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Welcome to the walkthrough wiki of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP), the new Diamond and Pearl Remakes for Nintendo Switch. Learn how to become the champion and catch 'em all in the Sinnoh Region with our Pokedex info, detailed Maps, Item and Move data, Beginner's Tips and Guides, Underground and Story Walkthroughs, and more!

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Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Guides
BDSP Pokedex PartialPokedex Pokemon BDSP Story WalkthroughStory Walkthrough
Pokemon BDSP Maps and Locations.pngMaps and Locations Pokemon BDSP Grand Underground.pngGrand Underground
Pokemon BDSP MovesMoves Pokemon BDSP ItemsItems
Pokemon BDSP AbilitiesAbilities Beginners Tips and GuidesBeginner's Tips & Guides
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Pokemon BDSP Tier ListTier List & Movesets Pokemon BDSP Message BoardsMessage Boards
BDSP News and Game InfoNews and Game Info Pokemon BDSP CharactersCharacters

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Hot Articles

Pokemon BDSP - Pokemon HOME Now Available for BDSPPokemon HOME Guide Pokemon BDSP - BDSP Pokemon Transferrable to Arceus Article BannerPokemon Transferrable to Legends: Arceus
Pokemon BDSP Mystery GiftsHow to Get Mystery Gifts and List of Codes Pokemon BDSP - Grand Underground MapGrand Underground Map: All Items & NPC Locations
Pokemon BDSP Get Money FastHow to Get Money Fast: Pokedollars Farming Guide Pokemon BDSP Level Up FastHow to Level Up Fast: EXP Farming Guide
Pokemon BDSP Post Game ContentPost Game Content and 100 Percent Guide Pokemon BDSP Get National DexHow to Unlock the National Dex
Pokemon BDSP Best Battle Tower TeamBest Battle Tower Team with 100-Win Streak Pokemon BDSP EV TrainingHow to EV Train Fast and Reset EVs

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokedex

Pokemon BDSP Pokedex

Pokemon BDSP Pokedex

Pokedex and List of All Pokemon

Pokemon by Pokedex

Pokemon Lists
Pokemon BDSP Bulbasaur.pngNational Pokedex Pokemon BDSP TurtwigSinnoh Pokedex Pokemon BDSP ArceusAll Legendaries

Pokemon by Generation

Pokemon Generations
Generation 1 PokemonGeneration 1 Generation 2 PokemonGeneration 2 Generation 3 PokemonGeneration 3 Generation 4 PokemonGeneration 4

Pokemon by Type

All Pokemon Types
Grass TypeGrass Water TypeWater Fire TypeFire
Electric TypeElectric Ice TypeIce Fighting TypeFighting
Ground TypeGround Poison TypePoison Flying TypeFlying
Psychic TypePsychic Bug TypeBug Rock TypeRock
Ghost Type,Ghost Dragon TypeDragon Dark TypeDark
Steel TypeSteel Fairy TypeFairy Normal TypeNormal

Pokemon by Egg Group

All Pokemon Egg Groups
Grass Egg GroupGrass Bug Egg GroupBug Flying Egg GroupFlying
Human-like Egg GroupHuman-like Monster Egg GroupMonster Fairy Egg GroupFairy
Dragon Egg GroupDragon Mineral Egg GroupMineral Field Egg GroupField
Amorphous Egg GroupAmorphous Water 1 Egg GroupWater 1 Water 2 Egg GroupWater 2
Water 3 Egg GroupWater 3 Undiscovered Egg GroupUndiscovered Ditto Egg GroupDitto

List of All Egg Groups

Pokemon by Stats

Pokemon by Stats
Pokemon BDSP MewAll Pokemon by Base Stats Pokemon BDSP DeoxysAll Pokemon by Speed Stat Pokemon BDSP SnorlaxAll Pokemon by Weight Stat
ToegpiList of Pokemon by Hatch Steps Pokemon BDSP BlazikenList of Pokemon by EV Yield

