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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki and complete strategy guide for Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). This guide will cover all Final Fantasy 16 news, updates, Eikons, tips, characters, and everything you need to know in the vast world of Valisthea!

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)
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Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Main Quests

FF16 - Main Quests

Main Quest Walkthroughs

List of All Main Quests

Prologue Quests (Youth)

Main Quests Eikon Unlock & Enemies
1. A Flamed Summoned Notable Enemies:
2. To Kill a Dominant Notable Enemies:
3. Pride Notable Enemies:
4. Sunrise, Sunset
Eikon: Phoenix Phoenix
Notable Enemies:
5. Lost in a Fog Notable Enemies:
6. Flight of a Fledgling Notable Enemies:

First Act Quests (Adolescence)

Main Quests Eikon Unlock & Enemies
7. A Chance Encounter Notable Enemies:
8. Hide, Hideaway Notable Enemies:
9. Fanning Embers Notable Enemies:
10. Louder than Words Notable Enemies:
11. The Dead of Night Notable Enemies:
12. Headwind Notable Enemies:
13. Wings of Change
Eikon: Garuda Garuda
Notable Enemies:
14. Awakening Notable Enemies:
15. The Wages of Guilt Notable Enemies:
16. The Hunter and the Hunted Notable Enemies:
17. Homecoming Notable Enemies:
17.1. Building Bridges Notable Enemies:
17.2. A Bearer's Lot Notable Enemies:
18. Holding On Notable Enemies:
18.1. Back in the Day Notable Enemies:
19. Buried Memories Notable Enemies:
20. The Meaning of Life
Eikon: Ifrit Ifrit
Notable Enemies:
・Imperial Champion
21. Righting Wrongs Notable Enemies:

Second Act Quests (Adulthood)

Main Quests Eikon Unlock & Enemies
22. The Crystal's Curse Notable Enemies:
23. Cid the Outlaw
Eikon: Ramuh Ramuh
Notable Enemies:
24. Home, Sweet Home Notable Enemies:
25. The Gathering Storm Notable Enemies:
25.1. Dark Clouds Gather Notable Enemies:
25.2. Release Notable Enemies:
26. Bloodlines Notable Enemies:
27. Black Light Burns Notable Enemies:
27.1. Black or White Notable Enemies:
・Knight of the Lasting Dark
28. Here Be Monsters Notable Enemies:
29. Fire and Ice Notable Enemies:
30. After the Storm Notable Enemies:
31. Capital Punishment Notable Enemies:
32. Bolts from the Blue
Eikon: Titan Titan
Notable Enemies:
32.1. Getting to Work Notable Enemies:
33. Riddle of the Sands Notable Enemies:
33.1. Follow the Crystals Notable Enemies:
34. Into the Darkness Notable Enemies:
・Orcish Warlord
35. Out of the Shadow Notable Enemies:
35.1. Letting Off Steam I Notable Enemies:
35.2. Letting Off Steam II Notable Enemies:
35.3. Letting Off Steam III Notable Enemies:
36. Onward Notable Enemies:
36.1. To Catch a Thief Notable Enemies:
36.2. Blood from the Stones Notable Enemies:
37. Fire in the Sky
Eikon: Bahamut Bahamut
Notable Enemies:
38. Things Fall Apart Notable Enemies:
38.1. Why We Fight Notable Enemies:
38.2. The Flames of War Notable Enemies:
38.3. Down the Rabbit Hole Notable Enemies:
39. Cloak and Dagger Notable Enemies:
40. Evenfall Notable Enemies:
41. A Song of Hope Notable Enemies:
41.1. Like Father, Like Daughter Notable Enemies:
42. Full Steam Notable Enemies:
43. Through the Maelstrom
Eikon: Shiva Shiva
Notable Enemies:
44. Across the Narrow Notable Enemies:
45. Footfalls in Ash Notable Enemies:
46. The Last King
Eikon: Odin Odin
Notable Enemies:

Final Act (Endgame)

Main Quests Eikon Unlock & Enemies
47. Brotherhood Notable Enemies:
48. Streets of Madness Notable Enemies:
49. Back to Their Origin Notable Enemies:
49.1. Of Gods and Men Notable Enemies:

