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Meta Deck Tier List

The best Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Meta decks to use in Ranked Duels. Check our Tier List for the current top meta Decks and Archetypes as of Season 28 (April 2024)!

Best Decks Tier List: Season 28

Master Duel - Season 28 Has Begun

End of Season 28 Last Tier List Update
April 11, 2024

God Tier

TraptrixTraptrix Tenyi SwordsoulTenyi Swordsoul
ExosisterExosister FloowandereezeFloowandereeze
DinomorphiaDinomorphia Branded DespiaBranded Despia
RunickRunick LabrynthLabrynth
MathmechMathmech Spright RunickSpright Runick
Bystial BrandedBystial Branded Naturia RunickNaturia Runick
PurrelyPurrely Gishki SprightGishki Spright
Vanquish SoulVanquish Soul Ghostrick PurrelyGhostrick Purrely
MannadiumMannadium Superheavy SamuraiSuperheavy Samurai

Tier 1

Invoked ShaddollInvoked Shaddoll Sky StrikersSky Strikers
DrytronDrytron ZoodiacZoodiac
Zoo Tri-BrigadeZoo Tri-Brigade MadolcheMadolche
HEROHERO ResonatorsResonators
Stardust DragonStardust Dragon P.U.N.KP.U.N.K
SalamangreatSalamangreat BlackwingsBlackwings
Plunder PatrollPlunder Patroll Branded Cyber DragonBranded Cyber Dragon
Branded ZombieBranded Zombie MarincessMarincess
Pure ScareclawPure Scareclaw Umi ControlUmi Control
SprightSpright Spright Evil☆TwinSpright Evil☆Twin
Spright Tri-BrigadeSpright Tri-Brigade OrcustOrcust
Branded IshizuBranded Ishizu Ishizu TearlamentsIshizu Tearlaments
Melffy SprightMelffy Spright GhotiGhoti
Dogmatika BystialDogmatika Bystial 8-Axis Gizmek Orochi8-Axis Gizmek Orochi
KashtiraKashtira MikankoMikanko
Rescue-ACERescue-ACE Scareclaw KashtiraScareclaw Kashtira
Zombie World P.U.N.K.Zombie World P.U.N.K. Gold Pride P.U.N.K.Gold Pride P.U.N.K.
Dragon RulersDragon Rulers T.G. DiabellstarT.G. Diabellstar
Volcanic Snake-EyesVolcanic Snake-Eyes

Tier 2

Eldlich ControlEldlich Control Virtual WorldVirtual World
True DracoTrue Draco Dark MagicianDark Magician
SPYRAL ControlSPYRAL Control DragonmaidDragonmaid
Code Prank KidsCode Prank Kids Pure Tri-BrigadePure Tri-Brigade
Dragon LinkDragon Link Phantom KnightsPhantom Knights
Bird UpBird Up DinosaurDinosaur
DespiaDespia AdamancipatorAdamancipator
Pendulum MagicianPendulum Magician Yang Zing TenyiYang Zing Tenyi
Code TalkerCode Talker DPE ScytheDPE Scythe
Evil☆TwinEvil☆Twin @Ignister@Ignister
Despian PredaplantDespian Predaplant NumeronNumeron
Igknight OTKIgknight OTK DarklordDarklord
LunalightLunalight Thunder DragonThunder Dragon
RikkaRikka Adventurer Phantom KnightsAdventurer Phantom Knights
Adventurer P.U.N.K.Adventurer P.U.N.K. SushipSuship
BeetrooperBeetrooper Tri-Brigade Gladiator BeastTri-Brigade Gladiator Beast
Branded Tri-BrigadeBranded Tri-Brigade Zombie VampireZombie Vampire
VaylantzVaylantz Therion ABCTherion ABC
LibromancerLibromancer Buster BladerBuster Blader
EndymionEndymion Ishizu ChaosIshizu Chaos
Crystal BeastsCrystal Beasts MayakashiMayakashi
VernusylphVernusylph GeneraiderGeneraider
Danger! Dark WorldDanger! Dark World NinjaNinja
Prediction PrincessPrediction Princess Hungry Burger NouvellesHungry Burger Nouvelles
EarthboundEarthbound Armored Xyz SharkArmored Xyz Shark
UnchainedUnchained ChimeraChimera

Tier 3

Blue EyesBlue Eyes D/D/D AggroD/D/D Aggro
Ancient GearAncient Gear WitchcrafterWitchcrafter
The Winged Dragon of RaThe Winged Dragon of Ra Paleo FrogPaleo Frog
ABCABC TellarknightTellarknight
Trickstar WindwitchTrickstar Windwitch Ultra AthletesUltra Athletes
Adventurer Rose Dragon TenyiAdventurer Rose Dragon Tenyi Galaxy-Eyes OTKGalaxy-Eyes OTK
Gaia OTKGaia OTK RaidraptorsRaidraptors
Skull Servant ZombieSkull Servant Zombie KaijuKaiju
BattlinBattlin' Boxer

Rogue Tier

Crooked Cook ExodiaCrooked Cook Exodia Toon KingdomToon Kingdom
Red-EyesRed-Eyes GadgetsGadgets
YosenjuYosenju MegalithMegalith
MelffyMelffy D.D. Dynamite FTKD.D. Dynamite FTK
RelinquishedRelinquished Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster Soldier
GravekeepersGravekeepers Cyber DragonCyber Dragon
Domain MonarchDomain Monarch FluffalFluffal
AgentAgent Cupid Pitch TurboCupid Pitch Turbo
Evil EyeEvil Eye VampireVampire
Pure D/D/DPure D/D/D Numeron Egyptian GodsNumeron Egyptian Gods
Adventurer WitchcrafterAdventurer Witchcrafter Dark Magician GravekeeperDark Magician Gravekeeper
Flower Cardian ExodiaFlower Cardian Exodia HarpieHarpie
CubicCubic NekrozNekroz
Slifer Arcana KnightsSlifer Arcana Knights Treasure Panda ExodiaTreasure Panda Exodia
AltergeistAltergeist Subterror KrawlerSubterror Krawler
Defense OTKDefense OTK EvilswarmEvilswarm
Ancient WarriorsAncient Warriors SpringansSpringans
Anti-Meta StunAnti-Meta Stun Gandora Danger!Gandora Danger!
JinzoJinzo Obelisk the TormentorObelisk the Tormentor
Egyptian God DeckEgyptian God Deck Gate GuardianGate Guardian
NemleriaNemleria AromageAromage
Pure GhostrickPure Ghostrick KuribohKuriboh
MaleficMalefic Transaction Rollback BurnTransaction Rollback Burn

Ojama Tier

Dinosaur Bishbaalkin FTKDinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK Ishizu RunickIshizu Runick
SuicideSuicide Ojama ControlOjama Control

Use this table to immediately go to each section of the Tier List Explanation, with each Deck given a short summary of their focused archetype and playstyle!

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier

Deck Builds and Archetypes

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Yu-Gi-Oh! is massive and Master Duel has a fresh meta that is still changing up to this day. With a different banlist, playable decks on the TCG/OCG may not be viable here and vice versa. Think we missed an Archetype that needs to be ranked? Leave a comment down below!

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Duelist Cup Best Decks

Master Duel - Duelist Cup March 2024 Begins

March has arrived, and the Duelist Cup has once again begun for aspriring Duelists. We've been updating the Tier List automatically as of late, but with so many releases since the 2nd anniversary, we reckon we would provide our current list of the best Decks players should run in the current meta.

These should give a better chance to climb up the ladder during the Duelist Cup and qualify for the 2nd round and beyond!

