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Pawns System Explained


Pawns are your companions throughout your journey in Dragon's Dogma 2. Learn about the pawn system, pawn specializations, how many pawns you can have, pawn romance, how to command pawns, and more!

Pawns System Explained

What Pawns Do

Vocations Can be Changed Anytime


Your Main Pawn's Vocation can be changed anytime in any Vocation Guild as you unlock more vocations. Different pawns can also be hired from Riftstones.

This allows your pawns to assist you in combat better as you change vocations and strategies.

Best Pawn Vocations

Helps With Combat

Dragons Dogma 2 - Pawns Help With Combat

Pawns are your staple, AI-controlled ally in Dragon's Dogma 2. Their main goal is to help the Arisen in any way possible, especially with combat-related matters. They will protect the player with all their might, so consider protecting them, too!

Multiplayer Guide: Is Co-op Available?

Inclination Affects Their Combat Behavior


Different pawn inclinations affect how they behave in combat. Some are better for aggressive pawns, while others make pawns prioritize supportive skills instead.

Best Pawn Inclination and Differences Explained

Guides You Through Quests

Dragons Dogma 2 - Guide You Through Quests

Dragon's Dogma 2 does not have quest markers. Instead, quest progress is dictated by the help of pawns. In addition to fighting alongside the Arisen, Pawns will also guide players to finish quests.

Pawns Will Ask To Guide You Through Quests

Pawns in your party that possess relevant information about a certain quest will ask you if they should guide or assist you in completing the quest objectives. This can range from pointing you in the right direction to taking you to the exact spot.

When a Pawn asks if they should guide or assist you, simply use the "Go!" command, and the pawn will act accordingly.

All Quests and Unlock Conditions

Can Travel Between Player Worlds


Pawns can also travel between different players' worlds by Pawn sharing. This is one of the main ways Dragon's Dogma 2 fosters community in this single-player game.

Get Experience From Other Players


When a pawn is borrowed by another player, the pawn will garner experience from adventuring with that player. It will, in turn, help you in your adventures.

For example, if your Pawn takes on a specific quest with another player, it will help you finish it when they return to your world! This also applies to Pawns you borrow from other players, so always use the Pawn sharing mechanic!

All Pawn Badges and Effects

Can Be Infected by Dragonsplague

Dragons Dogma 2 - Dragonsplague

As your Pawn hops from world to world, there is a huge chance they will be infected with Dragonsplague.

This is an illness that pawns can be infected with while traveling through other Arisen's worlds, which increases their aggressiveness until they lose control of themselves.

Not dealing with a pawn with this Dragonsplague can result in devastating consequences.

What Is Dragonsplague?

Can Be Revived

Dragons Dogma 2 - Reviving Pawns

When a Pawn's HP drops to zero, they will leave behind a tomb marker. When in this state, Pawns cannot help you in combat or any quest-related matters. To revive a pawn, approaching the tomb marker will prompt you if you want to revive your pawn!

What Happens If Your Main Pawn Becomes Forfeit?

Will Leave Your Party If Not Revived


Pawns will become forfeit when a certain amount of time has passed while downed. Forfeited Pawns will be forcibly removed from your party and cannot help you anymore. Make sure to revive a Pawn, especially if they are important in the quest.

What Happens to Items of Dismissed Pawns?

Heal Pawns with Healing Spells

Pawns can be healed in combat with curative spells such as ones from the Mage vocation.

Out of combat, heal your party by resting in campsites, inns, or houses.

How to Heal Pawns

Pawns Have Specializations

Dragons Dogma 2 - Paw Specialization

In addition to vocations, Pawns can also have specializations. These specializations will help you immensely throughout your adventures.

All Pawn Specializations

Specialization Description
Chirurgeon Initiative to use curatives on the Arisen and other allies.
Logistician Initiative to combine materials and move items between allies' packs.
Forager Marks the locations of enhancement materials on the map.
Hawker Can offer to purchase a selection of items from the inventory for a fair sum of gold.
Woodland Wordsmith Can interpret Elvish for the Arisen.

Each specialization tome is unlocked through different means and can only be used once. These also replace your pawn's current specialization.

All Pawn Specializations

How Many Pawns Can You Have?

A Total of 3 Pawns In Your Party

Dragons Dogma 2 - 3 Pawns in Your Party

A total of three (3) pawns can be in your party at a time. This comprises your main Pawn and two (2) borrowed Pawns from other players.

Best Pawn Party Composition

Summon Pawn via Riftstone


Riftstones are the gates where pawns can travel through worlds. You can search for specific pawn characteristics in the greater Riftstones found in larger cities. However, only specific characteristics can be found in the smaller riftstones found in the rest of the world.

All Riftstone Locations

Pawn Character Creation

Pawn Creation at the First Riftstone

Once you arrive at your first Riftstone at the Borderwatch Outpost, you can create and customize your Main Pawn to your liking. Note that your Main Pawn's name cannot be changed later. Other aspects, however, such as physical appearance, vocation, or inclination, can be changed.

Character Creation Guide

Vocations Can be Changed


Your Main Pawn's starter vocation can be changed later in Vocation Guilds as you unlock more Advanced Vocations.

Best Pawn Vocations

Physical Appearance, Inclination, and Voice Can be Changed


Each characteristic of your pawn can be changed except for their name. Your Main Pawn's Physical Appearance, including their race, body type, and other detailed body features.

Their inclination can also be changed, changing the selection of voices and how they behave.

Change your Main Pawn's physical appearance at Clovis's Barberie in Vernworth. Depending on what you want to change, it will cost either gold or an Art of Metamorphosis.

How to Change Main Pawn

Can You Romance Pawns?

Pawns Can't Be Romanced

Pawns cannot be romanced in Dragon's Dogma 2 as their only goal is to help the Arisen reclaim what's rightfully theirs. Thankfully, you can select other NPCs to romance, so a romance mechanic is not entirely out of the question.

All Romance Options: Romance Guide

How to Control Pawns

"Help!" for a Pawn to Support You

Asking for help would trigger important support skills from pawns.

In battle, Mages will heal if your health is not full, Fighters and Warriors will initiate their taunt move.

While out of battle, using the "Help!" command will have Mages use other utility skills such as Celerity.

"Go!" for a Pawn to Lead You to a Destination

This command is equivalent to an affirmative when a pawn suggests a specific action. Use this to confirm that you want a pawn to guide you to a quest they are suggesting or a particular point of interest they are familiar with.

You may also use this to ask for a pawn's assistance to reach chests in hard-to-reach areas, to mine mineral nodes, or to turn the lever in the cable cars.

"Wait!" for Pawns to Stay Still

Button Input Command / Uses
PNG - Dpad Right.png / XBOX - DPAD Right.png
This command tells your pawn to stand ground and not move from where they're standing.

This command tells your pawn to stay on their current location and avoid confrontation.

"To Me!" for Pawns to Follow You

Button Input Command / Uses
PNG - Dpad Down.png / XBOX - DPAD Down.png
"To me!"
This command calls your pawns on your side.

This command calls your pawns on your side. They will also go back to their normal behavior after using the "Wait!" command.

Pawns far away from you will be teleported to a closer location.

List of Controls and How to Change

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