How to Clear An Eevee Party Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing An Eevee Party, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear An Eevee Party, as well as the reward!

An Eevee Party Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Research Camp Lv. 1
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap EeveeEevee
Target Pokemon 2 New Pokemon Snap CutieflyCutiefly
Quest Giver Rita
How to Unlock ・After discovering a route in the research camp that leads into the lab.
Request Text ・“Eevee sometimes gets together for some playtime with the other Pokemon! Ever seen it do that?”

Course and Map Information

New Pokemon Snap - An Eevee Party Map
Research Camp Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

An Eevee Party Walkthrough Video

How to Clear An Eevee Party

Make Sure to Start the Course on the Entrance Side

New Pokemon Snap - Research Camp Entrance Side Start
This request can only be completed by starting on the Entrance Side of the course. Remember that you can know which side the course will start on, depending on which background is shown in the menu before you start exploring.

Research Camp Walkthrough

Take the Branching Path to enter the Lab

New Pokemon Snap - Research Camp Split Path
As you approach the lab, scan to reveal the branching path to enter the lab. Once inside you should find Audino and Dedenne.

Throw Illumina Orbs at Eevee then Scan to Wake Him Up

The time you spend in the lab is very limited, so next few steps have to be done fairly quickly. Start off by throwing Illumina Orbs at Stoutland and Eevee, followed by a Scan to wake them up.

Throw Illumina Orbs and Scan the TV to Reveal the Cutiefly

As they wake up, turn your attention to the TV and throw more Illumina Orbs at it, then Scan to reveal the Cutiefly hiding behind it. Do your best to then aim more Illumina Orbs at these bugs to make sure they glow.

Throw Illumina Orbs at Eevee and the Cutiefly until Eevee Chases Them

With Eevee at the center of the room and the Cutiefly nearby, throw Illumina Orbs at them until Eevee chases them around Stoutland. Keep throwing Illumina Orbs if possible so that the Cutiefly will maintain their glow.

Eevee will have to sit down so that you can get the photo needed for the request, and when the glow fades, Eevee may just walk away.

Take a Photo of Eevee Sitting With the Glowing Cutiefly Above Him

As they settle down from their quick play session, Eevee should sit down. At this point, snap away before the NEO-ONE inevitably exits the lab. Submit this photo for evaluation to complete this request!

Reward for Clearing An Eevee Party

No Reward

There are no obtainable rewards for completing this request.

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