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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough and guide on MementoMori! Check out everything there is to know about MementoMori, including the latest news, best characters, tips and tricks, and more!

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Everything New in MementoMori
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Everything New in MementoMori

Liselotte and Matilda Appears

collab chara
The collaboration is here! Liselotte, a Gilsanian Empire secretary, and Matilda, Queen of Jobari appear to MementoMori.

On another note, Lea, a girl imprisoned by her fear of betrayal returns. Check out her kit and bring her to battle!

Current Character Gacha Available

Version 2.8.0 Notes

Version 2.8.0

Updated details for Temple of Illusions Friend Invite, change of order for Multi-Barriers, and fixes in game features are in MementoMori's 2.8.0 update! Read our article below to find out the details.

Version 2.8.0 Update

MementoMori Collaboration Schedule Announced

collab sched

MementoMori's collaboration with the Bank of Innovation's previous games has announced its schedule. It also announced new collaboration events and a new content called Guild Tree.

MementoMori Collab Schedule Announced

Entrusted Feelings, Entwined Hopes Panel Mission

entrusted feelings entwined hopes panel mission banner
Two girls from different worlds have lost their way, finding themselves in the world of MementoMori. Clear specific missions to get beautiful illustrations depicting them reminiscing about their home worlds and friends and the encounters and bonds they have formed in this new world.

Entrusted Feelings, Entwined Hopes Panel Mission Event

MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1 Out Now

Music Album
On January 17, 2024, MementoMori announced via in-game notification that MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1 is now available digitally. Players can purchase this album or each individual song on many major digital music distribution stores. The album is also available for streaming.

The full version of Anemone, the game's title song, is also available to enjoy, so be sure to check it out.

MementoMori Lament Collection Vol.1 Out Now

MementoMori Tier Lists

Want to know who the best characters are and the best teams to use? Check out our Tier List rankings for Team Comps and all playable characters in MementoMori!

Tier List Partial Banner - MementoMori

All Tier Lists

Tier Lists
MementoMori Best CharactersPvE Character Tier List MementoMori PvP Tier ListPvP Character Tier List
MementoMori Best Party GuideBest Teams (PvE) MementoMori Best Party GuideBest Teams (PvP)
MementoMori Support Tier ListSupport Character Tier List MementoMori - Healer Tier ListBest Healer Tier List
MementoMori - Reroll GuideReroll Tier List

MementoMori Character Guides

List of All Characters

All Non-Limited SR Rarity Characters

Moddey - MementoMoriModdey Florence - MementoMoriFlorence Fenrir - MementoMoriFenrir
Amleth - MementoMoriAmleth Soltina - MementoMoriSoltina Dian - MementoMoriDian
Rean - MementoMoriRean Amour - MementoMoriAmour Freesia - MementoMoriFreesia
Sabrina - MementoMoriSabrina Mertillier - MementoMoriMertillier Nina - MementoMoriNina
Cordie - MementoMoriCordie Merlyn - MementoMoriMerlyn Ivy - MementoMoriIvy
Primavera - MementoMoriPrimavera Olivia - MementoMoriOlivia Hathor - MementoMoriHathor
Tropon - MementoMoriTropon Mimi - MementoMoriMimi Natasha - MementoMoriNatasha
Lunalynn - MementoMoriLunalynn

All SR (Limited) Rarity Characters

Liselotte - MementoMoriLiselotte Matilda - MementoMoriMatilda Gil’uial - MementoMoriGil’uial
Fenny - MementoMoriFenny Stella - MementoMoriStella Sivi - MementoMoriSivi
Sonya - MementoMoriSonya Winter Tropon - MementoMoriWinter Tropon Summer Cordie - MementoMoriSummer Cordie
Priscilla - MementoMoriPriscilla Artie - MementoMoriArtie Chiffon - MementoMoriChiffon
Belle - MementoMoriBelle Claudia - MementoMoriClaudia Summer Sabrina - MementoMoriSummer Sabrina
Fia - MementoMoriFia Lea - MementoMoriLea Sophia - MementoMoriSophia
Luke - MementoMoriLuke Tainted Iris - MementoMoriTainted Iris Summer Moddey - MementoMoriSummer Moddey
Winter Amour - MementoMoriWinter Amour Richesse - MementoMoriRichesse Veela - MementoMoriVeela
Carol - MementoMoriCarol Elfriede - MementoMoriElfriede Rusalka - MementoMoriRusalka
Cerberus - MementoMoriCerberus Fortina - MementoMoriFortina Witch Illya - MementoMoriWitch Illya
Armstrong - MementoMoriArmstrong Ophelia - MementoMoriOphelia A.A. - MementoMoriA.A.
Valeriede - MementoMoriValeriede

