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Welcome to the Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE 3 Remake) guide and walkthrough wiki. Story walkthroughs, maps, in-depth Nemesis guides, and combination of weapon and ammunition can all be found here. If you are getting stuck in Resident Evil 3 Remake and need some tips to progress through, check with Game8!

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Story Walkthrough - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

List of Story Walkthrough pages
Chart 1.jpgOpening Chart 2.jpgDowntown
Chart 3.jpgSubstation ~ Subway Office Chart 4.jpgSewers ~ Subway
Chart 5.jpgPolice Station Chart 6.jpgSubway Tunnel ~ Clock Tower
Chart 7.jpgHospital Chart 8.jpgUnderground Storage
Chart 9.jpgNest 2 -

Story Walkthrough

Nemesis Battle

How to beat Nemesis

List of Nemesis
Nemesis 1st form.jpgNemesis 1st Form Nemesis 2nd form.jpgNemesis 2nd Form
Nemesis 3rd Form.jpgNemesis 3rd Form -

All Nemesis Battle Walkthroughs

Enemies Walkthrough - Resident Evil 3 Remake

List of Enemies
Zombie.pngHow to Beat Zombie Ne-Alpha Parasite.pngHow to Beat Ne-Alpha Parasite
Licker.pngHow to Beat Lickers Drain Deimos.pngHow to Beat Drain Deimos
β Hunter.pngHow to Beat β Hunters γ Hunter.pngHow to Beat γ Hunters
Pail Head.pngHow to Beat Pale Head (Naked Zombies) How to beat NemesisHow to Beat Nemesis

List of Enemies Walkthrough

Beginner Guides - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Beginner tips and guides

Before Playing

Controls and Techniques Character Models
Recommended Difficulty How Long Does It Take to Beat RE3
Reviews -

Controls and Techniques

Basic Controls How to Dodge
How to Aim Quick Turn
Tips for Critical Hits Tips for Headshots

Guides & Walkthroughs

How to Cure Parasite Status Safe Codes and Locker Combinations
Item Combination List How to Combine Items
Unlockable Content How to Farm Points Fast
List of Puzzles How to Unlock Minimalist

Other Tips & Guides

Pre-order Bonuses New Features
Mr. Charlie Doll Locations All Shop Weapons and Items
Differences Between Normal and Z Versions List of Trailers
How to Unlock Nightmare and Inferno Mode How Difficult are Nightmare and Inferno Mode?

Beginner Guides

100% Walkthrough - Resident Evil 3 Remake

100% Walkthrough.jpg

Mr. Charlie Dolls (Bobbleheads) Records
Files Trophies

100% Walkthrough

Resistance Mode - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resistance Mode

Resident Evil Resistance Guide

Survivors and Masterminds Resistance Beginner Guides Items
Weapons Map Skill Card List
Resistance Update Information - -

Resident Evil Resistance Top Page

Characters - Resident Evil 3 Remake


Characters on Resident Evil 3

Story Characters
Jill.pngJIll Valentine Carlos.pngCarlos Olivera Mikhail.pngMikhail Victor
Nikolai.pngNikolai Ginovaef brad.pngBrad Vickers Nemsis.pngNemisis

List of Characters

Weapons - Resident Evil 3 Remake

image (6).png

List of Guns
G19 HandgunG19 Handgun ShotgunM3 Shotgun
Assault RifleGQBR Assault Rifle Grenade Launcher.jpgGrenade Launcher
List of Infinite Ammo
Infinite MUP HandgunInfinite MUP Handgun Infinite CQBR Assault RifleInfinite CQBR Assault Rifle

List All of Weapons

Items - Resident Evil 3 Remake

List of Items

List of Items
Custom Parts Ammunitions
Recovery Items Key Items
Herb Combinations Gunpowder Combinations

List of Items

Challenge Running Guides - Resident Evil 3 Remake

Challenge Run Banner Wide

List of Challenge Running
Inferno Mode Nightmare Mode
Hardcore Mode Knife Only Run

Challenge Running Guide

Message Board - Resident Evil 3 Remake

List of Message Boards
Discussion Board
Questions Board

Message Boards

Resident Evil 3 Remake Product Details

Genre Survival Horror
Release Date April 3rd,2020
Developer CAPCOM
Platform PS4
Official Site RESIDENT EVIL 3

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