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Welcome to the game8 Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FFIX) Walkthrough Wiki. Guides on the main story, side quests, characters, enemies, boss battles, Eidolons, items, as well as other tips and information can be found here. Read on if you have a question or need help beating a certain part of this game.

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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Final Fantasy IX Main Story Walkthrough

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Story Walkthrough

Disc 1
Alexandria Alexandria Castle Evil Forest
Ice Caverns Village of Dali Lindblum
Qu's Marsh Gizamaluke's Grotto South Gate
Disc 2
Treno Cleyra Alexandria Castle 2nd
Pinnacle Rocks Fossil Roo Black Mage Village
Conde Petie Madain Sari Iifa Tree
Madain Sari 2nd
Disc 3
Alexandria 2nd Treno 2nd Alexandria 3rd
Lindblum 2nd Black Mage Village 2nd Oeilvert
Desert Palace Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug Ipsen's Castle
Terra and Bran Bal Pandemonium
Disc 4

Final Fantasy IX Side Quests and Mini-Games

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Side Quests and Mini-Games

List of Sidequests and Mini-Games
Jumping Rope Sword Fight Racing Hippaul Frog Catching
Chocobo Hot and Cold Treno Weapons Shop Monsters Stiltzkin Ragtime Mouse
Friendly Monsters Treno Auction House The Nero Family Mognet Central
Daguerro Chocobo Dive Spots Chocobo Mountain Cracks Stellazio Coins
Kupo Nuts Rare Coffee Master Synthesist

Final Fantasy IX Boss Battles

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Boss Battles

List of Enemies
Masked Man Steiner Steiner
Steiner Prison Cage Prison Cage
Baku Plant Brain Black Waltz 1
Black Waltz 2 Black Waltz 3 Zaghnol
Gizamaluke Beatrix Black Waltz 3
Ralvuraha Antlion (Boss) Beatrix
Thorn Zorn Beatrix
Ralvuimago Lani Hilgigars
Soulcage Scarlet Hair Ark
Valia Pira Meltigemini Taharka
Earth Guardian Silver Dragon Garland
Kuja Nova Dragon Maliris
Tiamat Kraken Lich
Deathguise Trance Kuja Necron
Optional Bosses

Final Fantasy IX Beginner's Guides

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Beginner's Guides

Final Fantasy IX Characters

List of Playable Characters

Zidane Vivi
Garnet Steiner
Freya Quina
Eiko Amarant

Final Fantasy IX Enemies

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List of Enemies

Final Fantasy IX Equipment

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List of Equipment

Weapons Banner.pngWeapons Armor Banner.pngArmor

Final Fantasy IX Abilities

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List of Abilities

Final Fantasy IX Items

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List of Items

Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master

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Tetra Master

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