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Welcome to Game8's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC) guide and walkthrough. Find out everything you need to know to set out with your caravan and find the myrrh trees! For information on how to get through each dungeon, spells, items, and more, Game8 has all the answers you need!

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FFCC Remastered News

FFCC Release Date

Released August 27th!

The Remastered Edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has arrived on PS4, Switch, and mobile devices on August 27th. We're updating with brand new guides at the speed of light!

Don't miss our full review of the game to see if the Remaster is the choice for you!

All News Articles

FFCC_Banner News.png

News Articles
New Features in the Remaster Release Date and Release Time
What's Included in the Lite Version (Demo)? How to Preorder and Preorder Bonuses
Price and Cost Physical Release and How to Purchase
Available Platforms Mimic Feature and All New Skins
All DLC Items How to Buy and Download
How to Download the Lite Version Dev's Message
Friday, September 4, 2020

Latest News

FFCC Remastered Multiplayer Guides

Multiplayer Banner

FFCC_Banner Multiplayer.png

All Multiplayer Guides
Online Multiplayer Local Multiplayer
Crossplay and Cross Saves How to Add Friends
Is Multiplayer Region-Locked? Multiplayer Tips and Each Race's Role

How to Play Multiplayer

FFCC Remastered Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Banner

FFCC_Banner Story.png

Story Walkthrough Guides

All Story Guides
Story Walkthrough Post-Game Dungeons

All Dungeon and Town Guides

Tipa Peninsula
Tipa Port Tipa
River Belle Path Goblin Wall
Iron Mine Downs
Marr's Pass Jegon River (East)
The Mushroom Forest The Mine of Cathuriges
Vale of Alfitaria
Alfitaria Tida
Moschet Manor -
Veo Lu
Shella Veo Lu Sluice
Plains of Fum
The Fields of Fum Jegon River (West)
Daemon's Court Selepation Cave
Kilanda Islands
Kilanda -
Rebena Plains
Conall Curach Rebena Te Ra
Lynari Isle
Leuda Lynari Desert
The Abyss
Mag Mell Mount Vellenge
The Nest of Memories -

Complete Story Walkthrough

FFCC Remastered Post-Game Dungeons

Post-Game Dungeons Banner

FFCC_Banner PostGame Dungeons.png

All Post-Game Dungeons
Dungeon Based On Difficulty
Falling Leaves Path River Belle Path ★☆☆☆☆
Toadstool Forest The Mushroom Forest ★★☆☆☆
Oblivion Village Tida ★★☆☆☆
The Dinner Party Moschet Manor ★★★☆☆
Frozen Sluice Veo Lu Sluice ★★★☆☆
Afternoon Fort Daemon's Court ★★★☆☆
Pale Cave Selepation Cave ★★★☆☆
Misty Mount Kilanda Kilanda ★★★★☆
Moonlit Desert Lynari Desert ★★★★☆
Miasma Pit The Mine of Cathuriges ★★★★☆
Foggy Swamp Conall Curach ★★★★☆
The Goblin Festival Goblin Wall ★★★★★
Rainy Ruins Rebena Te Ra ★★★★★

All Post-Game Dungeons

FFCC Remastered Boss Fights

Bosses Banner

FFCC_Banner Boss Fights

Original Game Bosses

Original Game Boss Fights
Giant Crab Malboro
Orc King Goblin King
Armstrong Gigas Lord
Golem Lizardman King
Cave Worm Iron Giant
Dragon Zombie Lich
Antlion Meteor Parasite
Final Boss (Part 1) Final Boss (Part 2)

Post-Game Dungeon Bosses

Post-Game Dungeon Boss Fights
Giant Crab (Hard) Great Malboro
Rottenheim Jack Moschet
Ice Golem Lizard Queen
Abyss Worm Red Giant
Antlion (Hard) Orc Lord
Green Dragon Goblin Lord
Testament -

Boss Fights

FFCC Sidequests

runaway princess.

FFCC_Banner Sidequest.png

Sidequests and Minigames

Sidequests List and Rewards

FFCC Events (Memories)


FFCC_Banner Events.png

All Events and Memories

FFCC Remastered Races (Classes)

Tribes Banner

FFCC_Banner Races.png

All Races (Classes)
Clavat.jpgClavat Lilty.jpgLilty Yuke.jpgYuke Selkie.jpgSelkie

Read our guide below to learn the HP, Strength, Defense, Magic stats for each of the 4 Races, also known as Classes or Tribes, in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles!