Best Decks for March 2024 Duelist Cup

Forbidden/Limited Cards

Card Banlist Top Img.png

Want to know the latest updates on card statuses that could make or break a Deck? Check out the Forbidden & Limited Cards List Page to see which cards have been given adjustments in the most recent updates!

Forbidden & Limited Card List

Deck Tier List Explanation

Here are our explanations for the different categories of our Deck Tier List.

God Tier Explanation
God Tier Icon Represented by a crown, these are Decks that are even stronger and more common than Tier 1 Decks, due to their consistency and overall strength.
They are extremely hard to Duel against regardless if they start first or second, and can win most of the time depending on the state of the game.
\When going up against these Decks, luck will have to be involved in order to beat them. Duels against these are wars of attrition.
1 Icon The most frequent and meta-defining Decks used in the highest levels of Ranked Duels.
Expect these Decks to appear more frequently the higher your Rank is, especially in high Platinum all the way to Master. Running Decks in this tier will definitely help you climb up the ladder in no time.
2 icon Decks in this tier can be as strong and consistent as the tiers above it,
and on a good day, they can beat any other Deck in the hands of a skilled and/or dedicated player. However, they are missing something, like a certain mechanic or strategy, that can take them to the next level.
3 Icon Decks in this tier can be seen as underrated.
Fan-favorite Decks can end up here, but fall short of strength and consistency compared to the higher tiers. Still, they do have the necessary tools to win against stronger Decks, and can be a menace in Duels in the hands of commited players.
Rogue Icon Rogue Decks are not necessarily bad, but they will be rare to face because the Decks in the higher tiers are too good to not consider.
They do have the capacity to upset Duels, however, and players should not underestimate Decks in this tier. Do not let your guard down against Decks listed here.
Ojama Tier Decks within this tier will have a very hard time pulling off an upset, unless certain conditions align to achieve win conditions easier.
Ojama Tier can be considered the bottom of the barrel. Any Deck can win on a good day and a good starting hand, but players using Decks in this tier will have an uphill battle to deal with.

God Tier Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
TraptrixTraptrix ★ Traptrix brought back the power of the "Trap Hole" archetype of Trap Cards
★ Each Traptrix Extra Deck monster supports the rest, including effect immunity and Trap Card recursion
★ Can switch into the offensive with stat-boosting and field-clearing effects
Tenyi SwordsoulTenyi Swordsoul ★ Has a simple yet very strong one-card combo into two Synchro boss monsters
★ Tenyi monsters provide disruption and control of the field while in the GY
★ Has very powerful Synchro monsters to pivot to depending on the game state
ExosisterExosister ★ Exosisters have an easy combo line to get into two or three Xyz Monsters on the field
★ Deck punishes effects that move cards out of the GY in any capacity
★ Has multiple effects that provide control over the field, like banishes and preventions
FloowandereezeFloowandereeze ★ Floowandereeze focuses on consecutive Normal Summons to get to powerful boss monsters
★ Some Floowandereeze support enables tributing opponent's monsters
★ Extra Deck and GY are optional resource pools, making it harder to counter
DinomorphiaDinomorphia ★ Fusion-based Deck that normally uses Trap Cards to conduct its Fusion Summons
★ The Deck actually gets stronger the lower the player's LP is, and has ways to keep lowering it
★ Has synergy with effects that enable Trap Cards more, like setting from the Deck or activating the same turn they were set
Branded DespiaBranded Despia ★ One of the most consistent Decks due to synergy to Fusion Summon powerful monsters
★ Extremely flexible options in the Extra Deck, allowing players to adjust and pivot
★ Can be slotted in with other archetypes; brings both offense and defense
RunickRunick ★ Runick Quick-Play Spells can constantly interrupt the opponent, then banishes their cards
★ Runick Fountain enables the Deck by recycling cards from GY, and letting Quick-Play Spells activate from hand anytime
★ Runick Fountain is now set to Limited, hurting the Deck's strength
LabrynthLabrynth ★ Labrynth Decks can effectively Set trap cards to be used immediately on the next turn
★ One of the cards in the Deck allow Trap Cards to be used the very same turn they are set
★ Deck has amazing recursion to consistenly recycle cards from the GY and be used again
MathmechMathmech ★ Mathmech has high synergy with a lot of Cyberse-type monsters, and can start combos with just one card
★ Has a lot of flexible options despite having a solid core foundation with Primathmech Alembertian
★ Resulting end board after a combo is one of the hardest to break in Master Duel
Spright RunickSpright Runick ★ Sprights supporting the Runick archetype due to Hugin the Runick Wings being Level 2
★ Sprights provide protection to Runick Quick-Play Spells
★ Can be very problematic if this Deck manages to take the first turn
Bystial BrandedBystial Branded ★ Bystial Dragon monsters have innate synergy with Branded archetype
★ Has a powerful searcher that start a one-card combo
★ Has options to go as a 40 or 60-card Deck due to available options
Naturia RunickNaturia Runick ★ Deck composed of Earth Attribute monsters
★ Limit your opponent's actions through multiple interruptions
★ Continously negate Spells once per turn with one monster
PurrelyPurrely ★ Purrely Quick-Play Spells have effects when used as Xyz Monster Materials
★ Epurrely Xyz Monsters can absorb activated Purrely Quick-Play Spells
★ Expurrely Noir's effects does not have hard once-per-turn clause
Gishki SprightGishki Spright ★ Combines the strengths of both Gishki and Spright
★ Centered around Level 2 Monsters
★ Most of the cards have no hard once per turn effects
Vanquish SoulVanquish Soul ★ A Deck themed around tagfighting games with constant switching of monsters
★ Tag out monsters between the hand and field
★ Effects rely on having the monsters with the right Attribute on hand
Ghostrick PurrelyGhostrick Purrely ★ A Purrely Deck that utilizes the discard potential of Ghostrick
★ One-card combos leading into uninterruptible boards
★ Ends on two Expurrely Noirs, sometimes with a Utopic Draco Future.
MannadiumMannadium ★ Destroys their own monsters in order to get materials to Synchro Summon
★ Certain Tuners can Special Summon themselves from the hand with certain requirements
★ Has support from other archetypes that use "Visas Starfrost"
Superheavy SamuraiSuperheavy Samurai ★ Samurai-themed deck based around the equip mechanic
★ Only has Monster Cards
★ Excels playing through multiple interruptions
Snake-EyeSnake-Eye ★ Powerful and consistent Link Monster summoning, but has options into Synchro Summoning
★ Some effects can turn opponent's monsters into Continuous Spells/Traps, and Special Summons them
★ Has a plethora of hand traps, but it also has a number of negates from other cards from the archetype

