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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki and complete strategy guide for Final Fantasy XVI (FF16). This guide will cover all Final Fantasy XVI news, updates, Eikons, tips, characters, and everything you need to know in the vast world of Valisthea!

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Latest News

FF16 Releases on June 22, 2023!

FF16 - Release Date

Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix's sixteenth installment of popular Final Fantasy series releases on June 22nd, 2023 exclusively on the PlayStation 5!

Release Date: When Does FF16 Come Out?

Demo Expected to Release on June 11 After Pre-Launch Livestream

Many fans speculate that FF16's demo will be made available on the PlayStation Store after FF16's Pre-Launch Celebration Livestream on June 11, 2023.

The news about a demo dropping before its full release was confirmed through FF16's producer Naoki Yoshida's statement in an interview, saying that the 2-hour long demo will be made available around two weeks before the June 22nd release date.

Note that a player's demo save data can carry over to the base game, so demo progress won't be naught once the full game releases.

Demo Release Date and What to Expect

Pre-Orders Now Available

FF16 - Collector

Physical and digital pre-orders for Final Fantasy XVI are now available across multiple storefronts and retailers.

Pre-ordering nets players various bonuses depending on their selected edition, which encourages players to pre-order their copies before it's too late - especially very scarce Collector's Edition, which is a Square Enix Store exclusive!

Pre-Order Guide: All Preorder Bonuses

Release Date Trailer

Square Enix announced the release date of Final Fantasy XVI on December 9th, 2022 on their official YouTube channel.

The release date trailer featured snippets of gameplay, lore, and served as a showcase of the game's graphics as it runs on the latest PlayStation hardware.

List of Trailers and Gameplay Videos

All Latest News and Updates

FF16 - News and Updates
Latest News & Updates

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Eikons

FF16 - All Eikons Banner
Eikons Guide: All Eikons and How to Use

List of All Eikons

All Currently Known Eikons
FF16 - Character- Ifrit IconIfrit FF16 - Character- Phoenix IconPhoenix FF16 - Character- Garuda IconGaruda FF16 - Character- Shiva IconShiva
FF16 - Character- Bahamut IconBahamut FF16 - Character- Titan IconTitan FF16 - Character- Ramuh IconRamuh FF16 - Character- Odin IconOdin
FF16 - Character- Titan Lost IconTitan Lost FF16 - Character- Typhon IconTyphon - -

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Tips and Tricks

FF16 - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide to FF16

All Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks
How to Learn and Upgrade Skills Story and Action Focused Difficulty Modes
Timely Accessories Guide How to Fast Travel
How to Transfer Demo Save Data Progress How Long to Beat FF16?
All Stats Explained Quick Time Events Guide
Limit Break Guide -
Post-Game Guides
Final Fantasy Mode New Game Plus Guide
All Cid's Hideaway Features
Arete Stone
(Training & Arcade)
The Black Hammer
Charon's Toll
Patron's Whisper
Thousand Tomes
State of the Realm
(Story Overview)
Hunt Board
(Moogle Quests)

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Characters

FF16 - Characters
List of All Characters

All Main Characters

All Characters
FF16 - CliveClive FF16 - JoshuaJoshua FF16 - JillJill
FF16 - BenediktaBenedikta FF16 - HugoHugo FF16 - DionDion
FF16 - BarnabasBarnabas FF16 - TorgalTorgal FF16 - CidolfusCidolfus

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Abilities

FF16 - Abilities

List of All Abilities and Skills

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Main Quests

FF16 - Main Quests

Main Quest Walkthroughs

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Cid's Hideaway

FF16 - Cid

Everything You Can Do at Cid's Hideaway

All Cid's Hideaway Guides

All Hideaway Features
Arete Stone
(Training & Arcade)
The Black Hammer
Charon's Toll
Patron's Whisper
Thousand Tomes
State of the Realm
(Story Overview)
Hunt Board
(Moogle Quests)

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Map and Regions

FF16 - Map and Regions

Valisthea Map and List of Regions

List of Regions

All Regions
FF16 - RosariaGrand Duchy of Rosaria FF16 - SanbrequeHoly Empire of Sanbreque FF16 - WaloedKingdom of
FF16 - DhalmekianDhalmekian Republic FF16 - The Iron KingdomThe Iron Kingdom FF16 - The Crystalline DominionCrystalline Dominion

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Weapons

FF16 - Weapons Banner
List of All Weapons

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) Gear and Equipment

FF16 - Gear Banner
List of All Gear and Equipment

Gear and Equipment Types

All Gear Types
FF16 - AccessoryAccessories FF16 - VambracesBelts FF16 - BeltVambraces

About Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

FF16 - Standard Edition Cover
Release Date June 22, 2023
Full Title Final Fantasy XVI
Price $69.99
Genre Action RPG
Platforms PlayStation 5
Official Site Final Fantasy XVI

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