Other Pokemon Lists

Other Lists
Unobtainable Pokemon.pngList of Unobtainable Pokemon Item.pngList of Wild Pokemon by Held Item

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Story Walkthrough

Pokemon BDSP Story Walkthrough

Complete Story Walkthrough

Main Story Walkthrough

All Story Walkthroughs
Getting the 1st Badge Getting the 2nd Badge
Getting the 3rd Badge Getting the 4th Badge
Getting the 5th Badge Getting the 6th Badge
Getting the 7th Badge Getting the 8th Badge
Becoming the Champion

Important Battles

All Important Battles
All Barry Rival Battles All Gym Leader Types and Pokemon
All Elite Four Types and Pokemon All Team Galactic Locations and Pokemon

Post Game Content

All Post Game Content
How to Unlock the National Dex Ramanas Park Guide
How to Get to the Battle Zone All Gym Leader Rematch Teams
All Elite 4 Rematch Teams

Post Game Content Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Maps and Locations

Pokemon BDSP Maps and Locations

All Maps and Locations

Towns and Cities
Twinleaf Town Sandgem Town
Jubilife City Oreburgh City
Floaroma Town Eterna City
Veilstone City Celestic Town
Pastoria City Hearthome City
Solaceon Town Canalave City
Snowpoint City Sunyshore City
Pokemon League -
Route 201 Route 202
Route 203 Route 204
Route 205 Route 206
Route 207 Route 208
Route 209 Route 210
Route 211 Route 212
Route 213 Route 214
Route 215 Route 216
Route 217 Route 218
Route 219 Route 220
Route 221 Route 222
Route 223 Route 224
Route 225 Route 226
Route 227 Route 228
Route 229 Route 230
Lakes and Lakefront
Valor Lakefront Lake Valor
Acuity Lakefront Lake Acuity
Lake Verity -
Oreburgh Gate Oreburgh Mine
Ravaged Path Valley Windworks
Mt. Coronet Eterna Forest
Wayward Cave Lost Tower
Trophy Garden Great Marsh
Solaceon Ruins Mt. Coronet North
Galactic HQ Spear Pillar
Victory Road Stark Mountain
Iron Island Sendoff Spring
Snowpoint Temple Old Chateau
Fuego Ironworks Fullmoon Island
Turnback Cave Ruin Maniac's Cave (Maniac Tunnel)
Floaroma Meadow New Moon Island
Seabreak Path Flower Paradise
Battle Zone
Fight Area Survival Area
Resort Area Battle Park

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground

Pokemon BDSP Grand Underground

Grand Underground Features

Grand Underground Guides

Grand Underground Maps & Data
All Underground Pokemon Grand Underground Map: Items & NPC Locations
Grand Underground Guides
Pokemon Hideaways Underground Man Missions
List of Statues and Effects How to Get Shiny Statues
Digging for Treasure All Treasures and Appearance Rates
How to Make a Secret Base How to Find Diglett
Sphere Trader Locations List of Spheres
List of Pedestals
Removed Features
Capture the Flag Traps

Grand Underground Pokemon Locations

Hideaways and List of Pokemon
Fountainspring CaveFountainspring Cave
Pokemon Water Type IconPokemon Grass Type Icon
Stargleam CavernStargleam Cavern
(Various types)
Dazzling Cave IconDazzling Cave
(Various types)
Grassland Cave IconGrassland Cave
Pokemon Grass Type IconPokemon Bug Type Icon
Spacious Cave IconSpacious Cave
(Various types)
Big Bluff Cavern Icon
Big Bluff Cavern

