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The Resident Evil 4 Remake is the latest installment in the RE franchise where you can relive the original 2005 game's story centered on Leon Kennedy's search for the president's missing daughter Ashley. Full guides on story walkthroughs, new side quests, items, and weapons, as well as tips and tricks can be found here!

▼ Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4) Wiki Contents
Separate Ways Mercenaries Walkthrough
Requests Puzzles Tips and Tricks
Weapons Collectibles Interactive Map
Keys and Locks Items Secrets
Bosses Enemies Characters
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Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC

RE4 Remake - Separate Ways Partial Banner.png

Separate Ways DLC Guide Hub

Separate Ways DLC Content

▼Separate Ways DLC Contents
Walkthrough Puzzles
Tips and Tricks Weapons
Collectibles Bosses

Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Mode

RE4 Remake Mercenaries Mode

Mercenaries Mode DLC Guide

All Mercenaries Mode Guides

Mercenaries Characters S++ Rank Walkthrough
Mercenaries Stages Mercenaries Weapons

As of April 7 and title update Ver 1.04, Mercenaries Mode is now available in all regions as free post-launch DLC!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Walkthrough

RE4 Remake Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough: All Chapters

Village Chapters

All Village Chapters
Chainsaw Demo Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Chapter 6 -

Castle Chapters

All Castle Chapters
Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Chapter 10
Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Island Chapters

All Island Chapters
Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Chapter 16

Resident Evil 4 Remake Requests

RE4R - Requests

List of Requests

List of Requests
Grave Robber Pest Control
Destroy the Blue Medallions Destroy the Blue Medallions 2
Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 Destroy the Blue Medallions 4
Destroy the Blue Medallions 5 Destroy the Blue Medallions 6
A Savage Mutt Egg Hunt
Viper Hunter Catch Me a Big Fish
Insect Hive More Pest Control
Merciless Knight Jewel Thief
Disgrace of the Salazar Family Even More Pest Control
The Wandering Dead -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Puzzles

Puzzles and Solutions Partial.png
List of All Puzzle Solutions

All Puzzles

The Village Puzzles
Hexagonal Emblem Puzzle Combination Lock Code Crystal Marble Puzzle
Cave Shrine Puzzles Hexagon Piece Locations Church Stained Glass Puzzle
The Castle Puzzles
Four Swords Puzzle Animal Gong Puzzles Lithographic Castle Tile Puzzle
Crimson Lantern Puzzle Courtyard Maze Puzzle Headless Statue Puzzle
Serpent Head Location Lion Head Location Goat Head Location
Grandfather Clock Puzzle Mausoleum Lamp Puzzle -
The Island Puzzles
Power Puzzle Solutions - -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips and Tricks

