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This is a guide to the different secrets, easter eggs, and other references that can be found in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. See what kind interesting hidden secrets await in the Lental Region!

List of Easter Eggs

Todd Snap?

Todd Snap Speculation.png
On February 26th, we caught a glimpse of this character at the end of the gameplay trailer released by the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

We have reason to believe that this character could be Todd Snap, the protagonist of the original Pokemon Snap for the N64. Maybe he will serve as a mentor who can share his photography tips with the younger generation!

List of Characters

The Zero-One and Neo-01

ZERO-ONE and NEO 01.png
As you traverse the islands of the Lental Region, you'll be boarding the Neo-01, the game's primary vehicle. This vehicle seems to pay homage to the Zero-One used by Todd Snap from Pokemon Snap on the N64.

Much like the Zero-One, the Neo-01 seems to retain the it's predecessor's capabilities of traversing most types of terrain. This is just one of the many tools that you'll use as you research Pokemon in the Lental region.

List of Items and Tools

Lental Region Alphabet

Similar to the Galar Region, the Lental Region appears to have it's own unique alphabet used in their forms of writing. The characters they use seem to have a 1:1 correspondence with English characters. Through observation and inference, we've compiled several instances where we can see this writing to try and decipher what they might mean.

Photo Description / Translation
NEO-ONE.pngEnlarge Text found on the Neo-01
Translation: Neo-01
Lental Pokemon And Natural Science Laboratory.pngEnlarge Sign found at the entrance of Professor Mirror's laboratory
Translation: Lental Pokemon and Natural Science Laboratory
Hello Camera.pngEnlarge Text found on the camera itself.
Translation: Fellow ID 0008764
Lental Institute of Pokemon and Nature
institute-logo upscaled.pngEnlarge Found as a patch on the researcher's uniforms, among other places.
Translation: Lental Institute
Pokemon and Nature
Florio Nature Park.pngEnlarge Sign found near the start of the Park (Day) Course on Florio Island.
Translation: Florio Nature Park
Vinces Notebook - Illumina Pokemon.pngEnlarge Photo from Captain Vince's travelogue
Translation: Illumina Pokemon
Lental Region Photodex.pngEnlarge The cover of your Photodex as viewable from the Lab.
Translation: Lental Region Photodex
Initializing.pngEnlarge Before Professor Mirror starts evaluating your photos.
Translation: Initializing

Ho-Oh's Pose

New Pokemon Snap - Ho-Oh
When you encounter Ho-Oh in the Volcano at Research Level 3, it starts to screech and shows off its wings. This is the same pose that the Pokemon does when you encounter it in the GBA Pokemon games.

Ho-Oh Locations and How to Get All Stars

Currently Easter Egg Hunting!

We are still on the lookout for more secrets and easter eggs available in New Pokemon Snap. If you found something that we missed, be sure and let us know in the comments section below!

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