Pokemon Ground Type Icon
Riverbank CaveRiverbank Cave
(Various types)
Volcanic Cave IconVolcanic Cave
Pokemon Fire Type Icon
Sandsear Cave IconSandsear Cave
Pokemon Fire Type IconPokemon Ground Type Icon
Rocky Cave IconRocky Cave
Pokemon Ground Type IconPokemon Rock Type Icon
Bogsunk Cavern IconBogsunk Cavern
Pokemon Water Type IconPokemon Poison Type Icon
Still-Water Cavern IconStill-Water Cavern
Pokemon Water Type IconPokemon Grass Type Icon
Whiteout Cave IconWhiteout Cave
Pokemon Ice Type Icon
Icy Cave IconIcy Cave
Pokemon Ice Type IconPokemon Water Type Icon
Glacial Cavern IconGlacial Cavern
Pokemon Ice Type IconPokemon Water Type Icon
Swampy Cave IconSwampy Cave
Pokemon Grass Type IconPokemon Poison Type Icon
Typhlo Cavern IconTyphlo Cavern
Pokemon Fire Type Icon
Sunlit Cavern IconSunlit Cavern
(Various types)

All Grand Underground Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Moves

Pokemon BDSP Moves

List of Moves

Moves by Type and Category

Moves by Type
Grass TypeGrass Water TypeWater Fire TypeFire
Electric TypeElectric Ice TypeIce Fighting TypeFighting
Ground TypeGround Poison TypePoison Flying TypeFlying
Psychic TypePsychic Bug TypeBug Rock TypeRock
Ghost Type,Ghost Dragon TypeDragon Dark TypeDark
Steel TypeSteel Fairy TypeFairy Normal TypeNormal
Moves by Category
Physical IconPhysical Special IconSpecial Status IconStatus
Special IconUnusable Moves

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Items

Pokemon BDSP Items

List of All Items and Effects

All Item Types

Item Categories
Poke BallsPoke Balls TMsTMs BerriesBerries Battle ItemsBattle Items
Evolutionary StonesEvolutionary Stones Recovery ItemsRecovery Items FossilsFossils Training ItemsTraining Items
Evo Held ItemsEvolutionary Held Items Held ItemsHeld Items VitaminsVitamins Valuable ItemsValuable Items
Mints.pngMints Key ItemsKey Items SlatesSlates -

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Abilities

Pokemon BDSP Abilities

List of All Pokemon Abilities

List of Abilities by Alphabet

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Beginner's Tips

Beginners Tips and Guides Partial

Post Game Guides
Post Game Content and 100 Percent Guide How to Use the Poke Radar
How to Unlock the National Dex Ramanas Park Guide
List of Swarm Pokemon How to Get to the Battle Zone
How to Get Mysterious Shards Ribbon Syndicate Guide
How to Get Trainer Card Stars When Do Legendaries Respawn?
Beginner's Guides
Best Team Best Starter Pokemon
How to Trade Locally and Online Pokemon by Route: Best Pokemon to Catch
How to Have Pokemon Follow You and Walk With Pokemon How to Get Money Fast
Groups Guide: How to Join and Create Character Creation and Customization
Pokemon Allowed in Amity Square Guide and Map Daily and Weekly Events Guide
How to Battle Online How to Evolve Pokemon
Type Chart Language Settings
How to Add Friends How to Catch Pokemon: Best Pokemon for Catching
List of Settings and Best Settings What Happens When You Lose?
Should You Use TMs? -
Collectibles and Locations
Move Reminder: How to Relearn Moves All Poketch App Locations
Move Tutor Locations and Move List All Honey Tree Locations and Pokemon
List of Clothes and Styles Missables and One-Time Events
All HM Locations (Hidden Moves) Pokemon Nursery Location
How to Change Clothes and Metronome Shop Location List of Ribbons
Useful Characters and Their Locations Poketch Clowns Locations
Move Deleter Location List of Stickers
All In-Game Trades Global Wonder Station
Game Mechanics
Poffin Guide: How to Cook the Best Poffins Super Contest Show Guide
How to Use Stickers (Pokeball Seals) Fishing and How to Get Each Rod
How to Make Traded Pokemon Obey You How to Grow Berries
How to Use Ball Capsules How to Use Vs. Seeker
How to Use Itemfinder and Find Hidden Items Nature Chart and How to Check Natures
How to Change the Date and Time How to Change Nicknames
Jubilife TV Lottery Prizes and How to Win Massage Girl: How to Get Massages
How to Delete Save Data How to Get More PC Boxes
How to Access Pokemon Boxes on the Road How to Transfer Save Data
How to Use the PC and Boxes Can You Nickname Traded Pokemon?
How to Stop Evolution Characteristics Guide and Meaning
How to Save Your Game How to Release Pokemon
Is Fashion Case in the Game? How to Adjust Screen Size
How to Hide the Poketch Are There Accessories?
How to Farm Held Items -
Advanced Tips and Tricks
How to Get All Starter Pokemon How to Do a Nuzlocke Challenge
How to Tell if a Pokemon is Shiny -
Pokemon Battles
How to Use STAB Effectively Double Battles Guide
All Status Conditions How to Escape and Run Away From Battle
How to Avoid Random Battles Colosseum

