How to Use the Poke Radar and List of Pokemon | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP)

Pokemon BDSP Poke Radar

Use the Poke Radar to find rare Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, and Pokemon with Hidden Abilities. Read on to learn how to chain with the Poke Radar, all Poke Radar exclusive Pokemon, and how to get the Poke Radar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

How to Use the Poke Radar

Steps on How to Use the Poke Radar
Go into middle of grass area
Open Chain Counter Poketch App
Use Poke Radar from Key Items pocket to trigger shaking grass
Spray Repel to avoid encounters from normal grass
Walk over to furthest shaking grass
Defeat or capture Pokemon encountered in shaking grass
If grass patches shake after encounter, repeat step 5.
If no grass patches shake, walk 50 steps to recharge, then use again

Use to Find Rare Pokemon

Pokemon BDSP Poke Radar Key Item

The Poke Radar is the only way to encounter Pokemon not from the Sinnoh region or Shiny Pokemon on normal Sinnoh routes. You can only use it in the grass patches of these routes (the Poke Radar does not work in caves or while Surfing).

Use Abilities to Find the Pokemon You Want

It is easier to start a chain if you have a Pokemon at the front of your party with a certain ability. Abilties like Static or Flash Fire will make it more likely for you to encounter either Electric or Fire type Pokemon respectively.

Ability Pokemon Made Easier to Appear Pokemon with the Ability
Flash Fire Pokemon Fire Type Icon Ponyta
Storm Drain Pokemon Water Type Icon Shellos
Static Pokemon Electric Type Icon Pikachu
Lightning Rod Pokemon Electric Type Icon Cubone
Magnet Pull Pokemon Steel Type Icon Magnemite
Cute Charm Pokemon of the opposite sex. Clefairy

Activate From Middle of Grass Area

Pokemon BDSP How to Use Poke Radar

When you activate the Poke Radar from the Key Items pocket of your Bag, normally 4 patches of grass will shake. If less than 4 patches of grass shook, that means a square chosen randomly by the game to shake was not a grass patch.

To ensure you're getting the most out of each use of the Poke Radar, stand in the middle of the grass area, so that the vicinity covered by the Poke Radar around you mostly consists of grass patches.

Does not Work in All Types of Grass

BDSP - Pokerader Does not Work in Thin Grass

There are some grass patches where the Pokeradar cannot be used. Make sure the grass leaves are thick and dense before using the Pokeradar. You cannot use it in areas where the grass leaves are slim and wispy.

3 Types of Shaking Grass

BDSP - Pokeradar Normal Grass Shake
Normal grass shake
BDSP - Pokeradar Strong Grass Shake
Stronger grass shake
BDSP - Pokeradar Shiny Grass
Shiny grass shake

There will be 3 types of shaking grass identified by the Poke Radar. The first one is a normal rustle, which is more likely to lead to an encounter with just a normal Pokemon.

The second type of shake has larger blades of grass coming out of it. Walking into this type of shaking grass is more likely to lead to an encounter with a Pokemon that is a Poke Radar exclusive and that has a Hidden Ability.

The third and rarest type of grass has a shiny twinkle (✦) on it. Walking into this type of shaking grass gives the best chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon via the Poke Radar.

Creating a Chain

Pokemon BDSP Poke Radar Chain

Walk into the shaking grass then capture or defeat the Pokemon. After the battle ends, up to 4 more patches of grass will start shaking automatically. Walk over to the next grass patch to trigger the next battle in the chain. If no grass patch shook immediately after, your chain broke and you'll have to use the Poke Radar again.

Tips on Keeping up a Poke Radar Chain

Max Repel ImageMax Repel

If your next encounter is not of the same species, the chain ends. It's recommended to bring Max Repels so you don't accidentally encounter a wild Pokemon in a grass patch that isn't shaking. It's recommended to purchase 50 Max Repels from a Poke Mart before you start chaining.

Additionally, if no grass shakes after the battle, your chain ends. Therefore, you should avoid walking into shaking grass on the edges of the grass area to limit the number of null spaces.

Recharge Poke Radar After Chain Breaks

Pokemon BDSP Recharge Poke Radar

After your chain breaks, you'll need to recharge the Poke Radar in order to use it again. Walk a total of 50 steps in order to fully recharge the Poke Radar. If you attempt to use the Poke Radar before walking 50 steps, you will just be notified that the battery has run dry and the number of steps you still need to walk.

Chain Success Rate

Chain Success Rate Probability of a 40 Chain
158/200 = 79% 79%^40 = approx. 0.008%

To get the chain success rate, we tested 200 encounters and counted how many times the chain broke. Based on our findings, the success rate of a Pokeradar chain is lower in the remakes than in the original games. However, since the number of tests done is limited, we cannot say for certain the exact value, but it may be more difficult to achieve longer chains in the game.

Use App to Track Chain Count

Pokemon BDSP Chain Counter App

You can use the Chain Counter App given by Professor Oak at Ramanas Park in order to keep track of your current Poke Radar chain. Your current Pokemon encounter and Poke Radar chain length are shown at the top, while your top 3 longest Poke Radar chains are shown on pedestals at the bottom.

