New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

New Pokemon Snap - LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

This is a guide to LenTalk Requests (missions), and a list of all Requests available New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to complete LenTalk Requests, as well as unlock conditions for all missions.

List of All Requests

Florio Requests

Park (Day)
Hide-and-Seek in the Flowers One-Hand Freeze Three Friends among Flowers
Head-to-Head Competition Shockingly Well-Done What's Up with Wurmple?
Swanna-be Dam, Sweet Dam Off to a Flying Startle
Flopping by the Water Don't Be Scared! Livening Up the Flowers
Myth of the Nature Park
Park (Night)
Hard-Won Happiness Sudden Movement Munching Murkrow
Where's That Pokemon? Where It Snacks and Snoozes Best Frenemies
Who Needs Wings? Art in Flight A Terrific Yawn
Hoothoot's Hidden Foot Dancing with the Queen For Whose Sake?
Asleep on a Calm Night
Illumina Spot
Meganium's Pal
Research Camp
An Eevee Party A Cheeky Pose Bunnelby Bursts Out
A Pup at Heart Say Hello to Your Neighbors The Empty Room
Audino's Favorite Pastime At Home in the Dark In the Middle of the Camp
Borrowing Bravery Research Data Rescue
Side Path (Day)
Dancing Trio Snorlax Dash
Side Path (Night)
The Parachute

List of Florio Lentalk Requests

Belusylva Requests

Jungle (Day)
Cutting Moment Dangling Metapod What's Your Favorite Pollen
Hard at Work in the Jungle Staredown for Venusaur Jungle Buddies
Making a Splash In the Tall Grass Operation Be My Friend!
Myth of the Jungle
Jungle (Night)
Bounsweet's Amazing Journey Arbok Falls, Asleep Resting Its Wings
Tree-Dwelling Pokemon Triple Threat Tonight's Dinner
Where's the Fruit? A Figure of Beauty Why So Still?
An Unusual Spot
Sylvan Sentinel's Secret Side An Airborne Boulder Gust with Gusto
Upside-Down Hide-and-Seek Little Lost Deerling A Seasonal Gathering
Egg Patrol Angry Drampa A Pair of Chums
Weird Crossing A Moment's Rest Heart of a Dragon
Danger Warning Winter Wonders Flickering Flames
A Tad Happy A Calming Air Myth of the Forest
Illumina Spot
Milotic's Mighty Leap
River (Day)
Overhead Friend Psychic Sidekick Drilbur Propeller
Cleffa's Training
River (Night)
Diving Spot Majestic Ursaring Lurking in the Water

List of Belusylva Lentalk Requests

Maricopia Requests

Beach (Day)
Near the Water's Edge Wingull Loop-the-Loop Three in a Row
Say Cheese! Most Marvelous Muscles Hiding in the Sand
Reef (Day)
Returning to the Sea A Bite for the Bully of the Sea Bobbing for Fluffruit
If You're Happy and You Know It Adorable Water Spray
Favorite Hangout Spot Swimming Clamperl Lucky Four-Leaf Clover
A Ring of Bubbles A New Way to Dance Stirring Up Starmie
See Ya Inf-later! Ready, Aim, Fire! Undersea Ballroom Dancing
A Sunlit Cave A Light in the Depths A Seven-Colored Glow
To the Bottom of the Sea Golisopod Training Seafloor Roar
Illumina Spot
Swirling Energy
Beach (Night)
An Easy Mistake to Make Sitting and Waiting When Archenemies Meet
Inkay by Moonlight A Casual Gesture Fins Aflutter
Bigger! Even Bigger!
Reef (Evening)
Drifting Drifblim The Dancing Songstress Practice Makes Perfect
Round and Round Whirlpool Blast Off Take One, Please
A Mighty Rolling Leap Mareanie's a Meanie Voracious Vaporeon
Myth of the Sea

List of Maricopia Lentalk Requests

Voluca Requests

Sands (Day)
Striking a Pose with Its Tail The Flying Cacnea Where Did the Fluffruit Go?
Munching Mandibuzz A Finicky Flame Sprinting in Surprise
Lycanroc's Reply Oasis Buddies Totally Cool Tyranitar
Onix's Mighty Leap
Sands (Night)
Roll and Stop Hide-and-Seek in the Desert Kangaskhan's Parenting
Revenge of Silicobra Rainbow Meteor Shower
The Singing Dragon Little Lost Shinx Luxray Vision
A Skilled Hunter A Goofy Pose Rest Your Wings
A Quaking Volcano When Graveler Shows Its Hand Archeops at Ease
Climbing the Lavafall So Excited! Volcanic Hide-and-Seek
Red-Hot Energy Typhlosion Explosion 3,000-Degree Flames
A Slice of Rainbow
Illumina Spot
Vocal Volcarona
Badlands (Day)
Let's Play! A Brave Leap An Alluring Pose
Gigantic Koffing Open Wide!
Badlands (Night)
Guardian of Friends Crust-side Down Gassy Swamp Battle
Sleepy Gliscor Illusion of the Badlands Valley of Vivillon