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Training and Breeding

Pokemon BDSP Training and Breeding

Training and Breeding

Training and Breeding Guides
How to Breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs Nature and IV Breeding Guide
How to Level Up Fast How to EV Train Fast
How to Reroll for Best Nature and IVs How to Increase IVs
Pokerus Effects Shiny Hunting Guide
How to Learn Egg Moves How to Change a Pokemon's Nature
How to Check EVs How to Check Pokemon IVs
How to Hatch Eggs Faster How to Get Hidden Abilities
How to Catch High IV Pokemon How to Increase Friendship

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Battle Tower

Pokemon BDSP Battle Tower Guides

Battle Tower Guide

Battle Tower Related Guides

Best Battle Tower Team with 100-Win Streak Battle Tower Master Class Guide
Best Battle Tower Doubles Team How to Get BP (Battle Points)
How to Beat Tower Tycoon Palmer

Battle Tower Pokemon by Alphabet


All Battle Tower Pokemon

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Tier List and Movesets

Pokemon BDSP - Tier List Focus Banner

Tier List and Movesets for Competitive Battle

Current Tier List

Tier 1
Pokemon BDSP - BreloomBreloom Pokemon BDSP GliscorGliscor
Tier 2
Pokemon BDSP - ScizorScizor Pokemon BDSP - GengarGengar Pokemon BDSP SuicuneSuicune Pokemon BDSP - LatiosLatios
Tier 3
Pokemon BDSP - AzumarillAzumarill Pokemon BDSP - CloysterCloyster Pokemon BDSP GarchompGarchomp Pokemon BDSP - MamoswineMamoswine
Pokemon BDSP GyaradosGyarados Pokemon BDSP - HippowdonHippowdon Wash RotomWash Rotom BDSP - LatiasLatias
Tier 4
Pokemon BDSP - MetagrossMetagross Pokemon BDSP - SalamenceSalamence Pokemon BDSP - DragoniteDragonite Pokemon BDSP - TogekissTogekiss
Pokemon BDSP - TyranitarTyranitar Pokemon BDSP - BlazikenBlaziken CresseliaCresselia HeatranHeatran

All Movesets and Best Builds

Competitive Pokemon Builds
Pokemon BDSP Gyarados Best BuildGyarados Pokemon BDSP Breloom Best BuildBreloom Pokemon BDSP Gliscor Best BuildGliscor
Pokemon BDSP Scizor Best BuildScizor Pokemon BDSP Suicune Best BuildSuicune Pokemon BDSP Latios Best BuildLatios
Pokemon BDSP Garchomp Best BuildGarchomp Pokemon BDSP Gengar Best BuildGengar Pokemon BDSP Azumarill Best BuildAzumarill
Pokemon BDSP Hippowdon Best BuildHippowdon Pokemon BDSP Mamoswine Best BuildMamoswine Pokemon BDSP Latias Best BuildLatias
BDSP - HeatranHeatran Pokemon BDSP - BlazikenBlaziken Pokemon BDSP - HeatranWash Rotom
BDSP - MetagrossMetagross BDSP - TyranitarTyranitar Pokemon BDSP - DragoniteDragonite
BDSP - TogekissTogekiss Pokemon BDSP - CloysterCloyster Pokemon BDSP - SalamenceSalamence
BDSP - CresseliaCresselia

