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This is the Dragon's Dogma 2 wiki for walkthroughs on Capcom's action RPG sequel. Read on for guides on all DD2 quests, vocations and classes, pawns, builds, monsters, and more!

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Recommended Guides


Recommended Guides

Popular Guides
Portcrystal Locations Missables
Stat Growth Max Level
Seeker's Token Locations Golden Trove Beetle Locations
Maister Locations New Game Plus
How to Delete Save Data and Start a New Game Best Equipment
Bosses -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Walkthrough


Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Walkthrough Guides
What to Do First What to Do Before Coronation
Endings Guide Post Game Content
Unmoored World Walkthrough -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Quests


All Quests and Unlock Conditions

Quests With Story Progression

# Story Quests
1 Gaoled Awakening
2 Tale's Beginning
3 In Dragon's Wake
4 One-Eyed Interloper
5 Seat of the Sovran
6 Monster Culling
7 Disa's Plot
8 The Caged Magistrate
9 The Stolen Throne
10 The Nameless Village
11 An Unsettling Encounter
12 Feast of Deception
13 Nation of the Lambent Flame
14 Flickering Shadows
15 Convergence
16 A New Godsway
17 The Guardian Gigantus
18 Legacy

True Ending Quest Guides

# Post Game Quests
1 Dreams Apart
2 Halls of the First Dawn
3 A Scholarly Pursuit

Quest Guides

Other Quest Guides
Best Side Quests Worth Doing Vernworth Quests Recommended Order
Timed Quests

List of All Quests

All Side Quests
Clash and Conclusion A Noble Exchange
Crossing in Shadow Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge
Brothers Brave and Timid Out of the Forest, Into the Forge
The Ailing Arborheart Tolled to Rest
‘Twixt a Rock and a Hard Place A Game of Wits
A Poisonous Proposal Masked Correspondence
Welcome to Battahl Tensions on the Highroad
Till Death Do Us Part Mercy Among Thieves
A Magisterial Amenity Spellbound
A Veil of Gossamer Clouds A Candle in the Storm
A Trial of Archery The Sorcerer's Appraisal
Dulled Steel, Cold Forge The Phantom Oxcart
Shadowed Prayers Home is Where the Hearth Is
Short-Sighted Ambition Trouble on the Cape
Put a Spring in Thy Step The Sotted Sage
Readvent of Calamity Gift of the Bow
A Case of Sculptor's Block The Gift of Giving
Saint of the Slums House of the Blue Sunbright
Prey for the Pack Hunt for the Jadeite Orb
Beren's Final Lesson A Beggar's Tale
A Place to Call Home The Provisioner's Plight
Oxcart Courier Claw Them Into Shape
The Arisen's Shadow The Ornate Box
Scaly Invaders Medicament Predicament
Every Rose Has Its Thorn The Heel of History
Nesting Troubles Vocation Frustration
Ordeals of a New Recruit

Dragon's Dogma 2 Vocations


Best Vocations and Class Tier List

List of All Vocations

Starter Vocations
FighterFighter ArcherArcher ThiefThief MageMage
Advanced Vocations
WarriorWarrior SorcererSorcerer
Hybrid Vocations
Magick ArcherMagick Archer Mystic SpearhandMystic Spearhand
TricksterTrickster WarfarerWarfarer

Vocations by Type

All Vocation Types
Starter Advanced Hybrid

Vocation Guides and Articles

All Vocation Guides and Articles
How to Unlock All Vocations How to Change Vocations
Should You Level All Vocations? -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Weapons

Dragons Dogma 2 - Weapons Partial Banner

List of Weapons

All Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Swords Shields
Maces Daggers
Bows Greatswords
Hammers Staves
Archistaves Magickal Bows
Duospears Censers

Dragon's Dogma 2 Armor

Dragons Dogma 2 - Armors Partial Banner

List of Armors

All Armor Types

All Armor Types
Head Armor Body Armor
Leg Armor Cloaks
Rings -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Map


Map and Locations

All Location Guides

Dragon's Dogma 2 Location Guides
All Inn Locations All Riftstone Locations
All Statue Locations All Treasure Chest Locations
All Oxcart Locations All Caves and Dungeons