Tier 1 Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
Invoked ShaddollInvoked Shaddoll ★ Uses Invoked Engine to bring out powerful Fusion Monsters from two different archetypes
★ Shaddoll in itself is an already powerful Fusion archetype and engine
★ Dogmatika is also added into punish the opponetn from using their own Extra Deck
Sky StrikersSky Strikers ★ One of the very few "Toolbox Decks" due to small number of monsters and high count of Spell Cards
★ Has one of the best search effect Spell Cards in the entire game, and gets stronger with every Spell in the GY
★ Specializes in Link Monsters, and having only one monster on the Extra Monster Zone
DrytronDrytron ★ Drytron Decks Ritual Summon tributes do not focus on Levels, but on their respecitve ATKs
★ Lots of Fairy-type support synergizes well with Drytron, most specific of which are Heralds
★ Can be quite hard to defeat once key monsters and cards are in place, including hand traps
ZoodiacZoodiac ★ Zoodiacs are known for only needing one monster to Xyz Summon into one of the many Zoodiac Xyz Monsters
★ Zoodiac Xyz Monsters can keep stacking materials on top of each other with another Xyz Summon
★ Zoodiac Ratpier, Zoodiac Drident and Zoodiac Barrage just got unbanned
Zoo Tri-BrigadeZoo Tri-Brigade ★ Tri-Brigade works well with Zoodiac as an engine for being fellow Beast-Warriors
★ Extra Deck options between Zoodiac and Tri-Brigade are outstanding
★ Powerful cards like Drident, Barrage and Ratpier have also been unbanned recently
MadolcheMadolche ★ Extremely hard to Deck Out as Madolche are known for recylcing cards from GY to hand or Deck
★ Has a wide variety of options for Deck Engines and Extra Deck monsters to choose from
★ Combo lines are easy to understand and pivot around depending on game state
HEROHERO ★ Combines the various HERO subarchetypes: Elemental, Destiny, Vision, Masked, Xtra
★ Features a plethora of powerful Fusion Monsters, some of which do not need Polymerization
★ With certain HERO boss monsters, it can also be a defensive Deck that's hard to respond against
ResonatorsResonators ★ Various Tuners that provides access to Dragon-type Synchro Monsters that are offensively powerful
★ Supported by the Bystial archetype of Dragons to enable Synchro materials to match certain levels
★ Only Synchro Monsters make up the Extra Deck, making flexibility very limited.
Stardust DragonStardust Dragon ★ Makes use of Junk, Stardust and Synchron archetypes to Synchro Summon repeatedly
★ One Synchro Monster can summon up to 4 Synchron Tuner Monsters to be used
★ At the end of the combo, multiple evolutions of Stardust Dragon will be on the field
P.U.N.KP.U.N.K ★ P.U.N.K. archetype pays LP to use their effects; Psychic-types are known to use having lower LP to their advantage
★ Synchro, Fusion and Xyz monsters have very felexible options for the Deck
★ Continuous Spells and Traps provides additiona protection as well
SalamangreatSalamangreat ★ Salamangreat makes use of cards being in the GY to gain advantage
★ Link Monsters gain additional effects if using a copy of themselves as material
★ Lots of powerful Spells and Traps to further have more control on the field.
BlackwingsBlackwings ★ Blackwings specialize in swarming the field with multiple monsters for Synchro Summons
★ Can pivot from offensive to control playstyle due to balance
★ Has multiple Synchro boss monsters that can single-handedly win the game
Plunder PatrollPlunder Patroll ★ Control Deck that can Special Summon certain Extra Deck monsters for free via card effect
★ Who to summon is based on attributes of the opponent's monsters
★ Plunder Patroll boss monsters can have Quick Effects when equipped with other Plunder Patroll cards
Branded Cyber DragonBranded Cyber Dragon ★ Cyber Dragons have some of the most powerful Fusion Monsters in the game
★ As most Cyber Dragons are LIGHT and DARK, they synergize with Branded Despia
★ A little hard to synergize between the two archetypes, but can be strong when perfected
Branded ZombieBranded Zombie ★ A usual Branded Deck can be used in conjunction with Zombies for a different Fusion-centric Deck
★ They wreck GY strategies due to Zombie World, changing every monster there into Zombies
★ Can also pivot into other Extra Deck Summoning methods, especially Synchro for Zombies
MarincessMarincess ★ Link Summon-centric Deck focused on Water Monsters
★ Has the flexibility to play through the opponent's board
★ Excels in flooding the board with interruptions
Pure ScareclawPure Scareclaw ★ Revolves around Scarclaw Tri-Heart, forcing all other monsters to Defense Position and is immune to their effects while on the field
★ Scareclaw monsters pointed by Tri-Heart's Link Markers give the Link Monster additional effects
★ Boosted even more now with the arrival of Kashtira support
Umi ControlUmi Control ★ Playstyle relies on having some form of "Umi" on the field to maintain control over the field
★ Main Deck Monsters also act as floodgates, alongside various Continuous Spells and Traps
★ Decks reliant on Special Summons can be disrupted because of various effects, most notoriously having their Levels altered.
SprightSpright ★ Empowers Level 2 Monsters as Spright Main Deck Monsters can easily Special Summon themselves
★ LINK-2 and Rank 2 Xyz Monsters thrive with this Deck
★ Can become a splashable engine to other archetypes that can use its strength
Spright Evil☆TwinSpright Evil☆Twin ★ Evil★Twin archetype fits well with the Spright Engine, allowing a pivot from Spright into summoning Troubled Sonny
★ Full combo can create a loop of Evil★Twin Link Monsters that can destroy cards and provide advantage
★ Balances control and aggression, and can pivot between the two playstyles
Spright Tri-BrigadeSpright Tri-Brigade ★ Sprights can be inputted into a Tri-Brigade Deck thanks to Tri-Brigade Kitt and Tri-Brigade Kerass
★ Tri-Brigade has some of the best Link Monsters, which include Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen
★ Spright Elf can protect Tri-Brigade Monsters if they're under the Link Monster's Link Markers
OrcustOrcust ★ Orcust has very potent Xyz and Link Monsters that provide control on the field through their effects
★ Their key boss monster Dingirsu can use an Orcust Link Monster as Xyz Material
★ Certain cards enable the Deck even more, like Orcust monsters becoming Quick Effects
Branded IshizuBranded Ishizu ★ Branded Despia Deck utilizing the Ishizu engine that mills and recovers cards in the GY
★ Lots of the Branded and Despia cards like being in the GY, and the Ishizu engine both enables and protects them
★ Has been hit with its GY consistency due to Agido and Kelbek currently being Forbidden
Ishizu TearlamentsIshizu Tearlaments ★ Tearlaments can do Fusion Summons if certain monsters are sent to the GY
★ Has synergy with quite a lot of effects that send cards to the GY
★ Combos can get out of hand really quick if the opponent has no responses
Melffy SprightMelffy Spright ★ Melffys are all Level 2 monsters, making them perfect with Spright synergy
★ Full combo results in a near-unbreakable board of negates and bounces
★ Can easily pivot from control to aggression depending on the situation
GhotiGhoti ★ Ghoti monsters like being banished, which for others is a punishment
★ Banished Ghoti monsters can be Special Summoned the next turn
★ Effects allow them to Synchro Summon even during opponent's turn
Dogmatika BystialDogmatika Bystial ★ Dogmatika specifically counters Extra Deck plays
★ Bystial Engine uses Dogmatika cards well due to LIGHT/DARK Attribute
Defensive play makes it hard for opponent to respond against
8-Axis Gizmek Orochi8-Axis Gizmek Orochi ★ Revolves around Level 8 monsters
★ Flexibility around Xyz and Synchro Summons
★ Massive OTK potential through Numeron Dragon
KashtiraKashtira ★ Simple one-card combo that's easy to master
★ Boss monsters can banish cards face-down, and lock card zones every time
★ Can Special Summon a monster for free if the player doesn't control one
MikankoMikanko ★ Ritual-based Deck with optional Extra Deck pivots
★ Specializes in reflecting Battle Damage with Monsters with Equip Spells
★ Uses a lot of "Kaiju" monsters to disrupt the opponent
Rescue-ACERescue-ACE ★ Fire Attribute centric deck inspired from firefighters
★ Can either branch into Synchro or Link plays
★ Set 4 cards face-down on the back-row
Scareclaw KashtiraScareclaw Kashtira ★ Combines the archetypes of Kashtira and Scareclaw
★ Has the ability to attack while in Defense Position
★ Force opponent monsters into Defense Position
Zombie World P.U.N.K.Zombie World P.U.N.K. ★ Synchro-based Deck that relies on the Graveyard
★ P.U.N.K. monsters bring out various Extra Deck monsters
★ Titular Field Spell makes every monster on the field and GY Zombies
Gold Pride P.U.N.K.Gold Pride P.U.N.K. ★ Makes use of multiple Extra Deck summon options
★ P.U.N.K. Engine synergizes with LP usage of Gold Pride
★ Lots of hand traps available to interrupt the opponent
Dragon RulersDragon Rulers ★ Dragon Rulers are now at full strength, all cards are unlimited
★ Has access to multiple Deck engines to be a turbo Aggro Deck
★ Has potential to have extreme card advantaged thanks to Super Rejuvenation
T.G. DiabellstarT.G. Diabellstar ★ Extremely powerful Synchro-centric Deck with a powerful endboard
★ Combos can start off of one combo, and boss monsters have powerful disruptions
★ Weak against handtraps, and restrictive against non-"T.G." monsters.
Volcanic Snake-EyesVolcanic Snake-Eyes ★ Newest "Volcanic" support provides them more consistency and additional burn damage
★ Has synergy with Snake-Eyes with having Level 1 Pyro Monsters
★ A certain combo can cause this Deck to potentially do a OTK/FTK