RE4 Remake Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide

All Tips and Tricks Guides

All Unlockables All Post Game Content
100% Completion Roadmap New Game Plus Guide
How to Get Infinite Ammo All Bonus Weapons
Professional Mode All Exclusive Upgrades
Extra Content Shop Locked Drawer
Expanded Treasure Map How to Claim Bonus Content
Mad Chainsaw Mode (Demo) -
Speedrun Guides
How to Get S+ Rank Professional S+ Guide
Best Save Points on Professional How to Skip First Village Fight
How to Skip Gallery Bridge How to Skip Wrecking Ball Wall
How to Skip the Dynamite How to Skip the Sun and Moon Switches
How to Raise Cannon Eariler How to Speed Through Ashley Library Section
How to Skip the Farm: Get Wooden Cog Fast Speedrun Guide
How to Skip Automatic Turret Lasers How to Skip AA Turret
Mercenaries Guides
Mercenaries Rewards Mercenaries Characters Tier List
Best Character for Each Stage How to Use Mayhem Mode
How to Increase Time Limit How to Increase Bonus Rate
Does Mercenaries Have Aim Assist? Best Mercenaries Abilities
Weapon Guides
Best Weapons Best Equipment for Professional Mode
Best Loadout Strongest Guns
Best Exclusive Weapon Upgrades Best Weapons to Upgrade
How to Upgrade Weapons Best Handgun and Pistol
Best Shotgun Best SMG
Best Rifle Best Magnum
Best Knife Knife Durability
How to Repair Knives Best Weapons to Get First
Trophy and Challenge Guides
Achievements List and Trophy Guide List of Challenges
Astute Appraiser Frugalist
Silent Stranger Sprinter
Minimalist Eat This!
Real Deadeye Smooth Escape
Hope You Like Thrill Rides! Too Cool For Such Tricks
Capacity Compliance CP Farming Guide
Settings Guides
Aiming Guide Best Settings for Consoles
Best Settings for PC Best Controls for Console
Best Quality-of-Life Settings Frame Rate or Resolution Priority
How to Turn On Subtitles How to Change Language Settings
Where to Adjust Brightness Settings -
Combat Guides
How to Save Ammo How to Dodge and Avoid Attacks
How to Parry Attacks How to Stealth Kill Enemies
How Do Critical Hits Work What to Do When You Have No Ammo
How to Do a Suplex How to Swap Guns
What Does the Plus 1 Mean? How to Get Assault Rifle Ammo
How to Repair Body Armor Knife Only Tips and Strategies
Money and Merchant Guides
All Merchant Locations Money Farming Guide
What to Buy First What to Sell First
How to Farm Spinels What to Trade Spinels For
Limited Time Sale Guide How to Get Gemstones
Trading Guide How to Get Exclusive Upgrade Tickets
Charms Guides
Best Charms to Equip Can You Reroll the Charm Gacha?
Shooting Range Guide -
Inventory Guides
How to Manage Inventory How to Rotate Items
How to Increase Attache Case Storage What to Do With Excess Items
Crafting Guide All Crafting Recipe Locations
Why Can’t I Store Items? -
Survival Guides
How to Increase Health How to Disarm Traps
How to Disarm Tripwires How to Quick Turn
How to Climb Walls and Ledges All Yellow Herb Locations
Difficulty Differences Missables and Points of No Return
List of Exploits All Bugs
How to Save How to Change Costumes
Can You Turn on the Flashlight? Can You Throw Back the Dynamite?
Can You Kill the Merchant? Should You Register a Capcom ID?
Is There Transmog? How to Get Infinite Knife Durability
Can You Kill Saddler Without the Rocket Launcher? How to Change FOV
Story Guides
Ending Explained Post-Credits Scene Explained
How to Get the Wrench How to Get Past the Village
How to Get Back to the Church How to Get to Ashley in the Castle
Should You Save or Kill the Trapped Dog? What Happened to the Dog?
How to Get to the Forest Altar Where's Everyone Going? Bingo? Meaning
Should You Climb the Bell Tower? How to Use the Boat
How to Use the Cannon Minecart Guide
Clocktower Lift Guide -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

RE4 Remake Weapons
List of All Weapons

All Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Special Weapons Handguns Shotguns
Submachine Guns Sniper Rifles Assault Rifles
Magnums Knives Attachments and Parts

Resident Evil 4 Remake Collectibles

RE4 Remake Partial Banner - All Collectible Locations.png

List of All Collectible Locations

All Collectible Types

All Collectibles
Blue Medallions Clockwork Castellans
Charms Cases
Costumes Files
Collectibles by Area
All Village Treasures Village Expanded Map Treasures
All Castle Treasures Castle Expanded Map Treasures
All Island Treasures Island Expanded Map Treasures

Resident Evil 4 Remake Interactive Map

RE4 Remake Interactive Map

Interactive Map

The Resident Evil 4 Remake has 3 major areas (the Village, the Castle, and the Island) that each have at least 4 layers. Using the Interactive Map tool, you can locate collectibles such as Blue Medallions, Clockwork Castellans, and all treasures using the Interactive Map tool.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Keys and Locks

Keys and Locks Banner.png

All Key Locations

All Keys

Keys and Locks Guides
Small Key Locations How to Get Wayshrine Key
How to Open All Square Lock Boxes Hunter's Lodge Key
How to Get Cubic Device How to Get Insignia Key
How to Get Level 3 Keycard How to Get Dungeon Key
Where to Use Luis's Key Where to Use Water Scooter Key
All Decorated Keyhole Chest Locations -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Items

RE4R - All Items

List of All Items

All Item Types

Items in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Recovery Items Ammo Crafting Materials
Throwable Items Treasures Key Items