All R Rarity Characters

Loki - MementoMoriLoki Iris - MementoMoriIris Illya - MementoMoriIllya
Petra - MementoMoriPetra Theodora - MementoMoriTheodora Arianrhod - MementoMoriArianrhod
Libra - MementoMoriLibra Rosalie - MementoMoriRosalie Zara - MementoMoriZara
Soteira - MementoMoriSoteira Cherna - MementoMoriCherna Skuld - MementoMoriSkuld

All N Rarity Characters

Monica - MementoMoriMonica Charlotte - MementoMoriCharlotte Shizu - MementoMoriShizu
Garmr - MementoMoriGarmr

MementoMori News

News Partial
News & Events

Version Updates

Version Updates
Version 2.8.0 Update Version 2.7.0 Update
Version 2.6.0 Update Version 2.5.1 Update
Version 2.5.0 Update Version 2.4.0 Update
Version 2.3.1 Update Version 2.3.0 Update

MementoMori Quests

Quest Partial - MementoMori

All Quest Walkthroughs

Quest Walkthrough
Chapter 5 Quest Guide Chapter 6 Quest Guide
Chapter 7 Quest Guide Chapter 8 Quest Guide
Chapter 9 Quest Guide Chapter 10 Quest Guide
Chapter 11 Quest Guide Chapter 12 Quest Guide
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MementoMori Gacha Banners

Gacha Partial Banner - MementoMori

List of All Gacha Banners

List of Gacha Banners (Invocations)
Recommended Gacha.pngRecommended Gacha Banners
MementoMori - InvokePrayer of The Fleeting MementoMori - InvokePrayer of The Cursed
MementoMori - InvokePrayer of Friendship MementoMori - InvokePrayer of Soul
MementoMori - InvokePrayer of Beginnings MementoMori - InvokeInvocation of Chance
Stars Guidance Banner Icon.pngInvocation of The Stars' Guidance
List of Gacha Simulators
Prayer of the Cursed Banner - MementoMoriPrayer of the Cursed Simulator

MementoMori Tips and Tricks

Beginners' Guides
Beginner's Guide Daily Tasks Checklist
Beginner Mistakes to Avoid How to Make Your Characters Stronger
Character Reroll Guide How to Efficiently Collect Diamonds
How to Enjoy the Game to the Fullest How to Farm EXP & Kindling Orbs Efficiently
How to Overcome the Main Quest How to Collect and Use Runes
How to Collect and Use Boss Tickets How to Collect Witch Shards
How to Collect and Use Holy Fragments How to Collect and Use Dark Perfume and Grand Dark Perfume
How to Collect and Use Character Coins How to Collect and Use Rune Tickets
How to Collect and Use Battle Coins How to Collect and Use Guild Coins
How To Collect and Use Space-Time Coins How to Collect and Enhance Unique Weapons and Gear Sets
How to Collect and Use Witch's Letter and Witch's Invitation How to Collect and Use Chest Keys
How to Collect and Use Upgrade Panacea How to Collect and Use Fruit of Healing
How to Collect Gacha Tickets How to Get Guild Stocks
Awakening Guide Speed Tuning Guide
How to Get 1 Million BP in One Day How to Build Your Team

Should I Reforge My Gear? How Many Characters Do I Need to Reach LR?
What Should I Buy at the Shop? Should I Automatically Release N Characters?
Who Should I Pull With Witch's Invitations? Best Runes to Use
How to Fix Errors How to Reset Game Data and Delete Account

Game Mechanics
Combat System Explained Gear Guide
What is the Level Link Feature? What is Party Level Link Feature
Buffs/Debuffs Guide How to Enhance Gears
What is the Invocation of Chance How to Switch Worlds and Servers
What is Soul Affinity Guild Guide
How to Use the Wish List Feature Stats Explained
Guild Benefits How to Accept Guild Invites
How to Win Guild Battles Arcana Explained
Tree of Life's Dew Explained What is Adamantite?
Character Gacha Pull Rates and Bonus Rewards Rune Guide
Account Link Guide Recommended Premium Packs
VIP Feature and Recommended Levels How to Go Beyond Level 240
What is the Legend League What is a Grand Battle
What are Relics Which Relics Should I Prioritize
Should I buy Tree of Life's Dew with Diamonds? What to Buy During Events

Trials Guides
How to Clear the Cave of Space-Time Trial Fountain of Prayers Guide
Temple of Illusions Guide Battle League Guide
Tower of Infinity Guide

MementoMori Items

Items Partial
List of All Items

Gold KeyConsumable Items Gear and Gear SetsGear and Gear Sets
ATK RuneRunes item_0064.pngGear Parts
item_0046.pngCurrency item_0036.pngMaterials

About MementoMori

Game Information

Release Date October 18, 2022
Full Title MementoMori
Developer Bank of Innovation
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Platforms ・iOS
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

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