Other Map Guides

Other Map Guides
What Do the Exclamation Marks Mean? Borderwatch Outpost Quests and Shops
Melve Quests and Shops Vernworth Location
Harve Village Quests and Shops Checkpoint Rest Town and How to Open Gate
Bay Wayside Shrine Location Sacred Arbor Location
Waterfall Cave Location Bakbattahl Location
How to Clear Drabnir's Grotto How to Get to Agamen Volcanic Island
How to Get to Excavation Site and Agamen Ruins -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Tips and Tricks


Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Farming Guides
How to Get Gold Fast Rift Crystals (RC)
Discipline Points (DP) Wyrmslife Crystals (WLC)
How to Level Up Fast -
Beginner Guides
Fast Travel How to Tell Time
How to Increase Health How to Save
Best Party Composition How to Store Items
How to Dodge All Stats Explained
All Debilitations How to Combine Items
How to Increase Weight Limit How to Get Out of Jail
List of Controls Best Settings
What is Knockdown Power? How to Light Up Dark Places
How to Lower Ladders from High Areas How to Lock the Minimap to North
How to Fight Aerial Enemies All Damage Types and Elemental Weaknesses
How to Deal Fire Damage How to Deal Lightning Damage
How to Deal Ice Damage How to Deal Holy Damage
Advanced Guides
List of All Exploits How to Raise Affinity
How to Enhance Equipment Cooking Guide
How to Give Gifts How to Create a Forgery
How to Find NPCs Dwarven Smithing
What is Dragonsplague? Can You Lock On Enemies?
Can You Change Difficulty? Can You Sneak?
Can You Change FOV? What Happens When You Die?
Why Do Guards Attack Randomly? Can You Hide Your Helmet?
Important Locations
How to Get Houses How to Enter Rose Chateau Bordelrie
Makeshift Vault Key and Vault Location Hot Spring Location and Effects

Dragon's Dogma 2 Romance


All Romance Options

Romance Guides
How to Romance Ulrika How to Romance Wilhelmina
Glyndwyr Romance and Affinity Guide Brant Romance and Affinity Guide

Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creation

All Character Creation Guides


Character Creator Guide

Character Creation Guides
Character Creations and Formulas Sharing Board Does Your Character Size Matter?
Does Race Matter? Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet)
Moniker Meaning and Difference from Name -

Dragons' Dogma 2 Pawns


Pawns System Explained

Pawn Guides and Articles

Pawn Guides
Best Pawn Vocations Pawn ID Sharing Board
Best Pawn Inclination How to Heal Pawns
What Happens to Items of Dismissed Pawns? What Happens If Your Main Pawn Forfeits?
All Pawn Specializations How to Learn Elvish
How to Get Chirurgeon Specialization How to Get Logistician Specialization
How to Get Forager Specialization How to Get Hawker Specialization
How to Change Main Pawn Pawn Badges and Effects
Official Pawns List -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Items


List of All Items

All Item Types

All Item Types
Curatives Implements
Materials Valuables

Popular Item Guides

Popular Item Guides
Best Items to Sell Ferrystone Art of Metamorphosis
Eternal Wakestone Noonbloom Ore
Hair Dye Jasper Onyx
Tiger Eye Fruit Wine Knacker Horn
Key of Sagacity Newt Liquer Quince
Howling Blizzard Medusa's Head Unmaking Arrow
Finder's Token Wakestone Boltscale
Eldricite Darkscale Electrum
Glimmercoal Glymercole Modest Camping Kit

