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Pokemon BDSP Differences New Features

This is a list of the new features and differences from the original versions of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what's new and see all changes made from the original Sinnoh games on the Nintendo DS!

Differences and New Features

Walking Pokemon

BDSP Walking Pokemon Buizel

Walking Pokemon are Pokemon outside their Pokeball that follow you around on your adventure. In the past, this used to be limited to Amity Square but the remakes confirm that you can walk your Pokemon around the map.

Walking Pokemon

Union Room Replacing Nintendo WFC

Pokemon BDSP - Union Room.png
In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, players used the Nintendo DS' native Wi-Fi functionality supported by the Nintendo WFC to battle and trade online with other players, as well as make use of The Underground.

With the WFC's discontinuation back in 2014, the Union Room will now function as the hub where you can battle other trainers through local and online communication!

Global Union Room Replacing the GTS

Pokemon BDSP - Global Union Room.png
Choosing the Global Room through the Union Room, players can trade Pokemon with other players online, as well as participate in battles and other activities.

How to Trade Locally and Online

The Super Contest Show

Pokemon BDSP - Super Contest Show (1).png
Pokemon Contests make a return as the Super Contest Show! Show off your Pokemon's skills and compete with three other performers and win the audience with stylish moves and flair in five different categories - Coolness, Cuteness, Beauty, Toughness and Cleverness!

Super Contest Evaluation

Pokemon BDSP - Rhythmn Minigame.png
The Super Contest Show includes a revamp performance feature where Pokemon must dance to the rhythm of the music and appears to include a rhythmn minigame!

Super Contest Show Guide

The Grand Underground

Pokemon BDSP - Grand Underground.png
The Sinnoh region's Underground makes a return as the Grand Underground, and include two new features - Pokemon Statues and Pokemon Hideaways.

Using the Explorer Kit, players can venture underground and dig up valuable treasure, find Pokemon Fossils, and create Secret Bases!

Grand Underground

Arrange Statues in your Secret Base!

Pokemon BDSP - Secret Base Statues.png

Pokemon Statues are unique items that you can find by digging up fossils and have an expanded role in the new Grand Underground. When arranged in a certain order or combination, you'll encounter different kinds of Pokemon in the Pokemon Hideaway!

Pokemon Hideaways

Pokemon BDSP - Pokemon Hideouts.png
Pokemon Hideaways are a new feature of the Grand Underground in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and appear to reeplace the cartridge feature in the original games.

These hideaways come in different terrains such as verdant forests, volcanic landscapes, and arid deserts and are home to Pokemon here are found nowhere else in the Sinnoh Region! Which Pokemon Hideaway you end up on will depend on the statue arrangement in your secret base!

Pokemon Hideaways

Pokeball Stickers

Pokemon BDSP - Capsule Decorations.png
Pokeball Seals make a return as Stickers as part of the games revamped Capsule Decoration.

There are 90 different Stickers to collect and you can get them by purchasing them at shops or as you progress through the game. Use these stickers to customize the effects that appear when sending out your Pokemon!

Stickers and Capsule Decoration

Overworld Obstacles

Pokemon BDSP - Obstacles.png
Overworld obstacles are confirmed to make a return in Brilliand Diamond and Shining Pearl. These include the mud traps in the Great Marsh!

Character and Outfit Customization

Change Your Character's Appearance

Pokemon BDSP - Character Customization.png
New to the Sinnoh Remakes is the ability to change your character's appearance at the start of the game!

Dress Your Character Up

Pokemon BDSP - Customization.png
Additionally, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl now allows players to dress up their characters. Clothing stores have been added in many towns where your character can purchase new clothes!


Pokemon BDSP Fairy Type

In the official gameplay trailer, Buneary's Charm move is listed as a Fairy-type, confirming that the Fairy-type will appear in the Sinnoh remakes. The Fairy-type was introduced in Generation VI, thus it did not appear in the original Diamond and Pearl games, which are part of Generation IV.

The addition of the Fairy-type moves could hint that moves introduced in Generation V, VI, VII, and VIII could appear in the remakes.

New Additions to Sinnoh Pokedex

Pokemon BDSP New Additions.jpg

Numel and Sentret can be seen in the above photo. These 2 Pokemon were not previously in either original Diamond and Pearl games, nor the Platinum expansion.

List of All Confirmed Pokemon

Unconfirmed Features

Game Connectivity

Pokemon BDSP - Pokemon Home Support.png
While trading between Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with Pokemon Legends: Arceus through Pokemon Home is confirmed, it's not yet known if a similar feature exists for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In the past, transfering Pokemon between new and old releases are often a one-way trade. It's not yet know if this will apply for the Sinnoh Remakes with Pokemon Legends Arceus, as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield.

TMs, HMs, and TRs

With Technical Machines now essentially functioning similar to Hidden Machines, it's possible that TRs will make a return and will include previous single-use TMs available in the original Diamand and Pearl games.

Touch Screen Capabilities

Pokemon BDSP Underground

With The Underground making a return, it's possible that the remakes will include some form of touch screen capabilities. In the original version, players would use the Nintendo DS' Stylus to dig for spheres, fossils, and other items in The Underground.

National Dex

While trading with other players are confirmed with the Global Room, it's not yet confirmed if the National Dex will be included in the game.

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