Resident Evil 4 Remake Secrets

Secrets Partial Banner.png
List of All Secrets

All Secrets and Easter Eggs

All Secrets and Easter Eggs
Chapter 1 Secrets Chapter 2 Secrets
Chapter 3 Secrets Chapter 4 Secrets
Chapter 5 Secrets Chapter 6 Secrets
Chapter 7 Secrets Chapter 8 Secrets
Chapter 9 Secrets Chapter 10 Secrets
Chapter 11 Secrets Chapter 12 Secrets
Chapter 13 Secrets Chapter 14 Secrets
Chapter 15 Secrets Chapter 16 Secrets
All Secret Weapons Chainsaw Demo Secrets

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses

RE4 Remake - All Bosses

List of All Bosses

All Bosses

Del Lago IconDel Lago El Gigante IconEl Gigante Chainsaw Sisters IconChainsaw Sisters
Bitores Mendez IconMendez Armored Gigante IconArmored El Gigante Verdugo IconVerdugo
Dos Gigantes IconDos Gigantes Jack Krauser IconKrauser Ramon Salazar Mutated IconSalazar
Jack Krauser Mutated IconKrauser (Transformed) Saddler IconSaddler -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Enemies

RE4 Remake - Enemies and Monsters

List of All Enemies and Monsters

All Enemies and Monsters

RE4 Remake - Villagers IconGanados (Villagers) RE4 Remake - Chainsaw Man IconChainsaw Man RE4 Remake - Zealot IconZealot
Brute IconBrute (Minotaur) Garrador IconGarrador Colmillos IconZombie Dogs (Colmillos)
Armadura IconArmadura Iron Maiden IconIron Maiden Dos Gigantes IconDos Gigantes
Novistador IconNovistador Parasite IconParasite Regenerator IconRegenerator
Soldier IconSoldiers - -

Unconfirmed Enemies

Hookman - -

Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters

RE4 Remake All Characters

List of All Characters

All Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters

All Characters
RE4 Remake - Leon S. Kennedy Character IconLeon S. Kennedy RE4 Remake - Ashley Graham Character IconAshley Graham RE4 Remake - Luis Serra Character IconLuis Serra
Resident Evil 4 Remake Ada WongAda Wong Resident Evil 4 Remake Osmund SaddlerOsmund Saddler Resident Evil 4 Remake Jack KrauserJack Krauser
Resident Evil 4 Remake Bitores MendezBitores Mendez Resident Evil 4 Remake Ramon SalazarRamon Salazar Resident Evil 4 Remake Ingrid HunniganIngrid Hunnigan
Resident Evil 4 Remake MerchantMerchant - -

Unconfirmed Characters

Albert Wesker Jill Valentine HUNK

Resident Evil 4 Remake News

RE4 Remake News and Game Info

Latest News and Game Info

Separate Ways Paid DLC Launches September 21!

RE4 Remake Separate Ways

Separate Ways has been confirmed to release as a paid DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake. It will launch on September 21, with a gameplay trailer arriving on September 18.

Separate Ways DLC Release Date

Free Mercenaries Update Releases September 21!

RE4 Remake Mercenaries Mode

Alongside Separate Ways, a free Mercenaries update will also arrive on September 21. This update will add Ada Wong and Albert Wesker as playable characters. Judging by the promotional image, the Docks will also be added as a playable stage.

Mercenaries Mode Guide

VR Mode Teaser Trailer Released!

The first teaser trailer of Resident Evil 4 Remake's VR Mode was released during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase! It depicts the initial Village fight sequence in Chapter 1 in the all-new first-person POV.

VR Support Release Date

Game Length is About 15-30 Hours

Playstyle Est. Play Time to Beat
Main Story 15-20 Hours
Main Story + Requests 25-30 Hours
100% Completion 30-35 Hours

The Remake takes more hours to beat than its original counterpart. Completing the main story alone will take around 15-20 hours, while doing a 100% completion run takes up to 30 hours.

Game Length: How Long to Beat

Latest News

Pre-Release News

About Resident Evil 4 Remake

Product Information

Resident Evil 4 Remake Info
Resident Evil 4 Remake Cover
Price $59.99 (Standard Edition)
$69.99 (Deluxe Edition)
$99.99 (Collector's Edition)
Platforms PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Genre Survival Horror
Publisher Capcom
Official Site

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