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Eikons

FF16 - All Eikons Banner

List of All Eikons and Summons

All Unlockable Eikons

Unlockable Eikons and Summons
FF16 - Character- Phoenix IconPhoenix FF16 - Character- Garuda IconGaruda FF16 - Character- Ifrit IconIfrit FF16 - Character- Ramuh IconRamuh
FF16 - Character- Titan IconTitan FF16 - Character- Bahamut IconBahamut FF16 - Character- Shiva IconShiva FF16 - Character- Odin IconOdin

All Enemy Eikons

Enemy Eikons
FF16 - Character- Typhon IconTyphon FF16 - Character- Titan Lost IconTitan Lost

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Abilities

FF16 - Abilities

List of All Abilities and Skills

All Eikonic Abilities

Eikon Abilities
Phoenix Phoenix
Garuda Garuda
Ifrit Ifrit
Ramuh Ramuh
Titan Titan
Bahamut Bahamut
Shiva Shiva
Odin Odin

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Tips and Tricks

FF16 - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: A Beginner's Guide to FF16

All Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks
All Stats Explained Crafting Recipes and Upgrades
Timely Accessories Guide How to Fast Travel
How Long to Beat FF16? Active Time Lore Guide
Quick Time Events Guide List of Trophies
Is There a Mini Map? How to Exit Training Mode
How to Use Photo Mode How to Redeem Pre-Order Bonuses
How to Get a Chocobo Mount How to Sprint and Move Faster
Arcade Mode and Stage Replay Explained Missables and One-Time Events
How to Respec Abilities All Six Signboard Locations
Unlockables and Hidden Content Medal of Valor Guide
How to Unlock Alliant Reports How to Upgrade Inventory Slots
How to Upgrade Potion Potency List of Guest Party Members
Farming Guides
EXP Farming Guide AP Farming Guide
Gil Farming Guide -
Best Guides
Best Abilities to Learn Best Side Quests
Best Weapons Best Combos
Best Accessories Best Armor
Best Builds -
Combat and Gameplay Guides
How to Use Eikonic Feats How to Parry Attacks
How to Limit Break How to Stagger Enemies
How to Use Precision Dodge Combat Basics Guide
How to Change Lock On Targets How to Use Shift Strikes and Shift Shots
How to Punish Enemies Should You Choose Story or Action Focused?
How to Command Torgal How to Do Precision Sics
Battle System Mechanics Explained Death Penalty Guide
How to Decrease Enemy Will Gauge How to Use Item Shortcuts
How to Heal Level Cap Guide
Post-Game Guides
New Game Plus Guide Post Game Content and 100% Guide
Final Fantasy Mode Guide
All Cid's Hideaway Features
Arete Stone
(Training & Arcade)
The Black Hammer
Charon's Toll
Thousand Tomes
Patron's Whisper
State of the Realm
(Story Overview)
Hunt Board
(Moogle Quests)
All Hideaway Guides
How to Open Letters at the Reading Table How to Get All Wall of Memory Items
Should You Buy a Round for the Hall? -
Controls and Settings
Language Settings How to Save
Graphics or Framerate Mode? How to Skip Cutscenes
Difficulty Level Differences How to Adjust Screen Brightness
How to Turn Off Motion Blur Controls and Best Settings
Romance Guide: Are There Romance Options? -
Demo Guides
How to Transfer Demo Progress Eikonic Challenge Mode

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Gear and Equipment

FF16 - Gear Banner
List of All Gear and Equipment

Gear and Equipment Types

All Gear Types
FF16 - AccessoryAccessories FF16 - VambracesArmor FF16 - AttackWeapons