Tier 2 Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
Eldlich ControlEldlich Control ★ Eldlich Control Decks prefer having only one monster for the most part: the titular Golden Lord
★ Loaded with numerous floodgates in Normal and Continuous Traps
★ Has a Fusion Monster variant that becomes even harder for the opponent to deal with if teched in
Virtual WorldVirtual World ★ Virtual World benefits with cards in the Graveyard AND having Banished cards
★ Utilizes Xyz and Synchro Monsters, especially those with less used Ranks and Levels
★ Deck has a built-in Macro Cosmos effect in a boss monster, making opponent's GY risky for them
True DracoTrue Draco ★ True Draco Deck often goes synonymous with anti-meta playstyles
★ Most True Draco Decks slow down the game and dictate its pace
★ Has a plethora of floodgates that make the opponent hard to respond against True Draco monsters
Dark MagicianDark Magician ★ Dark Magician has received quite a lot of dedicated support, making it have a flexible playstyle
★ Chaos monsters have innate synergy with the Dark Magician archetype
★ Has a surprising amount of options for the Extra Deck, with a focus on using Level 6 and Level 7 monsters
SPYRAL ControlSPYRAL Control ★ SPYRAL has a playstyle involving predicting the opponent's next few draws
★ Effects let the player see the top few cards of their Deck, and prediction effects that trigger if the card is guessed right
★ Is a surprisingly strong combo Deck with powerful boss monsters
DragonmaidDragonmaid ★ Dragonmaids can swap between low-level Dragons and powerful Dragons at the start of the Battle Phase
★ Dragonmaid Fusion Monsters also have access to same monster-swapping effect between House and Sheou
★ Generic Dragon-type support works wonders with this Deck
Code Prank KidsCode Prank Kids ★ Prank-Kids specialize on Fusion Summons and Link Summons
★ Combos can practically start from a single card, making it easy to bring out boss monsters
★ Multiple key cards having been banned hurt its consistency, but Meow-Meow-Mu has recently been unbanned
Pure Tri-BrigadePure Tri-Brigade ★ Tri-Brigade can Link Summon monsters from the GY by banishing cards from there
★ Beast/Beast-Warrior support works well with the Deck for resource management
★ With a certain card, the player can Link Summon during the opponent's turn as well
Dragon LinkDragon Link ★ Dragon Link Decks run a combo that summons various Link Monsters, and can go up to 60 cards
★ Has a combo that ends with a boss monster that is hard to remove from the field
★ Got its consistency nerfed with a ban on "White Dragon Wyverburster"
Phantom KnightsPhantom Knights ★ A Deck that uses the GY as a resource pool, sending cards there to trigger effects and add cards
★ Has some of the best Trap Card supports in the game, in Fog Blade
★ Has options to go into Ranking Up its Xyz Monsters into stronger monsters
Bird UpBird Up ★ Tri-Brigade and Lyrilusc have innate synergy thanks to Winged Beast/Beast-Warrior/Beast archetypes
★ Tri-Brigade can use Lyrilusc monsters as material when banishing them to Link Summon powerful monsters
★ Lyrilusc uses trickier plays to bamboozle the opponent with control and surprising offense
DinosaurDinosaur ★ Dinosaurs use the GY as a resource pool, destroying its own cards to gain advantage
★ Special Summons one after another to get to the stronger monsters
★ Cards like "Double Evolution Pill" enable Special Summons overlooking summoning conditions
DespiaDespia ★ Despia makes use of specific Fusion Spells part of Branded Engine
★ Some can be activated during the opponent's turn to mess with the opponent via interuption
★ Materials for Fusion Monsters are somewhat easy to fulfill
AdamancipatorAdamancipator ★ Adamancipator Decks have cards that excel in being able to recycle themselves
★ Excavation effects allow the Deck to continue its combo and get to its strongest board possible
★ Has been explicitly hit with Block Dragon being marked Forbidden
Pendulum MagicianPendulum Magician ★ Pendulum Magicians take the name of certain Extra Deck monsters and uses that to their advantage
★ Can combo into various boss monsters; can go further thanks to Pendulum Summoning
★ Depending on build, it can either be an Aggro deck or an OTK burn Deck.
Yang Zing TenyiYang Zing Tenyi ★ Yang Zings can work as a standalone Deck instead of working as a Deck Engine
★ Most monsters have floating effects that replace themselves by Special Summoning another one
★ One of the few Decks that can conduct Synchro Summons during opponent's turn
Code TalkerCode Talker ★ Code Talkers introduced Link Summoning to Yu-Gi-Oh!
★ Are known for their ability to Link Climb: continuously Link Summon stronger Link Monsters
★ Combos can easily spiral out of control depending on how the Deck is built
DPE ScytheDPE Scythe ★ Makes use of Destiny HERO - Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer and its card-destroying Quick Effect
★ Locks out the opponent from any Special Summons through a combo with Artifact Scythe
★ Extremely reliant on the Deck going first; consistency hurt with DPE Engine hit in banlist
Evil☆TwinEvil☆Twin ★ Makes use of Evil★Twin and Live★Twin Link Monsters
★ LINK-2 monsters of archetype constantly being summoned provides field control and card advantage
★ One-card combo allows flexibility in Deck build, allowing Engines to be used
@Ignister@Ignister ★ @Ignister chains Special Summons to swarm the field with signature monsters
★ Only archetype to properly use LINK-6 The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister
★ Card very hard to stop unless multiple hand traps are available
Despian PredaplantDespian Predaplant ★ Predaplants specialize in Fusion Summons, with monsters strong in battle, disruption and field control
★ Makes use of a Token; Predator Counters enable control and disruption against the opponent
★ Some can even use the opponent's monsters as Tribute or Fusion Material
NumeronNumeron ★ Has multiple ways to get rid of boss monsters before summoning their own
★ Combo is relatively easy, and when done right can attack into an OTK with 8000 ATK
★ If opponent survives, the Xyz Monsters can be used to summon another monster from the Extra Deck
Igknight OTKIgknight OTK ★ Igknights can search other copies of itself by destroying cards put on the Pendulum Zones
★ Synchro Summons and Link Summons lead to an OTK dealing 8000 damage via effect
★ Extremely hard to pull off with Cyber-Stein and Crystron Halqifibrax marked Forbidden
DarklordDarklord ★ Darklords make use of the GY as a resource pool, sending cards and Special Summoning monsters from there
★ Has a surprising amount of draw power, making resource management easy
★ Enjoys blanket support being mostly under DARK Attribute
LunalightLunalight ★ Lunalights focuses on Fusion Summons with their very own Fusion Spell even included
★ Lunalight Fusion Monsters are amazing when it comes to Battle Phase
★ Attacking multiple times in a single turn is a specialty for Lunalight
Thunder DragonThunder Dragon ★ Fusion-centric Deck that likes having cards be sent to the GY and/or banished
