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Out of the Shadow Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 - Out of the Shadow Walkthrough
Out of the Shadow is one of the Main Quests in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Read on for a detailed walkthrough, a list of rewards, as well as other tips and strategies on how to complete this Main Quest!

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Into the Darkness Onward

Out of the Shadow Overview

Quest Information

Out of the Shadow
Quest Type Main Quest
Recommended Level 30
Description: Clive returns to the hideaway and sets about spreading the glad tidings that Hugo Kupka—the man who crushed their former home and saw many of their friends slaughtered—is no more. Those who lost their lives that fateful night are avenged, and those lucky enough to survive can now live without fear that he might one day return.

How to Unlock

FINAL FANTASY 16 - Out of the Shadow - How to Unlock
Out of the Shadow unlocks after beating Titan during the Into the Darkness quest. You will be doing a series of subquests here, which will allow you to interact with some of the characters on this quest!

Out of the Shadow Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

# Out of the Shadow Objectives
Speak with Otto
Speak with Otto and tell him the good news that Kupka is no longer alive. You can find him at his usual spot in the Hideaway with Gav and Jill.
Speak with Vivian
Speak with Vivian and report what happened at the castle and how things ended. She will tell you then to talk with other residents and spread the news!
Spread the good news
Speak with Charon, Blackthorne, and Harpocrates and tell them the news about Kupka.
Speak again with Otto
Return to Otto after spreading the news. He will then ask you to check how Mid is doing and ask if you can convince her to visit Cid's grave.
Speak with Mid
Speak with Mid on her workshop. It seems like she's working on a new project related to a ship.
Complete Letting Off Steam I, II, & III (Subquest)
Help Mid get the materials for her project. A series of subquests, Letting Off Steam quests, will cover that!
Letting Off Steam I Walkthrough
Letting Off Steam II Walkthrough
Letting Off Steam III Walkthrough
Report back to Otto
Speak with Otto and tell him Mid is still busy with her project, but Otto doesn't buy it. Try to go after her!
Speak with Obolus
Speak with Obolus the Boatman and ask if she sees Mid. But it seems you're too late as she already left the Hideaway.

You will also receive a letter from your uncle, Byron, during your talk with Obolus. He's asking if he can borrow Gav for a short while.
Visit the Old Hideaway
Go to the Old Hideaway to visit Cid's grave. You will meet Charon there with Goetz and devise a quick plan to approach the last Mothercrystal with the team.
Make for Boklad
Teleport to Laetny's Cleft and make for Boklad to destroy the last Mothercrystal at Drake's Tail.
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Into the Darkness Onward

Letting Off Steam I

# Letting Off Steam I Objectives
Speak with Blackthorne
Go to Blackthorne and give him the Thermal Plating Designs that needs to be crafted. However, he is missing a few materials for it.
Choose between Gav or Otto
Blackthorne asks you, Gav, and Otto to help get all the materials needed. You can choose any of them to accompany you in gathering Stardusts.

There won't be any changes to the story, but there will be a few dialogue changes on this subquest. You can save on this part and reload it after if you're interested in checking what the other says!
Go to the Dalimil Inn
After choosing your companion, head to the Dalimil Inn and look for your companion near the river outside of the town.
Gather 5 Stardusts
Gather five Stardusts near the river. You can find them shining on the ground, similar to if there's an item you can loot, but it's dimmer.

You will also see a quest marker on them once you get close enough!
Speak with your chosen companion
Go back to your chosen companion after collecting five Stardusts and submit it to them. They will ask you to chat for a bit before heading back.

Let the scene play or skip it!
Return to the Hideaway
Go back to the Hideaway and submit the materials to Blackthorne. Return to Mid after and let her know that the Thermal Plating is already a work in progress.

She will then ask for materials for the helm, which you will cover on Letting Off Steam II!
Letting Off Steam II Walkthrough

Letting Off Steam II

# Letting Off Steam II Objectives
Speak with Helena
Helena knows more about the part of the ruin with the exact shape needed for the helm. You can find her inside the workshop.
Make for Laubert's Pass
It seems that the part needed is in Laubert's Pass. You can fast travel to Lost Wing then head east then south to get to Laubert's Pass.
Defeat the "Unwanted Visitor" (Ahriman)
Unfortunately, the part they need is being guarded by an Ahriman. Hunt it down to get the part!
How to Beat Ahriman and Rewards
Report back to Mid in the hideaway
Go back to Mid after getting the ruined part. She will then discuss what it needs for the last part.

Letting Off Steam III

# Letting Off Steam III Objectives
Speak with Harpocrates
Harpocrates seems to know what part Mid wants. Talk to him in the library and hand over the Thermal Shielding Designs to discuss it further.
Choose from Jill or Karja
Choose the one who will accompany you to buy the ingredients needed. It can be Jill or Karja.

YYour choice won't affect the story, but there will be some dialogue changes depending on who you choose. You can save the game on this part and reload it to see the other interaction with the character you didn't choose!
Make for the Northreach Markets
Go to the Northreach Markets and get some Pepio Nuts and Garlic. You can get the Pepio Nuts from Greengrocer and the Garlic to the Traveling Merchant.

You can also buy other items from them while you're at it!
Speak with your chosen companion
Speak with your chosen companion once you got all the ingredients and hand them over. They will ask you to chat before heading back to the Hideaway.
Return to the Hideaway
Go back to the Hideaway and give the items to Harpocrates. Speak with Mid after and tell her the last part is good now!

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