List of Races (Classes)

FFCC Remastered Home Jobs (Family Trades)

Family Jobs

FFCC_Banner Home Jobs.png

Production-type Home Jobs
Farmer Miller
Rancher Fisherman
Crafting-type Home Jobs
Alchemist Merchant
Tailor Blacksmith

Learn the difference between each of the eight available Home Jobs, also known as Family Trades, ranging from the Farmer to the Alchemist.

List of Home Jobs (Family Trades)

FFCC Remastered Beginner Guides

Beginner Guides Banner

FFCC_Banner Beginner Guides Update.png

Getting Started with FFCC

How-to Guides

Collectibles and Lists

For Advanced Players

Game Mechanics

All Tips & Strategy Guides

FFCC Remastered Weapons

Weapons Banner

FFCC_Banner Weapons.png

Types of Weapons
Swords Spears
Hammers Rackets

List of All Weapons

FFCC Remastered Equipment

Equipment Banner

FFCC_Banner Equipment.png

Types of Equipment
Armor Shields Gloves
Belts Helms Accessories

List of All Equipment

FFCC Remastered Items

Items Banner

FFCC_Banner Items.png

Item Types
Materials Magicite
Seeds Food
Other Items

List of All Items and Item Types

FFCC Remastered Scrolls

Scrolls Banner

FFCC_Banner Scrolls.png

Types of Scrolls
Weapon Scrolls Armor Scrolls Shield Scrolls
Glove Scrolls Helm Scrolls Belt Scrolls
Accessory Scrolls

List of All Scrolls and Scroll Types

FFCC Remastered Artifacts

Artifacts Banner

FFCC_Banner Artifacts.png

Types of Artifacts
Strength Artifacts Magic Artifacts Defense Artifacts
Command List Slot Artifacts Heart Artifacts Magicite Artifacts

List of All Artifacts and Effects

FFCC Remastered Monsters

Monsters Banner

FFCC_Banner Monsters.png

Monster Types
Normal Flying
Undead Ghost

List of All Monsters

FFCC Remastered Magic

Using Magic
FFCC_Banner Magic.png

Magic Spells
Fire Blizzard Thunder
Cure Clear Raise
Gravity Holy Haste
Slow Stop Spell Fusions

List of All Magic Spells

FFCC Remastered Focus Attacks and Magic Strikes

Focus Strikes Banner
FFCC_Banner Focus Attacks

List of Focus Attacks and Magic Strikes

FFCC Remastered Message Boards

Multiplayer Options

FFCC_Banner Message Boards.png

All Message Boards
Discussion Board Questions Board
Friend Request Board Room ID Share Board

List of Message Boards

About Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

Game Information

Game Title Banner

Game Title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition
Release Date August 27th, 2020 (Worldwide)
Available Platforms Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Genre Action RPG
Rating T (ESRB)
Price PS4: $29.99
Switch: $29.99
No. of Players 1-4 (online co-op only)
Developer Square Enix
Official Site Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Official Site

Game Story

Front Page Image 1

Long ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed the world.
Crystals keep the deadly miasma in check, but the crystals' power is not eternal.
Young adventurers embark on a journey once a year seeking drops of myrrh to purify the crystals.
These are the chronicles of brave young adventurers who journey to protect their home.
Source: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Official Site

Play as one of four tribes

Front Page Image 2

As in the original game, players will have access to four different tribes, also known as races, to base their character on. Players can customize their characters' voice and appearance as well to make a character that is completely their own!

Crossplay adventure across 4 platforms

Front Page Image 3

The original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a multiplayer-focused adventure. But with costly hurdles needed to enjoy it, many players ended up missing out on the game's full potential.

Now, enjoy Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as it was meant to be played, with easy online play across all four platforms!

Tons of brand-new content

Front Page Image 4

This is no ordinary remaster – the game is complete with a host of never before seen post-game dungeons and other new features to satisfy players both new and old!

Venture out into the world

Front Page Image 5

It's your job to strike out into a dangerous world blanketed in miasma, to bring home the myrrh that protects your village. Play in single-player or multiplayer mode into a huge world filled with friends and foes alike!

Official Trailer

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