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Side Quests

FF16 - Side Quests

List of All Side Quests

Side Quest Walkthroughs

FF16 - Side QuestsAll Side Quests
Food for Thought Make Do and Mend
A Place for Everyone Moving Heaven and Earth
What a Bird Wants False Friends
Crystalline Lifeline Beast Against Beast
Needs of the Many Welcoming Committee
Dying on the Vine Red Letter Day
While the Cat's Away The Want Beyond the Wall
Pride Comes Before a Fall Friend of the People
Playthings All Bark
Caulk and Bawl The White-Winged Wonder
The Fruits of Her Labors Blacksmith's Blues
A Culinary Pilgrimage The Root of the Problem
Cut from the Cloth Do No Harm
The Weight of Command Carving Out a Niche
Hot Water A Bone to Pick
Payback Get Cart
Onward to Discovery Live and Let Live
Weird Science Use Your Loaf
Carved in Stone On Balance
Not to Be Outdone An Eye for an Eye
Smooth Like Butler Bearer of Good News
For Great Justice II Rekindling the Flame
Trading Places Blacksmith's Blues II
Blacksmith's Blues III Blacksmith's Blues IV
Skin Trade Tears of Mercy
Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol Self-Determination
Even Weirder Science Under New Management
Rekindling the Flame II Lines in the Sand
Trading Places II Phoenix, Heal Thyself
Duty Undying Laid to Rest
More than Words A Tail to Tell
Litany of Errors Aiming High
Trial and Error Silver Linings
Nobody's Tool Where There's a Will
Priceless An Inconvenient Truth
Three's Company Lines in the Sand II
Duty Undying II Under New Management II

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Hunt Board

FF16 - Hunt Board

List of All Hunt Board Quests

FF16 S Rank Hunt Rank
FF16 Atlas IconAtlas FF16 Svarog IconSvarog FF16 Gorgimera IconGorgimera FF16 Pandemonium IconPandemonium
FF16 Behemoth King IconBehemoth King - - -
FF16 A Rank Hunt Rank
FF16 Flan Prince IconFlan Prince FF16 The Nine of Knives IconThe Nine of Knives FF16 The Mageth Brothers IconThe Mageth Brothers FF16 Dread Comet IconDread Comet
FF16 Gobermouch IconGobermouch FF16 Agni IconAgni FF16 Bygul IconBygul FF16 Thanatos IconThanatos
FF16 Gizamaluk IconGizamaluk FF16 Terminus IconTerminus FF16 Kuza Beast IconKuza Beast FF16 Knight of the Splendent Heart IconKnight of the Splendent Heart
FF16 Prince of Death IconPrince of Death - - -
FF16 B Rank Hunt Rank
FF16 Belphegor IconBelphegor FF16 Dozmare IconDozmare FF16 Sekhret IconSekhret FF16 Severian IconSeverian
FF16 Fastitocalon IconFastitocalon FF16 Bomb King IconBomb King FF16 The Ten of Clubs IconThe Ten of Clubs FF16 Holy Trumpitour IconHoly Trumpitour
FF16 Carrot IconCarrot - - -
FF16 C Rank Hunt Rank
FF16 Ahriman IconAhriman FF16 Aruna IconAruna FF16 Soul Stingers IconSoul Stingers FF16 Grimalkin IconGrimalkin
FF16 The Pack IconThe Pack - - -

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Bosses

FF16 - Bosses

List of Bosses and Formidable Foes

All Formidable Foes

All Formidable Foes
Gigas Gigas Morbol Morbol Knight of the Blinding Dawn Knight of the Blinding Dawn
Eikon of Fire Eikon of Fire Shiva Shiva's Dominant Tiamat Tiamat
Dragon Aevis Dragon Aevis Fafnir Fafnir Midnight Raven Midnight Raven
Chirada Chirada Suparna and Chirada Suparna and Chirada Benedikta Benedikta
Garuda Garuda Knight of the Dying Sun Knight of the Dying Sun Iron Giant Iron Giant
Infernal Eikon Infernal Eikon Infernal Shadow Infernal Shadow Imperial Cannonier Imperial Cannonier
Akashic Dragon Akashic Dragon Typhon Typhon Republican War Panther Republican War Panther
Akashic Morbol Akashic Morbol Flame Lizard Flame Lizard Liquid Flame Liquid Flame
Coeurl Coeurl Hugo Hugo Undertaker Undertaker
Titan Titan White Dragon White Dragon Necrophobe Necrophobe
Bahamut Bahamut Sleipnir Sleipnir Barnabas (First Encounter) Barnabas (First Encounter)
Control Node Control Node Aurum Giant Aurum Giant Barnabas (Second Encounter) Barnabas (Second Encounter)
Behemoth Behemoth Ultima (First Encounter) Ultima (First Encounter) Ultimalius Ultimalius