★ Lost of Main Deck Monster effects can trigger from the hand
★ Archetype Fusion Monsters have dedicated Fusion Spell, but also doesn't need them
RikkaRikka ★ Has lots of interruptions with boss monsters from Main Deck and Extra Deck
★ Some effects tribute opponent's monsters or turn them into Plant-type monsters for different ways of control
★ Has strong Xyz and Link Monsters to opt into in the Extra Deck
Adventurer Phantom KnightsAdventurer Phantom Knights ★ Adventurer Engine provides more materials to use at the tail end of the PK combo
★ More disruptions provide further protection to Phantom Knights before they can go on the offensive
★ Adventurer Token can definitely be used to Link Summon a different monster
Adventurer P.U.N.K.Adventurer P.U.N.K. ★ P.U.N.K. Engine has amazing combo lines that can go into a full field of boss monsters if uninterrupted
★ Adventurer Engine provides omni-negate and a bounce back to hand
★ Much stronger if it manages to go first in the Duel
SushipSuship ★ One key monster in the Main Deck is a Normal Monster, and gives benefits when used as Xyz Material
★ Powerful Xyz Monsters from Suship provide both offensive and support effects
★ Dedicated Spells & Traps provide support and card advantage
BeetrooperBeetrooper ★ Beetroopers swarm the field with Insect-type monsters to be used for the Extra Deck by Special Summon one another
★ Has powerful dedicated Fusion and Link monsters for the archetype
★ Other Beetrooper monsters will enjoy more benefits once key monsters are out on the field
Tri-Brigade Gladiator BeastTri-Brigade Gladiator Beast ★ Tri-Brigade can make use of Gladiator Beasts due to monster typing synergy as Beast-Warriors
★ Gladiator Beasts can Contact Fusion, with no need for Polymerization
★ Generic Beast-Warrior support works well for this Deck
Branded Tri-BrigadeBranded Tri-Brigade ★ Branded and Tri-Brigade's synergy relies on its Attributes and various Fusion requirements
★ Mercourier serves as linking monster between the two archetypes
★ Both archetypes also like having cards be sent to the GY to trigger more effects
Zombie VampireZombie Vampire ★ Vampire uses LP to their advantage as cost for some of their effects
★ Generic Zombie engines enable Vampires even more, especially in GY utility
★ Extra Deck options are expanded after bringing Zombie support to Vampires
VaylantzVaylantz ★ Vaylantz activates effects when Pendulum Monsters move between Card Zones.
★ An all-or-nothing Deck that relies on its combo to bring out the Boss Monster
★ Can also move opponent's cards, usually from Monster Zone to Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell/Trap
Therion ABCTherion ABC ★ ABC Monsters utilize Union monsters the best out of everyone, and doesn't need Fusion Spells
★ Supported by the Therion Engine which provides an additional negate for protection
★ Consistensy was hurt after Union Carrier was marked Forbidden
LibromancerLibromancer ★ Libromancers are more aggressive than typical Ritual-based Decks, wanting to summon one after another
★ Ritual Monsters gain more effects if they use monsters on the field as tribute material
★ Can easliy pivot into Xyz and Link Monster options when needed
Buster BladerBuster Blader ★ Fusion-based Deck that is extremely strong against Dragon-type Decks, and can be the strongest hard counter
★ Can turn all monsters on the field into Dragon-type with the help of Buster Dragon
★ Once set up, is both an aggro and a control Deck because of the floodgate-like effect
EndymionEndymion ★ The best users of Spell Counters currently in Master Duel, accumulating in every use of Spell Cards or Pendulum Monsters
★ Spell Counters can be used as cost for very powerful effects from disruption to Special Summons
★ Extra Deck options are extremely powerful and varied, allowing situational cases
Ishizu ChaosIshizu Chaos ★ LIGHT and DARK monsters like being in the GY, which is what Ishizu engine enables
★ Chaos makes use of good archetypes like Lightsworn and Danger!
★ Somewhat hit after Agido and Kelbek were marked as Forbidden
Crystal BeastsCrystal Beasts ★ Crystal Beasts become Continuous Spells/Traps when destroyed, making this its central playstyle
★ Has a powerful Trap Card that can search out any Field Spell, making those cards splashable
★ Aims to summon variations of Rainbow Dragon, which has immediate impact when summoned
MayakashiMayakashi ★ Mayakashi plays a lot like the Shiranui archetype with Synchro Summons
★ Also has access to powerful Link Monsters
★ Because of their Zombie typing, Mayakashi likes using the GY to their advantage
VernusylphVernusylph ★ Vernuslyph specializes in discarding cards to activate effects and gain advantage
★ EARTH monsters that like being sent to the GY can be used here effectively.
★ Can work as a Deck Engine for certain archetypes, especially with powerful synergy for archetypes in GY.
GeneraiderGeneraider ★ Level 9 monsters inspired from final bosses in RPGs
★ Specializes in Special Summoning Tokens during the opponent's turn
★ Swallow your opponent's monsters through Jormungandr
Danger! Dark WorldDanger! Dark World ★ Deck focused on filling up the Graveyard and discards to activate effects
★ Generates massive card advantage despite losing cards on hand
★ Flexible Extra Deck that can answer to most situations
NinjaNinja ★ Deck centered around hit-and-run Flip Monsters
★ Focused on Special Summoning from the Deck to Field
★ Force the opponent's monsters into Defense Position indefinitely
Prediction PrincessPrediction Princess ★ Ritual-based Deck centered around Flip monsters
★ Makes use of old Flip monsters with ludicrous effects
★ Locks enemies out from Special Summoning and Spells/Traps
Hungry Burger NouvellesHungry Burger Nouvelles ★ Ritual-based Deck that Tributes the opponent's monsters
★ Has the feature to "Ritual Climb" with their monsters
★ Brings out Hungry Burger to eat!
EarthboundEarthbound ★ An archetype that has an embedded use of both Fusion and Synchro Monsters
★ Has cards and effects that enables it to summon Fusion and Synchro Monsters in one fell swoop
★ Can make use of various Synchro Deck Engines like Resonators and Synchrons
Armored Xyz SharkArmored Xyz Shark ★ Fish-type WATER monsters that can be Special Summoned easily for materials for Xyz Summons
★ Can Rank Up into stronger Xyz Monsters, which have very powerful offensive effects
★ Combos can end with 2 Xyz monsters on the field at least, and up to 4 in a single turn
UnchainedUnchained ★ Unchained specializes in triggering effects that destroy cards, including their own
★ Some of the boss monsters use the opponent's own monsters as materials for a Link Summon
★ The archetype is great against Quick Effects, targeted effects and non-destruction card removal
ChimeraChimera ★ Fusion-centric archetype that introduces the Illusion-type monsters, which supports Beasts and Fiends
★ Most of the boss monsters can attack but not destroy monsters, and can trigger effects when successful
★ Can be pretty strong with proper use, but lacks power compared to current top Decks in the meta

