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Welcome to Game8's Final Fantasy X Wiki (FFX, FF10) for the playstation 4! Here we have all the story walkthroughs, sidequest guides, mini-game tips, and all the in-depth guide you can possible need all throughout the game!

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Final Fantasy X - Hot Articles

Hot Articles

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Final Fantasy X - Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

Main Story

This is our story walkthrough for all the chapters of the game!

Main Story Chapter List
Submerged Ruins Besaid Kilika
Luca Highroads Djose
Guadosalam Macalania Bikanel Island
Bevelle Calm Lands/Gagazet Zanarkand
Last Chapter

Sub Quests

This is a list of all the side-quests available in the game. Follow our tips and easily clear all the challenges these subquests has to offer!

List of Side Quests
Celestial Weapons Dark Aeons and Penance
Lightning Dodger Monster Arena
Omega Ruins Optional Aeons
Chocobo Training Remiem Temple
Butterfly Hunt Cactuar Village
Al Bhed Primers Airship Codes
Jecht Spheres Chocobo Race
## Cloister of Trials

Never be puzzled by our Cloister of Trial guide for eacha vailable temples in the game!

Besaid Temple Kilikka Temple
Djose Temple Macalania Temple
Bevelle Temple Zanarkand Ruins

Final Fantasy X - Boss Battles

Boss Battle bnr
We have listed the best strategies for each bosses in the game. Learn how to best the mightiest foes with our in-depth boss battle guides!

Main Story Bosses
Sinspawn: Ammes Geosgaeno
Klikk Tros
Kimahri Sin(Fin)
Sinspawn:Echuilles LordOchu
Sinspawn:Geneaux Oblitzerator
Chocobo Eater Sinspawn: Gui
Extractor Spherimorph
Crawler Seymour
Anima Wendigo
Evrae Altana Evrae
Seymour: Natus Defender X
Biran Ronso Yenke Ronso
Seymour Flux Sanctuary Keeper
Spectral Keeper Yunalesca
Sin Core Sin
Seymour Omnis Braska's Final Aeon
Yu Yevon
Arena Area Conquest Monsters
Stratoavis Malboro Menace
Kottos Coeurlregina
Jormungand Cactuar King
Espada Abyss Worm
Chimerageist Don Tonberry
Catoblepas Abaddon
Arena Species Conquest Monsters
Fenrir Ornitholestes
Pteryx Hornet
Vidatu One-Eye
Jumbo Flan Nega Elemental
Tanket Fafnir
Sleep Sprout Bomb King
Juggernaut Ironclad
Arena Original Monsters
Earth Eater Greater Sphere
Catastrophe Th'uban
Neslug Ultima Buster
Shinryu Nemesis
Dark Aeons and Penance
Dark Valefor Dark Ifrit
Dark Ixion Dark Shiva
Dark Bahamut Dark Yojimbo
Dark Anima Dark Cindy
Dark Sandy Dark Mindy
# Final Fantasy X - Beginner Tips & Guides

Beginner Tips and Guides bnr
We say beginner tips but our tips & guides section caters to both new comers of the franchise as well as the veteran of the series!

List of Beginner Tips & Guides
Methods of Transportation How to Gain AP Fast
How to Strengthen Aeons How to Save
Statuses Tips and Guides Elements and Weaknesses
How to Gain AP Beginner Tips and Tricks How to Customize Tips and Tricks
How to Swap Characters Beginner Tips and Tricks How to use Sphere Grid Beginner Tips and Tricks
What is the CTB Beginner Tips and Tricks What is Gil?
Battle Mode Beginner Tips and Tricks Overdrive Beginner Tips and Tricks
Basic Controls Beginner Tips and Tricks What is Overkill? Beginner Tips and Tricks
Blitzball Tips
Make the Best Blitzball Team How to Scout and Recruit Players
How to Reset Data How to Level Up Blitzball Players
How to Forfeit blitzball How to Play Blitzball
How to Get Jecht Shot 2 What is Techfind?
How to beat the Goers (First Match) How to Tech Copy
Advanced Tips
How to Max Stats Gil Farming
How to gain AP fast How to get Key Spheres
What does Luck do? how to increase luck
Standard or Expert Sphere Grid? -
# Final Fantasy X - Monsters

Monsters bnr
We have listed all the monsters available in the game as well as their locations and all the goodies you can obtain from them!
List of Monsters

# Final Fantasy X - Items

Items bnr
Items play a major role in the game thanks to all the customization and abilities that rely on item usage. We have listed all the items below and how to obtain them!

Restorative Items Distillers Use Items
Spheres Miscellaneous Items Key Items
# Final Fantasy X - Abilities

Confused on what an ability does? Want to teach it to an Aeon? We got you covered with our ability list guide!

Equipment Ability List
Weapon Abilities Armor Abilities
Character Abilities List
Skills Specials
White Magics Black Magics
Other List
Over Drive mode

Final Fantasy X - Aeons

An in depth section for all the aeons, how to obtain them, and their abilities and their effects!
List of all Aeons and Learnable Abilities

Story Aeons
Valefor Ifrit
Ixion Shiva
Bahamut -
Optional Aeons
Yojimbo Anima
Cindy Sandy
Mindy -

Final Fantasy X - Characters


List of Characters
Get to know all the characters in the game and thier role in Final Fantasy Xs story.

Main Characters
Tidus Yuna
Wakka Lulu
Kimahri Auron
Rikku -
Major Antagonists
Seymour Sin
Jecht Yu Yevon

Final Fantasy X - Blitzball Players

Blitzball Players.png
A list of all players for the ever popular (?) mini-game blitzball! Be a master player of our underwater football game by recruiting the best players in the game!

How to Make the Best Blitzball Team
List of Blitzball Players

Final Fantasy X - Trophies

Prove yourself a master of the game by obtaining all the trophies in the game!
List of Trophies

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