Dragon's Dogma 2 Augments


Best Augments and All Augments List

List of Augments

Dragons Dogma 2 - Fighter Mettle Dragons Dogma 2 - Fighter Provocation Dragons Dogma 2 - Fighter Thew
Dragons Dogma 2 - Fighter Dominion Dragons Dogma 2 - Fighter Diligence Dragons Dogma 2 - Archer Ambuscade
Dragons Dogma 2 - Archer Endurance Dragons Dogma 2 - Archer Radiance Dragons Dogma 2 - Archer Lethality
Dragons Dogma 2 - Archer Avidity Dragons Dogma 2 - Mage Apotropaism Dragons Dogma 2 - Mage Beatitude
Dragons Dogma 2 - Mage Intervention Dragons Dogma 2 - Mage Perpetuation Dragons Dogma 2 - Mage Exaltation
Dragons Dogma 2 - Thief Subtlety Dragons Dogma 2 - Thief Gratification Dragons Dogma 2 - Thief Poise
Dragons Dogma 2 - Thief Vigor Dragons Dogma 2 - Thief Verve Dragons Dogma 2 - Warrior Vitality
Dragons Dogma 2 - Warrior Impact Dragons Dogma 2 - Warrior Pertinacity Dragons Dogma 2 - Warrior Dominance
Dragons Dogma 2 - Warrior Intrepidity Dragons Dogma 2 - Sorcerer Asperity Dragons Dogma 2 - Sorcerer Stasis
Dragons Dogma 2 - Sorcerer Constancy Dragons Dogma 2 - Sorcerer Catalysis Dragons Dogma 2 - Sorcerer Sagacity
Dragons Dogma 2 - Mystic Spearhand Conveyance Dragons Dogma 2 - Mystic Spearhand Opulence Dragons Dogma 2 - Mystic Spearhand Polarity
Dragons Dogma 2 - Mystic Spearhand Refulgence Dragons Dogma 2 - Mystic Spearhand Athleticism Dragons Dogma 2 - Magick Archer Sustainment
Dragons Dogma 2 - Magick Archer Voracity Dragons Dogma 2 - Magick Archer Prolificity Dragons Dogma 2 - Magick Archer Ascendancy
Dragons Dogma 2 - Magick Archer Amelioration Dragons Dogma 2 - Trickster Detection Dragons Dogma 2 - Trickster Enlightenment
Dragons Dogma 2 - Trickster Fugacity Dragons Dogma 2 - Trickster Obfuscation Dragons Dogma 2 - Trickster Allure
Dragons Dogma 2 - Warfarer Zeal Dragons Dogma 2 - Warfarer Dynamism

Dragon's Dogma 2 Monsters


List of Monsters

All Monsters

All Confirmed Monsters
Lesser Dragon Spider Dragon
The Brine
Rabbit Phantom
Venin Harpy Redwolf Asp Gore Harpy
Grim Ogre Dragon
Warg Dragon

Dragon's Dogma 2 NPCs


List of NPCs

Dragon's Dogma 2 Weapon Skills

Dragons Dogma 2 - WEAPON SKILLS Partial Banner

List of All Weapon Skills

Dragon's Dogma 2 Core Skills

Dragons Dogma 2 - Core Skills

List of All Core Skills

Dragon's Dogma 2 Choices


List of Choices

Choices and Consequences Guides

Choices Guides
Should You Lie or Tell the Truth? Should You Buy Mildred's House?
Should You Buy a Round? Should You Let Bermudo Go?
Should You Kill the Sphinx? -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Trophies and Achievements

Dragons Dogma 2 - Trophy and Achievements Partial Banner

Trophy Guide and List of Achievements

All Achievement Guides

All Achievement Guides
I, Talos Achievement -

Dragon's Dogma 2 Collectibles


List of All Collectibles

Dragon's Dogma 2 News


Latest News and Updates

Released on March 22!


Dragon's Dogma 2 has released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam) as of 12 midnight EDT on March 22, 2024!

Release Time and Countdown

Latest News

Other News and Game Info

Game Info
New Features and Changes System Requirements
Available Platforms Multiplayer
Story and Plot Summary Should You Play Dragon's Dogma 1 First?
News Archive
All Trailers Release Time
Edition Differences Pre-Order
Preload Demo

Dragon's Dogma 2 Updates and Patch Notes

Dragons Dogma 2 - Updates and  Patch Notes Partial Banner

Planned Updates and Patches

Update Version History

Update Version Release
Update Ver. 1.05 Patch Notes March 29, 2024

Dragon's Dogma 2 Bugs and Errors

Bugs and Known Errors


All Bugs, Performance Issues, and Known Glitches

About Dragon's Dogma 2

Product Information

Dragon's Dogma 2
Price $69.99 (Standard Edition)
$79.99 (Deluxe Edition)
Platforms PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
Genre Action-RPG
Publisher Capcom
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