List of Voluca Lentalk Requests

Durice Requests

Snowfields (Day)
Frolicking Furret Snowfield Hide-and-Seek Duel on the Snowfields
Message from a Friend Dig Here, Swinub! The Wrath of Mamoswine
Skarmory's Flying Show Find that Perfect Timing In the Blizzard
It Jumped Out at Me! Fidgety Snorunt Icy Armor
Icy Playground Treasure-Hunting Troupe You Can Do It, Vanilluxe!
Dining Dewgong Gazing Down on the Snowfields
Snowfields (Night)
Howling at the Heavens Proud Warrior Whiteout
A Safe Place to Sleep Present for a Friend Like Powder Snow
Beyond the Wall of Snow With Their Powers Combined A Sheer Face
Shades of Aurorus Wish Upon a Shining Sky
Crobat Touches Down Joltik Adjoined Take a Good, Hard Look
Gem Royalty Gengar the Prankster Noibat's Refined Palate
The Biggest Pumpkaboo of All Croagunk Chorus Drifloon Puffed Up
Clefairy by Moonlight Sound Asleep Anger Outlet
Hydreigon Berserk! Having a Goodra Time Look My Way
Fur Standing On End Myth of the Cave
Illumina Spot
Steelix Takes a Breather

List of Durice Lentalk Requests

Aurus Requests

Houndoom's Breather Blowing Seeds Just Perching Here
A White Pokemon Salandit's Battle Plan Gracefully Gliding
The Mysterious Heart A Break between Patrols Drowsing Beheeyem
Two Golurk Groovy Chandelure Fading into the Shadows
Myth of the Ruins
Illumina Spot
The Power of Xerneas

List of Aurus Lentalk Requests

How to Complete Requests

LenTalk Requests become available after completing the Illumina Spot stage of Florio Nature Park. After unlocking them, they can be completed at any time, and more are often added each time a new course or alternate path is unlocked. Mission will be given by Professor Mirror, Todd, Rita, or Phil.

List of Levels

1. Proceed to the Research Camp

Research Camp

Once you are at the Research Camp, you can view all the requests with your LenTalk by selecting the icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can also press Y to open up Lentalk.

List of Requests

With your Lentalk, you can view individual requests and read the instructions or descriptions of those requests.

2. Go on a Research Expedition

After reading the request, go on a research expedition on the designated course. Capture a photo of the Pokemon mentioned in the request.

Usually, the Pokemon must be performing a certain action in the photo to be submitted for the request.

3. Have your Photo Evaluated

Request Completed.jpg

After completing the course, you will be informed in the upper-right corner of the screen when one of your photos has completed one of the requests while your photos are being evaluated by Professor Mirror.

As long as you show the photo to the professor, it does not need to be saved in the Photo Book to complete a request. This will allow you to keep a higher score photo in your Photodex while completing the request.

4. Receive the Reward for the Request

Request Reward

After you have your photos evaluated, you can return to the Research Camp and open up your Lentalk. Select the completed request to receive your reward (if one is available).

For requests with rewards, you will usually receive something such as a Profile Icon, Sticker, or Filter!

How to Fix Requests Not Working

All requests should be possible to complete. However, if you are having some difficulties with submitting or accomplishing your requests, here are some tips that may help.

Retake Your Photos

What to do if Requests are not working - Not Completed.png
Occassionally, you might run into some trouble where as you browse through the requests, you encounter a request that you believe you have already taken a photo for. This does happen sometimes, and a common reason for missing the completion is because you need to take the photo after receiving the request.

Even if you already have the request photo registered, you have to take the photo again after receiving the request.

Use Burst Mode

What to do if Requests are not working - Burst Mode.png
This might seem tedious, and it some ways it is; especially with hard-to-get photos. But you'll just have to try and take the photo again. Something that might help is the Burst Mode which is unlocked after the credits roll.

This mode allows you to take consecutive shots with just a press of the shutter. This makes sure you can find the photo that captures the exact frame of animation you need.

How to Unlock Burst Mode

Manually Select Photos

You should also manually select the request photos when submitting them for evaluation.

Relying on the Auto-Select function might be a reason why requests aren't completed since the Auto-Select will just choose the best scoring photo.

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7 Yuu101Cutiealmost 3 years

Certain requests, need specific places for those Pokemon... Don't always take a picture later in the course as it won't be completed. This applies to all request, sometimes it's luck or a lot of patiences and some help from this website if your having trouble... Or others. For example, with the Medpod dangling one, the one that dangles from a branch after the temple, WILL NOT, complete the request. You need the one near the beginning if your trying to do the request at a higher level.

6 Anonymousalmost 3 years

good walkthrough


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