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Welcome to the Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) guide and walkthrough wiki. Story walkthroughs, characters, tips and tricks, item locations, and weapon and ammunition combinations can all be found here. If you are getting stuck in Resident Evil 8 and need some tips to progress through, check with Game8!

Resident Evil Village Popular Guides

Best Weapons List - Resident Evil Village.png
Best Weapons
Resident Evil 8 Characters Top Page .png
All Characters
Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) List of All Combinable Treasure.png
Combinable Treasures
List of All Sellable Items.png
Sellable Items
RE Village People.png
Cast and Voice Actors
The Mercenaries Mode.png

Resident Evil Village Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Partial banner.png

Story Walkthrough Top Page

Story Walkthroughs

Story Guides
Story and Plot Summary.png
Story and Plot Summary
Megamycete Summary
Beginner Guides Banner.jpg
Beginner's Guide
Story Walkthrough
Prologue Banner.jpg
Village Part 1 Banner.jpg
Village Part 1
Mines Banner.jpg
Castle Part 1 Banner.jpg
Castle Dimitrescu Part 1
Castle Part 2 Banner.jpg
Castle Dimitrescu Part 2
Castle Part 3 Banner.jpg
Castle Dimitrescu Part 3
Castle Part 4 Banner.jpg
Castle Dimitrescu Part 4
Village Part 2 Banner.jpg
Village Part 2
House Beneviento Banner.jpg
House Beneviento
Moreau's Reservoir
The Stronghold Banner.jpg
The Stronghold
Heisenberg's Factory
Finale Banner.jpg
The Village Finale
Post Game Guides
New Game Plus Postgame Guide

Demo Walkthroughs

Demo Guides
The Village Demo.png
Village Demo
Resident Evil Village Castle Demo.png
Castle Demo
RE Village Maiden.JPG
Maiden Demo


Weapons Partial Banner - Resident Evil Village (RE8).png

List of Weapons

Weapon Guides
Best Weapons List - Resident Evil Village.png
Best Weapons
Melee Weapons
Knife - Resident Evil Village.pngKnife
Karambit Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Karambit Knife
LZ Answerer Icon - Resident Evil Village.pngLZ Answerer
Handgun Weapons
LEMI - Resident Evil Village.png
V61 Custom Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
V61 Custom
M1911 Icon - Resident Evil Village.pngM1911
Resident Evil Village Samurai Edge Inventory Icon.png
Samurai Edge - AW Model-01
USM-AI Icon - Resident Evil Village.pngUSM-AI
Shotgun Weapons
M1897 Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
W870 TAC Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
W870 TAC
SYG-12 Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Sniper Rifle Weapons
F2 Rifle Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
F2 Rifle
Assault Rifle Weapons
Dragoon Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
WCX Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Grenade Launchers
GM 79 Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
GM 79
Magnum Weapons
M1851 Wolfsbane Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
M1851 Woflsbane
S.T.A.K.E. Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Unique Weapons
Handcannon PZ Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Handcannon PZ
Rocket Pistol Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Rocket Pistol
Target Locator Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
Target Locator

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png
Tips and Tricks
Lei Farming Guide Village of Shadows Walkthrough
List of Extra Content List of Challenges
How to Unlock Infinite Ammo Best Weapons List
New Game Plus Guide How to Obtain Ammo
How to Stack Items
Lists of Collectibles
List of All Files and Locations List of All Goats of Warding and Locations
List of All Combinable Treasure List of Wells and Rewards
All Breakable Windows in Castle Dimitrescu All Outhouse Locations in the Village
Puzzle Walkthroughs
How to Solve the Hall of the Four Puzzle How to Solve the Statue Puzzle
How to Solve the Piano Puzzle How to Solve the 5 Bells Puzzle
How to Solve the Doll Puzzle How to Solve the Music Box Puzzle
How to Solve the Film Puzzle How to Solve the Riverbank Treasure Puzzle
Labyrinth Puzzle Guide How to Solve the Sluice Gate Puzzle
All Combination Lock Codes
Treasure Guides
Beneviento's Treasure Waterwheel Weapon
Moreau's Hidden Weapon Luiza's Heirloom
Riverbank Treasure House Treasure Under the Stronghold
Cannibal's Plunder Maestro's Collection
Achievement Guides
Lucky Number 7 Knives Out
Countdown Anniversary Present
Don't Trust That Snake Oil Geologist
Timber Unstoppable
Speedrun (Dashing Dad)

Resident Evil Village The Mercenaries

Mercenaries Mode Partial banner.png

Back to Mercenaries Top Page

All Guides
List of Abilities and Effects How to Get SSS Rank

Stage Guides

All Stage Guides
The Village Area.png
The Village
The Castle Area.png
The Castle
The Factory Area.png
The Factory
The Mad Village Area.png
The Mad Village
The Village II Area.png
The Village II
The Castle II Area.png
The Castle II
The Factory II Stage.png
The Factory II
The Mad Village II Stage
The Mad Village II

Mercenaries Mode makes a return with Resident Evil Village! Take on hoards of monsters in fast, action-packed gameplay.