Tier 3 Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
Blue EyesBlue Eyes ★ Blue-Eyes has garnered lot of archtype support, allowing to get the titular monster on the field ASAP
★ Fusion Monsters have variety, from Contact Fusions to monsters that attack multiple times
★ Generic Dragon-type support greatly boosts Blue-Eyes' consistency
D/D/D AggroD/D/D Aggro ★ D/D/D uses every singe Extra Deck summoning methoid in the game
★ Combos can spiral out of control, and players have access to resouce management as well
★ Can be flexible with Extra Deck if materials required are generic
Ancient GearAncient Gear ★ Ancient Gear monsters make sure Spells and Traps cannot be activated whenever they attack
★ Ancient Gear Fusion Monsters have incredible stats or offensive support like pierce
★ Machine-type support has some work with Ancient Gear and their resource management
WitchcrafterWitchcrafter ★ Technically does not need an Extra Deck, but welcomes the option
★ Punishes the opponent from using Spell Cards with negates and disruptions
★ Usually needs to discard a Spell Card when activating effects as cost
The Winged Dragon of RaThe Winged Dragon of Ra ★The Winged Dragon of Ra received the most support out of Egyptian Gods
★Cycles around its three forms: Sphere Mode, Classic, and Divine Phoenix
★ Various forms of disruptions and field-clearing between the three versions
Paleo FrogPaleo Frog ★ Paleozoic Decks rely mostly on Normal Trap Cards that can double as Monsters after activation
★ Surprising amount of Level 2/Rank 2 Xyz support, especially involving "Frog"monsters
★ Multiple disruptions slow down the pace of the game to your player's advantage
ABCABC ★ The best Union Monster-using Deck by a long stretch, and can Fusion Summon without Polymerization
★ Turns key monsters into Equip Spells to save them for future Fusion Summons
★ Consistency has been hurt a bit with Union Carrier being marked Forbidden
TellarknightTellarknight ★ Tellar monsters can swarm the field to generate presence and card advantage
★ Most Tellar monsters are Level 4, allowing access to Rank 4 Xyz Monsters easier.
★ Can Rank UP into higher-Ranked Xyz Monsters if certain requirements are fulfilled
Trickstar WindwitchTrickstar Windwitch ★ Trickstar is known for chipping away at opponent's LP with increments of burn damage
★ Supported by Windwitch for Extra Deck options, and more burn damage
★ Has a lot of interruptions to protect your monsters and effects to push through
Ultra AthletesUltra Athletes ★ Ultra Athlete monsters constantly swap between hand and field, much like a sports team with substitutes
★ Effects trigger on summon, providing control onto the field
★ The Extra Deck is more of an optional win condition but provides extra ways to win
Adventurer Rose Dragon TenyiAdventurer Rose Dragon Tenyi ★ Rose Dragons is a pretty good Synchro Summon-centric archetype to mesh with others
★ Boss monsters in the archetype usually have effects that clear the field effectively
★ Adventurer Engine provides additional protection and materials for Synchro Summons
Galaxy-Eyes OTKGalaxy-Eyes OTK ★ Galaxy-Eyes can easily get Level 8 monsters out on the field, especially for titular Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
★ Rank 8 Xyz Monsters are some of the most popular Xyz Monsters, and this Deck takes advantage
★ When set up right, Galaxy-Eyes can commit to an OTK with little resistance
Gaia OTKGaia OTK ★ Gaia the Fierce Knight has a plethora of Fusion Monsters with effects that can make them have higher ATK than usual
★ Has a surprising amount of control with some negates and field control
★ When set up properly with a certain boss Fusion Monster, can hit for a decisive OTK
RaidraptorsRaidraptors ★ One of the few Xyz-based Decks that can Rank Climb into even stronger monsters
★ Can flood the board with Winged Beast monsters fast
★ A number of Extra Deck monsters can win the game, from stat boosts to preventing effect activations
Skull Servant ZombieSkull Servant Zombie ★ Goal is to get as many Skull Servant Monsters into the GY to make King of the Skull Servants stronger
★ Can use various Zombie supports to send cards to GY, or Special Summon them from there
★ Boss monsters available in both Main Deck and Extra Deck
KaijuKaiju ★ Kaijus are notorious for tribuitng the opponent's monsters to Special Summon themselves on their side
★ Most of the Kaijus have very beefy stats, and can be Special Summoned if there is a Kaiju on the opponent's field
★ Supported by the Diabellstar Deck Engine for draw power and field presence
BattlinBattlin' Boxer ★ Battlin' Boxer focues on getting Xyz Monsters out on the field that are strong during the Battle Phase
★ Has wide variety of options due to Rank 4 Xyz Monster flexibility
★ Very simple Deck to build and learn, great for players who want to practice Xyz Climbing or Ranking Up Xyz Monsters

