How to Clear Totally Cool Tyranitar Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing Totally Cool Tyranitar, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear Totally Cool Tyranitar, as well as the reward!

Totally Cool Tyranitar Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Sands (Day) Lv. 2 or higher
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap TyranitarTyranitar
Target Pokemon 2 New Pokemon Snap Lycanroc (Midday Form)Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Quest Giver Phil
How to Unlock ・After taking the branching path to the right of the oasis
Request Text ・“Lycanroc made a run for it right before I snapped this shot. I bet Tyranitar could bash right through that rock!”

Course and Map Information

Totally Cool Tyranitar Map.jpg
Sands (Day) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

How to Clear Totally Cool Tyranitar

Follow the Path Towards Tyranitar

Follow the Path Towards Tyranitar.pngEnlarge

Before reaching the oasis, Scan to reveal the alternate route. Move to the right in the direction of the Tyranitar.

Lead Lycanroc to Tyranitar using Fluffruit

Lead Lycanroc to Tyranitar using Fluffruit.pngEnlarge

Lycanroc should be found resting on the nearby rock formation. Get his attention with Fluffruit and lead him towards the Tyranitar. They will proceed to taunt each other and Lycanroc is going to flee into the cave behind them, which is blocked by a large rock.

Snap the Photo at the Moment Tyranitar Smashes the Rock

Snap the Photo at the Moment Tyranitar Smashes the Rock.png
Tyranitar will attempt to follow Lycanroc and intently stare at the large rock. Toss an Illumina Orb at Tyranitar and wait for it to smash the rock. Take a photo of this moment to complete the request!

Reward for Clearing Totally Cool Tyranitar

Phil: Monitor

New Pokemon Snap Frame Phil Monitor.pngEnlarge

The Phil:Monitor frame is obtained after completing this request. This can later be used to edit photos in your Album.

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2 Anonymous8 days

For those wondering why he isn't breaking the rock, throw an illumina ball at him. After he breaks the rock, he'll chase after Lycanroc in to the cave.

1 Anonymous8 days

For some reason he's not smashing the rock for me. LR runs behind into the cave, and Tyranitar weirdly walks into the rock over and over but doesn't smash it. 🤔

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