Check out our top page for more details on The Mercenaries mode and how to unlock it!

Resident Evil Village Characters

List of Characters

Character Profiles

Main Characters
Ethan Winters Icon.pngEthan Winters Mia Winters Icon.pngMia Winters Rosemary Winters Icon.pngRosemary Winters
Chris Redfield Icon.pngChris Redfield Wolf Squad Icon.pngHound Wolf Squad
Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 15.08.05.png
Mother Miranda
Lady Dimitrescu Icon.pngAlcina Dimitrescu
Heisenberg Icon (1).png
Salvatore Icon.pngSalvatore Moreau Donna Icon.pngDonna Beneviento Dimitrescu Daughters Icon.pngDimitrescu Daughters
The Duke Icon.pngThe Duke
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 18.44.34.png
Old Hag Icon.pngThe Old Hag
Related Guides
Cast and List of Voice Actors

Resident Evil Village The Duke's Emporium

The Duke

The Duke's Emporium: Shop Guide

Related Guides
Resident Evil Village List of Supplies.png
List of All Supplies
List of All Sellable Items.png
List of All Sellable Items
Recipe Guide All Duke
The Duke's Kitchen: Recipe Guide and Effects

Learn about the new shop system in Resident Evil Village, the Duke's Emporium. Game8's got you covered on all the information on buying and selling weapons and items, upgrading weapons, increasing inventory space, and how to upgrade stats.

Enemies and Monsters

Enemies Partial banner.png

List of All Enemies and Monsters

Enemies and Monsters

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 17.28.43.png
Moroaicas Icon.png
Samca Icon.png
Armored Lycans Icon.png
Armored Lycans
Varcolac Icon.png
Soldat Icon.png
Soldat Eins
Zwei Icon.png
Soldat Zwei
Soldat Jet Icon.png
Soldat Jet
Soldat Panzer Icon.png
Soldat Panzer
Hauler Icon.png


Resident Evil 8 Bosses Partials .png

List of Bosses

Main Bosses

Main Story Bosses
Dimitrescu Daughters Icon.pngDaughters of Dimitrescu Dimitrescu Boss Icon.pngLady Dimitrescu
Baby Icon.pngBaby Donna Beneviento Icon.pngDonna Beneviento
Moreau Icon.pngSalvatore Moreau Urias Icon.pngUrias
Sturm Icon.pngSturm Heisenberg Icon.pngKarl Heisenberg
Urias Icon2.pngUrias Strajer Mother Miranda Icon.pngMother Miranda

Optional Bosses

List of Optional Bosses

Optional Bosses
Beneviento Treasure Giant Icon.pngBeneviento Treasure Giant How to Beat the Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac.pngWaterwheel Treasure Varcolac
Moreau Treasure Varcolac Cannibal Plunder Giant Icon.pngCannibal's Plunder Treasure Giant
How to Beat Varcolac Alfa Icon.pngVarcolac Alfa


Items Front Page

Items Types
Iron Insignia Key Icon.png
Key Items
Handgun Ammo Icon.png
Pipe Bomb Icon.png
First Aid Med.png
Recovery Items
Explosive Rounds Recipe icon.png
Quality Meat Icon.png
LEMI - High Capacity Mag Icon.png
Customizable Parts
Gunpowder Icon.png
Crafting Materials

Resident Evil Village News and Game Info

Resident Evil 8 Partials Banner News and Game Info.png

News and Game Info

Resident Evil Village News
Story Book Meaning 8 Hours in Village Demo
RE8 April Showcase Summary List of Trailers
RE8 Release Date Is RE8 Cancelled?
Pre-Order Guide Editions Guide
Is Resident Evil Village a PS5 Exclusive? Will Resident Evil Village have Multiplayer?
RE8 January Showcase Summary RE8 VR Support Availability
Re:Verse Information New and Returing Features
Trauma Pack DLC Content Trophy and Achievements Guide
Difficulty Differences Is Ada Wong in Resident Evil Village?
Will Resident Evil Village Have DLC? How Long is RE8?
Controls and Camera Settings Guide Time Limited Demo
Does Resident Evil Village Have a Secret Ending? How to Upgrade to PS5

Resident Evil Re:Verse

Resident Evil Re:Verse Top Page

Survivors Partial Banner.png
List of Survivors
Bioweapons Partial banner.png
List of Bioweapons
Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png
Tips and Tricks
ReVerse Weapons Banner Partial.png
List of Weapons

Message Boards

Message Board Top Page

Message Boards

Discussion Board Clip Art.pngDiscussion Board Questions board Clip Art.pngQuestions Board
Spoilers/Secrets Board Suggestions Board

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