Rogue Tier Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
[:img:3521015:{alt:Rogue, size:65x65}Rogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
Crooked Cook ExodiaCrooked Cook Exodia ★ Deck aims to bottleneck from the opponent from any act with Crooked Cook being extremely hard to remove
★ Allows the player to slowly draw and get the multiple pieces of Exodia
★ Extremely reliant in getting Crooked Cook on the field unscathed and uninterrupted
Toon KingdomToon Kingdom ★ Toon monsters have a plethora of special effects that differ from regular monsters
★ Deck is reliant on having some form of "Toon World" on the field
★ Is surprisingly strong, and sometimes does not need to use the Extra Deck
Red-EyesRed-Eyes ★ Has multiple ways to build depending the Deck's playstyle, from burn to Aggro
★ Red-Eyes has a number of Extra Deck variants, from Fusion to Xyz
★ Warriors, archfiends and even Dark Magician has synergy with the Deck
GadgetsGadgets ★ Gadgets can search for fellow cards of the archetype on summon
★ They can end up swarming the field easily with mutliple Machine-tye Gadget monsters
★ Playstyle can vary, depending on cards teched in; Cyber Dragons or God Cards, for example
YosenjuYosenju ★ Specializes in Normal Summoning Yosenju monsters one after another
★ Each Normal Summon after the first triggers crucial effects that control the field
★ Has options for the Extra Deck, being a Pendulum archetype, but isn't exclusively tied
MegalithMegalith ★ Megaliths technically do not need Ritual Spell Cards, but rather the Ritual Monsters have them built in
★ Can slowly climb to higher-leveled Megalith Ritual monsters
★ The Main Deck can use more Ritual Monsters than regular Normal or Effect Monsters
MelffyMelffy ★ Has a lot of disruptive cards; the more materials the Xyz Monsters have, the more disruptive
★ A wide variety of Trap Cards and disruption effects makes this Deck hard to build a combo against
★ Has some options with Beast-type support
D.D. Dynamite FTKD.D. Dynamite FTK ★ D.D. Dynamite deals burn damage for each banished cardin the GY
★ If this Deck went first, there was little to no chance to stop this combo from triggering
★ Consistency has been hurt with certain cards being hit in the banlist over the months
RelinquishedRelinquished ★ Relinquished and its various retrains absorb opponent's monsters to make them their own stats
★ Has low requirements when it comes to summoning Relinquished monsters
Black Luster SoldierBlack Luster Soldier ★ Black Luster Soldier has recieved lots of dedicated support, as well as Ritual-based support
★ Chaos monsters seems to have innate synergy with LIGHT/DARK mosnters
★ Link Monsters are also available for Black Luster Soldier as a quick pivot
GravekeepersGravekeepers ★ Anti-meta Deck that locks down the opponent's GY, preventing cards from leaving there
★Necrovalley is one of the oldest yet strongest Field Spells
★ Gravekeeper monsters can bypass Necrovalley's GY restriction
Cyber DragonCyber Dragon ★ Optional Fusion Monsters with powerful attack effects, and a very powerful Xyz monster that can omni-negate
★ If the opponent uses Machine-type mosnters, a Cyber Dragon can use all of them as Fusion Material
★ Has a powerful, all-or-nothing Fusion Spell in Power Bond
Domain MonarchDomain Monarch ★ Monarchs focuses on Tribute Summoning, then triggering effects on Summon to exert control on the field
★ Needs constant monsters on the field to be used as tribute fodder
★ Extra Deck is optional for this Deck, but can be used as resource cost
FluffalFluffal ★ Fluffals are one of few archetypes that can actually search out Polymerization
★ Has very powerful Fusion Monsters with various effects to make them stronger
★ Also have dedicated Fusion Spells just in case Polymerization is not available
AgentAgent ★ Agent Decks have a certain monster that can Special Summon monsters multiple times a turn
★ This enables quite a lot of Link and Synchro Summons due to available materials
★ Can be easily punished with cards that deal with multiple Special Summons
Cupid Pitch TurboCupid Pitch Turbo ★ A turbo Deck that focuses on a massive combo to make an unbreakable field
★ Entire playstyle centered around two Link Monsters and a Synchro Tuner monster
★ Crystron Halqifibrax has been banned since, hurting the consistency of the Deck
Evil EyeEvil Eye ★ Evil Eye's playstyle is centered around a certain Equip Spell Card
★ Once equipped, effects become Quick Effects and gain stat boosts
★ Some other cards also have effects that allow them to take the name of that certain Equip Spell
VampireVampire ★ Vampires focues on spending and gaining Life Points as part of its mechanics
★ Some effects of Vampire monsters allow taking control of the opponent's own monsters
★ Has lots of options in the Extra Deck, and can also tech in Zombie support
Pure D/D/DPure D/D/D ★ One of the very few archetypes that can make use of every single Extra Deck Summon Method
★ A full combo can result into multiple D/D/D Boss Monsters on the field with various effects
★ Combos can be hard to learn, and is reliant in the GY
Numeron Egyptian GodsNumeron Egyptian Gods ★ OTK attempts from Numeron Monsters are still a valid strategy to this day
★ This version allowes players to pivot into summoning Egyptian God Cards as a back-up plan
★ A usual Numeron combo can Special Summon 4 monsters in one go; more than enough to use as material for Egyptian Gods
Adventurer WitchcrafterAdventurer Witchcrafter ★ Witchcrafter still retains is control playstyle, and needs Spell Cards to discard as cost
★ Adventurer actually loves having some of their cards sent to the GY as synergy with Witchcrafter
★ Interruptions and negates are aplenty with this Deck
Dark Magician GravekeeperDark Magician Gravekeeper ★ Dark Magician turns into a Control Deck with support from Gravekeepers
★ Locks down the GY, while slowly destroying/banishing cards on the field via Dark Magician Spell cards
★ Most Gravekeepers are Spellcasters, which can be used as Fusion Material for certain monsters
Flower Cardian ExodiaFlower Cardian Exodia ★ The closes thing to playing hanafuda while playing Yu-Gi-Oh!
★ Special Summons numerous Synchro Summons to gain advantage, especially with proper combos
★ Some Special Summons provide draws, which is what is needd to get Exodia pieces
HarpieHarpie ★ Strength lies in swarming the field with other versions and retrains of Harpie Lady
★ Can conduct a Synchro Summon into Cyber Slash Harpie Lady without needing a Tuner monster
★ Has a lot of options for Rank 4 and even Rank 7 Xyz Monsters
CubicCubic ★ Cuibic Deck relies on dealing effect damage repeatdly to the opponen as win condition
★ One Cubic Monster can essentially deal half the opponent's Life Points
★ Way too reliant on having the correct card as soon as possible before the opponent can retaliate
NekrozNekroz ★ Nekroz is one of the best Ritual Summon-centric archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! history
★ Suppresses the opponent from summoning monsters from the Extra Deck
★ Efficient in resource control, and has highly flexible Ritual Spell Cards to summon
Slifer Arcana KnightsSlifer Arcana Knights ★ Arcana Knights can swarm the field; a proper combo can let the player have three monsters on the field easily
★ This benefits Slifer the Sky Dragon, which gets stronger for every card on hand
★ There is dedicated support for the Egyptian God Card, which ties the two archetypes together cohesively.
Treasure Panda ExodiaTreasure Panda Exodia ★ "Treasure Panda" banishes Spell Cards in your GY to Special Summon a Normal Monster
★ Four out of the 5 pieces of Exodia are Normal Monsters
★ All-or-nothing playstyle that can win the Duel if the opponent does not have a proper response
AltergeistAltergeist ★ Link Summon-centric Deck has a lot of Trap Card support
★ If this Deck can set up, it can be annoying to go up against its playstyle due to various effects
★ Doesn't have the most impressive card stats, but makes it up for it with powerful control and card effects
Subterror KrawlerSubterror Krawler ★ Archetypes heavy with Flip Effects provide powerful control into a defensive playstyle
★ Extra Deck is highly optional, as most of the Deck's strength lies in Main Deck
★ Subterror has a dedicated hand trap that can negate effects, and will look to recycle it a lot
Defense OTKDefense OTK ★ A purely defensive Deck that punishes the opponent when attacking face-down Defense Position monsters
★ Most set-ups include lowering your opponent's monsters' ATK and increasing your own's DEF
★ Highly weak against Decks that have multiple field wipes and negates
EvilswarmEvilswarm ★ Insect-type Deck focusing on Xyz Summons with powerful effects
★ Most of their effects focus on targeting Special Summoned monstesr the opponent controls.
★ Not much in dedicated archetype support, but can make use of generic but powerful Xyz Monsters.
Ancient WarriorsAncient Warriors ★ Ancient Warriors can Special Summon themselves one after another depending on game state
★ Extra Deck can be added, but is more often support than a win condition
★ Beast-Warrior support is vast, and this Deck can take advantage of it
SpringansSpringans ★ Mixed Springan Deck variant hosting Therion and Mathmech
★ Attach Springan monsters to their boss monsters
★ Board wipe through Exblowrer's cannon
Anti-Meta StunAnti-Meta Stun ★ Deck designed to counter most of the the meta decks
★ Wipes the board to set-up multiple interruptions
★ Prevents the opponent from starting their game plan
Gandora Danger!Gandora Danger! ★ Features one of Yugi Mutou's later signature monsters, Gandora
★ Centered around stacking your Graveyard and Banish zones
★ Excels in OTKing the opponent through board wipes
JinzoJinzo ★ Uses Joey Wheeler's Boss Monster, Jinzo
★ Uses the Phantom Knights Engine
★ Negates the activation and effects of all Trap Cards
Obelisk the TormentorObelisk the Tormentor ★ A take on one of the God Cards, Obelisk the Tormentor
★ Uses Dogmatika monsters to fill the opponent's Graveyard
★ Tribute 3 opponent monsters for Obelisk's Summon
Egyptian God DeckEgyptian God Deck ★ Egyptian God Cards each have their own powerful effects
★ Quick-Play Spell can tribute opponent's monsters to summon
★ Has their own version of a "Kaiju" monster to get rid of boss monsters
Gate GuardianGate Guardian ★ Playstyle focuses on getting the three pieces of Gate Guardian ASAP
★ Main boss monster can negate cards or effects thrice per turn
★ Can turn the three pieces into Continuous Spells/Traps to help getting all three at the same time
NemleriaNemleria ★ Extra Deck is more of a resource, but can be used depending on circumstances
★ Has minimal use of Kashtira Engine to banish cards for Nemleria's advantage
★ Deck slowly gets stronger with each banished card from both players
AromageAromage ★ Control Deck that gets stronger if the user has more Life Points than the opponent's
★Effects range from card destruction to effect negation, all while gaining more and more LP
★ Some of its advantages depend on the Continuous Spells/Traps
Pure GhostrickPure Ghostrick ★ Zombie Deck that focuses on Setting monsters and constantly flipping them down afterwards
★ Slows down the pace of the Duel with the constant Setting and flipping down of cards
★ Has an alternate win condition that needs a certain Xyz Monster to have a lot of attached materials
KuribohKuriboh ★ Consists of the iconic Level 1 Fiend monster and its various retrains
★ Can swam the field easily, and gets stronger effects if there are more Kuribohs on the field and in the GY
★ A lot of the Kuribohs have protection effects, like battle damage negation, LP increase, etc.
MaleficMalefic ★ Uses "Malefic" counterparts of certain Extra Deck Monsters to have monsters with high ATK on the field easily
★ Can also do Synchro Summons, mostly featuring a Tuner on the field and a monster on hand as material
★ Extremely reliant on a Field Spell being active; "Malefic" monsters on the field are automatically destroyed if no Field Spell is active.
Transaction Rollback BurnTransaction Rollback Burn ★ Uses the power of Transaction Rollback to make use of Trap Effects and combos that deal effect damage
★ Multiple cards are used to mill cards from the Deck to the GY to be able to set up the combo
★ Susceptible against Decks that completely counter Trap Cards and/or using the GY as a resource pool

