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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a new hardcore action RPG from Team Ninja, famous for games like Nioh, Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or Alive. Master the combat system and assign a variety of jobs to your characters to defeat Chaos and learn the mystery behind this gritty reboot of the original Final Fantasy game. For everything from a full game walkthrough to weapon and armor locations and builds, Game8 has it all!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Beginner's Guide

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise Partial Tips and Tricks Banner Template.png

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Tier Lists

All Tier Lists
Best Jobs Best Weapon Types

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
100% Completion Guide How to Level Up Jobs Fast
List of Trophies How to Farm Anima Shards
How to Transfer Demo Save Data Best Command Abilities
How to Farm Anima Crystals List of Hidden Missions
Best Team Comp for Multiplayer Can You Jump?
How to Deal More Break Damage Best Job Combos

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Missions

Main Missions (Story Walkthrough)

Story Walkthrough
List of All Main Quests (Story Walkthrough)

A Desperate Struggle ImageA Desperate Struggle Illusion at JourneyIllusion at Journey's End The Journey Begins ImageThe Journey Begins
Audience with the Dark Elf ImageAudience with the Dark Elf Natural Distortion ImageNatural Distortion A Familiar Place ImageA Familiar Place
Memories of Wind ImageMemories of Wind Memories of Poison ImageMemories of Poison Memories of Fire ImageMemories of Fire
Phantoms of the Past ImagePhantoms of the Past Memories of Earth ImageMemories of Earth To Remember ImageTo Remember
Memories of Water ImageMemories of Water The False Warriors ImageThe False Warriors Schemes of the Past ImageSchemes of the Past
Remembering Home ImageRemembering Home The Suffering of Fools ImageThe Suffering of Fools Strangers of Paradise ImageStrangers of Paradise
Warriors of Calamity ImageWarriors of Calamity

Side Missions

Stranger of Paradise - Side Missions
All Side Missions and How to Unlock

Azure Memories: The Believer ImageAzure Memories: The Believer Azure Memories: The Betrayer ImageAzure Memories: The Betrayer Azure Memories: The Overconfident ImageAzure Memories: The Overconfident
Azure Memories: The Rebel ImageAzure Memories: The Rebel Azure Memories: The Sacrifice ImageAzure Memories: The Sacrifice Azure Memories: The Stymied ImageAzure Memories: The Stymied
Bound by Crimson Memories ImageBound by Crimson Memories Coral Memories: The Avenger ImageCoral Memories: The Avenger Coral Memories: The Greedy ImageCoral Memories: The Greedy
Ebon Memories: The Guided ImageEbon Memories: The Guided Ebon Memories: The Power-Hungry ImageEbon Memories: The Power-Hungry Ebon Memories: The Soul Seeker ImageEbon Memories: The Soul Seeker
Ebon Memories: The Tragic Cynic ImageEbon Memories: The Tragic Cynic Ebon Memories: The Truthseeker ImageEbon Memories: The Truthseeker Ebon Memories: The Warrior ImageEbon Memories: The Warrior
Ebon Memories: The Yearner ImageEbon Memories: The Yearner Indigo Memories: The Damned ImageIndigo Memories: The Damned Indigo Memories: The Deceived ImageIndigo Memories: The Deceived
Indigo Memories: The Humiliated ImageIndigo Memories: The Humiliated Indigo Memories: The Stabbed ImageIndigo Memories: The Stabbed Indigo Memories: The Trapped ImageIndigo Memories: The Trapped
Scarlet Memories: The Erudite ImageScarlet Memories: The Erudite Scarlet Memories: The Fallen ImageScarlet Memories: The Fallen Scarlet Memories: The Savior ImageScarlet Memories: The Savior

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Jobs (Classes)

Jobs Partial Banner.png

List of Jobs and How to Unlock All Jobs

Basic Jobs
Swordsman.pngSwordsman Duelist.pngDuelist
SwordfighterSwordfighter Pugilist.pngPugilist
Marauder.pngMarauder Ronin.pngRonin
Lancer.pngLancer Mage.pngMage
Advanced Jobs
Knight.pngKnight Monk.pngMonk
Warrior.pngWarrior Thief.pngThief
Red Mage.pngRed Mage Berserker.pngBerserker
Black Mage.pngBlack Mage Samurai.pngSamurai
White Mage.pngWhite Mage Dragoon.pngDragoon
Expert Jobs
Breaker.pngBreaker Ninja.pngNinja
Dark Knight.pngDark Knight Assassin.pngAssassin
Void Knight.pngVoid Knight Sage.pngSage
Paladin.pngPaladin Tyrant.pngTyrant
Liberator.pngLiberator Cyclic WarriorCyclic Warrior