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Map and Regions

FF16 - Map and Regions

Valisthea Map and List of Regions

List of Regions

All Regions
FF16 - RosariaGrand Duchy of Rosaria FF16 - SanbrequeHoly Empire of Sanbreque FF16 - WaloedKingdom of Waloed
FF16 - DhalmekianDhalmekian Republic FF16 - The Iron KingdomThe Iron Kingdom FF16 - The Crystalline DominionCrystalline Dominion
FF16 - The Free Cities of KanverThe Free Cities of Kanver FF16 - Neutral RegionNeutral Regions

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Chronolith Trials

FF16 - Chronolith Trials

All Chronolith Locations and Rewards

All Chronolith Trials

Chronolith TrialChronolith Trials
FF16 - PhoenixHand of Hyperion FF16 - GarudaHand of Dione
FF16 - Character- Ramuh IconHand of lapetus FF16 - Character- Titan IconHand of Titan
FF16 - Character- Bahamut IconHand of Mimas FF16 - Character- Shiva IconHand of Rhea
FF16 - Character- Odin IconHand of Enceladus

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Characters

FF16 - Characters
List of All Characters

All Main Characters

All Characters
FF16 - CliveClive FF16 - JoshuaJoshua FF16 - JillJill
FF16 - BenediktaBenedikta FF16 - HugoHugo FF16 - DionDion
FF16 - BarnabasBarnabas FF16 - TorgalTorgal FF16 - CidolfusCidolfus

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Cid's Hideaway

FF16 - Cid

Everything You Can Do at Cid's Hideaway

All Cid's Hideaway Guides

All Hideaway Features
FF16 - Arete StoneArete Stone
(Training & Arcade)
FF16 - Black HammerThe Black Hammer
FF16 - CharonCharon's Toll
FF16 - Thousand TomesThousand Tomes
FF16 - OrchestrionOrchestrion
FF16 - PatronPatron's Whisper
FF16 - State of the RealmState of the Realm
(Story Overview)
FF16 - Hunt BoardHunt Board
(Moogle Quests)
All Hideaway Guides
How to Open Letters at the Reading Table How to Get All Wall of Memory Items
Should You Buy a Round for the Hall? -

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Enemies

TOTK - Enemies

List of Enemies

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Items

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - Items Partial

List of All Items

All Item Types

All Item Types
Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - ConsumablesConsumables Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - Crafting MaterialsMaterials Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - CuriositiesCuriosities
Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - Key ItemsKey Items Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) - Valuable MaterialsValuable Items -

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Story and Lore

FF16 - Story and Lore

Story Summary and Plot Synopsis

Story and Lore Explained

All Story and Lore Articles
What are Dominants? Setting of FF16 Explained
Ending Explained -

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Latest News

FF16 Now Available as of June 22, 2023!

FF16 - Release Date

Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix's sixteenth installment of the popular Final Fantasy series is now available to play as of June 22nd, 2023 exclusively on the PlayStation 5!

Release Date: When Does FF16 Come Out?

Demo Available on June 12, 2023

The Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) demo is currently available to download on the PlayStation 5 as of June 12, 2023. Its release date and times were announced during the Pre-Launch Celebration Livestream held on June 11th, 2023.

The demo features the full game's prologue, alongside the Eikonic Challenge Mode where players can experience the action combat of Clive with additional Abilities and gear such as Timely Accessories.

Note that a player's prologue demo save data can carry over to the base game, so demo progress won't be naught once the full game releases. However, do note that progress from the Eikonic Challenge mode of the demo does not carry over to the base game.

Demo Release Date and What to Expect

Pre-Orders Now Available

FF16 - Collector

Physical and digital pre-orders for Final Fantasy XVI are now available across multiple storefronts and retailers.

Pre-ordering nets players various bonuses depending on their selected edition, which encourages players to pre-order their copies before it's too late - especially very scarce Collector's Edition, which is a Square Enix Store exclusive!

Pre-Order Guide: All Preorder Bonuses

Release Date Trailer

Square Enix announced the release date of Final Fantasy XVI on December 9th, 2022 on their official YouTube channel.

The release date trailer featured snippets of gameplay, lore, and served as a showcase of the game's graphics as it runs on the latest PlayStation hardware.

List of Trailers and Gameplay Videos

All Latest News and Updates

FF16 - News and Updates
Latest News & Updates

About Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

FF16 - Standard Edition Cover
Release Date June 22, 2023
Full Title Final Fantasy XVI
Price $69.99
Genre Action RPG
Platforms PlayStation 5
Official Site Final Fantasy XVI

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