Ojama Tier Deck List Explanations

Tier List Explanation Shortcuts
God Tier IconGod Tier
1 IconTier 1 2 IconTier 2 3 IconTier 3
RogueRogue Tier Ojama TierOjama Tier
Deck and Brief Explanation
Dinosaur Bishbaalkin FTKDinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK ★ A crazy combo Deck that aims to burn the opponent with massive effect damage to OTK
★ Can be quite hard to stop once the combo starts to begin
★Fell off quickly due to Bishbaalkin officially being marked Forbidden
Ishizu RunickIshizu Runick ★ Ishizu Engine utilizes the Graveyard by milling and shuffling cards to and from the Deck
★ Protects "Runick" cards from targeted GY effects thanks to shufflers
★ Took massive hit after Agido and Kelbek were marked Forbidden
SuicideSuicide ★ A Deck built to make the player lose the Duel on purpose, as fast as possible
★ Plays around burning itself with cards that have LP cost
★ Mostly played during events to grind out the rewards ladder
Ojama ControlOjama Control ★ Ojama support can quickly get the three Normal Monsters onto their hand
★ Fusion Monsters block opponent's Main Monster Zones when Fusion Summoned
★ Has access to a Link "Ojama" boss monster, but needs a Field Spell to have ATK

Deck Tier List Criteria

Ranking Criteria
Consistency This is the Deck's ability to consistently commit with its gameplan in a Duel, regardless of circumstance. This also includes your starting hand, and the plays that can be made with it.
Skill Cap This determines a Deck being easy to learn and master for all Duelists to be used at full capacity. The higher the skill cap, the harder the combos that can be learned with the Deck opening more options.
B01 Advantage As of the moment, Master Duel is currently following a Best-of-1 format, meaning there are no Side Decks to consider. This checks the Deck's winrate when the Deck can win on its own, without having to swap out cards.
Meta Advantages This criteria checks how well the Deck fares against the current meta, and what they have that can counter staple cards seen in multiple Decks. This rating will most likely change during updates on the Forbidden/Limited Card list.

Poll: Upcoming Updates

The April 11 2024 Update brings about a lot of new cards with three Secret Packs with confirmed new cards being added, as well as a Selection Pack debuting a brand-new Monster type. We would like to know which ones of the newest updates are you most excited for!

Illusion-type Monsters 4
New Purrely Cards 1
New Mikanko Cards 6
New Rescue-ACE Cards 1
New Altergeist Cards 0
New Evolzar Cards 2

April 11 2024 Maintenance Patch Notes

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Beetrooper Icejade Ra Therion ABC
Libromancer Mathmech Spright Evil☆Twin
Spright Tri-Brigade Ishizu Chaos Slifer Arcana Knights
Gaia OTK Vernusylph Ancient Warriors
Ghoti Springans 8-Axis Gizmek Orochi
Danger! Dark World Mikanko Scareclaw Kashtira
Zombie World P.U.N.K. Hungry Burger Nouvelles Obelisk the Tormentor
Mannadium Gate Guardian Gold Pride P.U.N.K.
Superheavy Samurai Nemleria Dragon Rulers
Snake-Eye T.G. Diabellstar Skull Servant
Kaiju Resonators Earthbound
Malefic Kozmo Armored Xyz Shark
Unchained Battlin' Boxer Chimera Illusion

Control Decks

List of All Control Decks
Invoked Shaddoll Eldlich Control Drytron Fairy
True Draco Dark Magician Traptrix
Phantom Knights Madolche Relinquished
P.U.N.K. DPE Scythe Evil★Twin
Paleozoic Frog Salamangreat Gravekeepers
Monarch Tellarknight Agent
Exosisters Darklord Plunder Patrol
Rikka Floowandereeze Adventurer Phantom Knights
Dinomoprhia Tri-Brigade Gladiator Beast Adventurer Witchcrafter
Dark Magician Gravekeeper Branded Tri-Brigade Branded Despia
Zombie Vampire Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon Spellbook
Branded Cyber Dragon Branded Zombies Pure Scareclaw
Dinomorphia Runick Labrynth
Harpies Buster Blader Umi Control
Endymion Nekroz Spright
Spright Runick Ishizu Runick Branded Ishizu
Crystal Beasts Orcust Altergeist
Witchcrafter Subterror Krawler Mayakashi
Ishizu Tearlaments Evilswarm Melffy Spright
Bystial Branded Dogmatika Bystial Naturia Runick
Generaiders Kashtira Purrely
Ninja Rescue-ACE Gishki Spright
Prediction Princess Vanquish Soul Jinzo
Egyptian God Ojama Control Aromage
Ghostrick Kuriboh Anti-Meta Stun
Runick Spright Fur Hire

Burn Decks

List of All Burn Decks
Red-Eyes Burn Timelord Burn Chain Burn
D.D. Dynamite Igknight OTK Cubic
Dinosaur Bishbaalkin FTK Volcanic Snake-Eyes Transaction Rollback Burn

Alt-Win Decks

List of All Alternate Win Decks
Crooked Cook Exodia Flower Cardian Exodia Treasure Panda Exodia
Suicide Defense OTK

All Budget Decks

List of All Budget Deck Guides
Budget Shark Xyz Budget Eldlich Budget Hippo Turbo
Budget Despia Budget F.A. Metalfoes Budget Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Budget Chain Burn Budget Majespecter Budget Yosenju
Budget Flower Cardian Budget True Draco Budget Amorphage
Budget Ishizu Tearlaments

Best Cards for Decks

Lists of Best Cards for Deck Building
Best Staple Cards Best Searchers Best Hand Traps
Best Board Wipes Best Negates Best Fusion Monsters
Best Synchro Monsters Best Xyz Monsters Best Link Monsters
Best Structure Decks Best Decks to Go 1st or 2nd


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Six Samurai please

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Mayakashi deck ?


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