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Best Builds

Stranger of Paradise - Best Builds.png
Best Builds for Each Job

All Builds

Basic Jobs
SwordsmanSwordsman SwordfighterSwordfighter DuelistDuelist
RoninRonin PugilistPugilist MageMage
MarauderMarauder LancerLancer
Advanced Jobs
SamuraiSamurai MonkMonk KnightKnight
DragoonDragoon WarriorWarrior BerserkerBerserker
White Mage.pngWhite Mage Black Mage.pngBlack Mage Thief.pngThief
Red Mage.pngRed Mage
Expert Jobs
Liberator.pngLiberator Cyclic Warrior.pngCyclic Warrior Breaker.pngBreaker
Tyrant.pngTyrant Sage.pngSage Paladin.pngPaladin
Ninja.pngNinja Assassin.pngAssassin Dark Knight.pngDark Knight
Void Knight.pngVoid Knight

This section is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Boss Guides

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise Boss Fight Guide Partial Banner.png

All Boss Fight Guides

Main Mission Bosses

Boss List
Chaos Advent ImageChaos Advent Pirate Captain Bikke ImagePirate Captain Bikke Black Knight ImageBlack Knight
Fused Elemental ImageFused Elemental Chimera ImageChimera Tiamat ImageTiamat
Great Malboro ImageGreat Malboro Marilith ImageMarilith Dragon Zombie ImageDragon Zombie
Lich ImageLich Cray Claw ImageCray Claw Kraken ImageKraken
The Possessed ImageThe Possessed Iron Giant ImageIron Giant The Ur-Dragon King ImageThe Ur-Dragon King
Ultima Weapon Origin ImageUltima Weapon Origin Darkness Manifest ImageDarkness Manifest

Side Mission Bosses

Boss List
Griffon Queen ImageGriffon Queen Master Tonberry ImageMaster Tonberry Ravenous Coeurl ImageRavenous Coeurl
Tonberry ImageTonberry

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Game Mechanics

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise Characters Game Mechanics Banner.png

Game Mechanics: Explained

Game Mechanics
Difficulty Settings and Differences How to Use Soul Shield
All Status Ailments and Effects How to Unlock Job Trees
How to Unlock CHAOS Difficulty Affinity System Explained
How to Upgrade Weapons Co-op Multiplayer Guide
All Stats Explained Combat System and Battle Guide
Cactuar Locations and Rewards How to Change Party Member Jobs
How to Use Instant Abilities How to Use Job Crests
How to Use Master Points Max Level Guide
How to Get Artifacts Post-Game Content
How to Soul Burst How to Get Master Rank 4 Jobs
How to Parry and Effects Job Limit Releases
How to Block How to Change Jobs
Combat System and Battle Guide
All Stat Effect Guides
All Stats Explained
HP Spirit
MP Luck
Break Physical Defense
Strength Physical Attack
Agility Magic Attack
Stamina Magic Defense

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Weapons

Weapons Partial Banner.png

List of Weapons and All Weapon Locations

All Weapon Types
Greatsword Icon.pngGreatsword Mace Icon.pngMace
Lance Icon.pngLance Sword Icon.pngSword
Axe Icon.pngAxe Knuckles Icon.pngKnuckles
Dagger Icon.pngDagger Katana Icon.pngKatana

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Armors

Stranger of Paradise - All Armors

List of Armors and All Armor Locations

All Armor Types

All Armor Types
3501093 Armor.pngHead Chest Armor.pngChest Arms Armor.pngArm
Legs Armor.pngLeg Foot Armor.pngFoot Shields.pngShield

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin News and Game Info

Latest Patch: Version 1.02

Patch Note Highlights
General ・Various bug fixes on system performance

Version 1.02 Update and Patch Notes

Latest News

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise News and Info Partial Banner.png

News and Game Info

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Maps and Locations

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise Map and Locations Partial Banner

All Maps and Locations

All Maps and Locations
Cavern of Earth.jpgCavern of Earth Sunken Shrine.jpgSunken Shrine Chaos Shrine.jpgChaos Shrine
Refrin Wetlands.jpgRefrin Wetlands Pirate Hideout.jpgPirate Hideout Pravoka.jpgPravoka
Crystal Mirage.jpgCrystal Mirage The Flying Fortress.jpgThe Flying Fortress The Western Keep.jpgThe Western Keep
Mount Gulg.jpgMount Gulg The AncientsAncients' Tower The Wicked Arbor.jpgThe Wicked Arbor

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Characters

Final Fantasy Origin - Stranger of Paradise Characters Partial Banner.png

List of Characters and Voice Actors

Main Character
Party Members
Ash.pngAsh Jed.pngJed Neon.pngNeon Sophia.pngSophia
Story Characters
Princess Sarah.pngPrincess Sarah Astos.pngAstos Captain Bikke.pngPirate Captain Bikke -
Lich.pngLich Kraken.pngKraken Marilith.pngMarilith Tiamat.pngTiamat

About Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Game Information

Game Title Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
Box Art Stranger of Paradise Box Art.png
Release Date March 18th, 2022
March 15th: Early Access via PlayStation Store
March 17th: Early Access via Epic Games Store
Available Platforms PlayStation 4
Playstation 5
Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S
PC (Epic Games Store only)
Genre Action RPG
Developer Team Ninja
Official Site Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Official Site

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