar. Stamina regenerates over time, but sustained activity will empty it rapidly, so be sure to manage it well.


You will gradually unlock new perks that will potentially improve your melee combat proficiency via bonuses and new capabilities.

Nonviolent Methods

Strategic Decisions

Cyberpunk 2077 - Strategic Decisions

You can approach quests in various ways, depending on the decisions that you make when they arise. Most choices have short-term consequences, but others can have lasting repercussions that affect how critical events unfold.

For example, in The Pickup, there are multiple approaches to complete the quest, including meeting a corporate agent to cut a deal or using your personal money to resolve a problem.

Dialogue Decisions

Cyberpunk 2077 - Dialogue Decisions.jpg

As you play quests, you will face countless instances where you are required to choose between a number of dialogue lines. At specific moments, however, you will face dialogue choices that might lead to significant consequences, propelling your character towards unique branching paths in the storyline.

Exclusive Interactions and Dialogues

Cyberpunk 2077 - Exclusive Dialogue

From time to time, you will encounter special interactions or dialogue lines. This will either depend on your chosen backstory (Life Path) or if you have the required level in a given attribute. Whenever you run into one of these exclusive context-sensitive interactions, you can consider it to be an option worth exploring.

Tips and Strategies

Weapons and Enhancements

Cyberpunk 2077 Combat System 02.png

Most fights will be determined on what you equip. Powerful guns will obviously be your choice but enhancements will allow your character to deal with certain circumstances.

Resistance And Weak Points Plays A Factor

Resistances will also play a factor and depending on the type of weapon and enhancements you go for, certain resistances can be easily overcome while others may prove a challenge. Understanding the weak points of enemies are also crucial.

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