All Poketch App Locations

How to Shiny Chain with Poke Radar

Odds Increase as Chain Increases

Poke Radar Shiny Chaining

Poke Radar Shiny Chaining is the process of increasing your odds of encountering Shiny Pokemon by chaining together encounters with a single Pokemon species via the Poke Radar. By increasing the chain, you're more likely to encounter the shiny grass patch.

Chain Length Shiny Odds
(Basic Odds)
16 Approx. 2x better than Basic Odds
36 Approx. 4x better than Basic Odds
38 Approx. 10x better than Basic Odds
40 Approx. 40x better than Basic Odds

The chain breaks if it's not the same Pokemon species encountered or if no grass shakes

If your next encounter is not of the same species, the chain ends. You should avoid getting into wild encounters in grass not rustled by the Poke Radar. Additionally, if no grass shakes after the Poke Radar battle, your chain ends.

Shiny Hunting: All Shiny Odds

Poke Radar Perfect IV Rates

Raising your chain length will give you more of a chance to encounter a Pokemon with a certain number of perfect IV stats.

Poke Radar Chain Length No. of Perfect IVs
20 1
30 2
100 5

Encountering even 1 perfect IV stat is useful

Pokemon with high IVs in a stat will have a higher than normal value in that stat. IVs are valued at 0 to 31 for each stat, with 31 being the “perfect IV” stat. Even encountering a Pokemon with 1 perfect IV stat is useful, as you can use it to breed and pass on its perfect IVs.

How to Increase IVs

Poke Radar Hidden Ability Rates

Found in Rare Grass Patch with Stronger Shake

Pokemon BDSP Poke Radar Hidden Ability

When using the Poke Radar, there's a chance that a grass patch will have a stronger shake with larger blades of grass coming out of it. The Pokemon encountered in these grass patches are Poke Radar Pokemon with Hidden Abilities.

This type of grass shake is quite rare and when encountering Pokemon in this type of grass, your chances of encountering a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability is still about 30x better than basic odds of encountering Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Encounter Odds
Shiny Pokemon
(Basic Odds)
Pokemon with Hidden Ability
(via Poke Radar)
Approx. 30x better than Basic Shiny Odds

How to Get Hidden Abilities

List of Poke Radar Pokemon

List of Poke Radar Exclusive Pokemon
Pokemon BDSP Nidoran♀Nidoran♀ Pokemon BDSP NidorinaNidorina Pokemon BDSP Nidoran♂Nidoran♂
Pokemon BDSP NidorinoNidorino Pokemon BDSP VenonatVenonat Pokemon BDSP VenomothVenomoth
Pokemon BDSP PrimeapePrimeape Pokemon BDSP MankeyMankey Pokemon BDSP SlowpokeSlowpoke
Pokemon BDSP GrimerGrimer Pokemon BDSP TaurosTauros Pokemon BDSP DittoDitto
Pokemon BDSP SentretSentret Pokemon BDSP TogepiTogepi Pokemon BDSP MareepMareep
Pokemon BDSP FlaaffyFlaaffy Pokemon BDSP HoppipHoppip Pokemon BDSP SkiploomSkiploom
Pokemon BDSP SunkernSunkern Pokemon BDSP WobbuffetWobbuffet Pokemon BDSP HoundoomHoundoom
Pokemon BDSP StantlerStantler Pokemon BDSP SmeargleSmeargle Pokemon BDSP TyrogueTyrogue
Pokemon BDSP MiltankMiltank Pokemon BDSP LarvitarLarvitar Pokemon BDSP MightyenaMightyena
Pokemon BDSP SwellowSwellow Pokemon BDSP RaltsRalts Pokemon BDSP KirliaKirlia
Pokemon BDSP NincadaNincada Pokemon BDSP LoudredLoudred Pokemon BDSP AronAron
Pokemon BDSP TorkoalTorkoal Pokemon BDSP TrapinchTrapinch Pokemon BDSP VibravaVibrava
Pokemon BDSP SwabluSwablu Pokemon BDSP BaltoyBaltoy Pokemon BDSP KecleonKecleon
Pokemon BDSP DuskullDuskull Pokemon BDSP DusclopsDusclops Pokemon BDSP SnoruntSnorunt
Pokemon BDSP BagonBagon - -

How to Get the Poke Radar

Receive National Dex in Sandgem Town

Pokemon BDSP Get Poke Radar

To get the Poke Radar, you need to unlock the National Dex. Unlock the National Dex by encountering all Pokemon on the Sinnoh Dex, then speak to Professor Rowan in his lab in Sandgem Town. Professor Oak will arrive to give you the National Dex, then Professor Rowan will give you the Poke Radar to help complete it.

How to Unlock the National Dex

Trainer Counter Poketch App

Pokemon BDSP Chain Counter Poketch App

Additionally, you can get the Trainer Counter Poketch App from Professor Oak upon first entering Ramanas Park on Route 221.

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