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Message Boards

Pokemon BDSP Message Boards

Message Boards

Pokemon BDSP Message Boards
Discussion Board (27) Friend Request Board (29)
Pokedex Completion Trading Board (8772) Ditto / Pokerus Trading Board (5238)
High IV & Egg Move Pokemon Trading Board (238) Shiny, Legendary & Event Pokemon Trading Board (761)
Underground Message Board (22) Best Poffin Recipes Sharing Board (61)
Online Battles Message Board (17) Extra Eggs and Breedjects Trading Board (95)

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl News and Updates

Pokemon BDSP News and Updates

Latest News and Game Info

Oak's Letter Now Available via Mystery Gift

BDSP - Oak

You can now obtain Oak's Letter via Mystery Gift from February 27 up until March 27, 2022. This item will allow you to talk to Professor Oak in Route 224 and catch Shaymin in Flower Paradise.

How to Get the Oak's Letter Mystery Gift

Ver 1.2.0 Update

Ver 1.2.0 Update Summary
  • Union Room Functions have been expanded, increasing the maximum number of players to eight.
  • Colosseum feature is now live, with support for custom rulesets.
  • Pokémon acquired via the duplication glitch now cannot be used in Link Battles or Link Trades.
  • Global and Group Records can now be viewed in the Jubilife TV building.
  • Fixed some issues for more pleasant gameplay.

More players can now join in Union Rooms, as the number of people allowed per session has been increased to eight, and Trainer Cards and Capsule Decorations can now be viewed.

Additionally, the Colosseum is now available on the top floor of any Pokemon Center with support for using custom rulesets. Join Single, Double, or Multi Battles with your friends!

Ver 1.2.0 Update: Patch Notes

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Other News

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Characters

Pokemon BDSP Characters

List of All Characters

Main Characters
BDSP - LucasLucas BDSP - DawnDawn
BDSP - BarryBarry -
Supporting Characters
BDSP - Professor RowanProfessor Rowan BDSP - CynthiaCynthia Bebe
Team Galactic
BDSP - CyrusGalactic Boss Cyrus BDSP - MarsCommander Mars BDSP - JupiterCommander Jupiter BDSP - SaturnCommander Saturn
Doubles Partners
BDSP - CherylCheryl BDSP - RileyRiley Buck Mira
Marley - - -

About Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Product Info

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Box Art.png Pokemon Shining Pearl Box Art.png
Release Date Friday, November 19, 2021 Release
Price Solo Copy: $59.99 (Plus Tax)
Double Pack: $119.99 (Plus Tax)
Release Versions Physical Copy / Digital Version / Double Pack
Genre Adventure, Action

Sinnoh Remakes

Pokemon BDSP Diamond and Pearl Remakes

These long-awaited remakes for original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games bring you on an adventure in the classic Sinnoh region with a new and updated art style.

Classic Sinnoh Pokemon

Pokemon BDSP Sinnoh Starters

Start your adventure with the three original starters of the Sinnoh region and encounter other beloved Pokemon as you go along your journey. These Pokemon will help you pave a new path in familiar lands.

Iconic Locations and Characters

Pokemon BDSP Mount Coronet

The new games bring back many memorable locations from the classic games in vivid 3D. Explore the familiar landscapes through a new lens and meet old friends from your original Sinnoh adventure.

Differences from the Original Versions

Developed by ILCA

Developed by Ilca.png
Surprisingly, the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were not developed by Game Freak, but instead by ILCA, a company which coordinated with Game Freak on Pokemon HOME's development.

ILCA has done their best to follow up on the legacy and innovation that Game Freak brings to each new game in the series!

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