New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Latest News for Pokemon Snap: Everything We Know So Far

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A guide to all of the latest news and updates for New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch! See all of the latest information known about this upcoming title!

Latest News for New Pokemon Snap

How Much Will New Pokemon Snap Cost?

How much will New Pokemon Snap cost.png
Know here how much the New Pokemon Snap will cost, where to buy it, and if there is a free version!
Price Guide

Release Date

New Pokemon Snap.png
See when New Pokemon Snap is coming to the Nintendo Switch for purchase!
When Does Pokemon Snap Come Out on Nintendo Switch?

Pre-Order and Bonuses

New Pokemon Snap Pre Order.png

Pre-ordering has some perks, like playing the game as soon as possible! Check here how to pre-order New Pokemon Snap, and see all pre-order bonuses from participating retailers!

All Pre-Order Bonuses

How to Pre-load

How to Pre-load?

Pre-loading the game will let you play the game once it has been released. Learn how to get New Pokemon Snap on your Switch ahead of the release date and be the first on your block to get into the game!

How to Pre-Load (Download Before Release)

Will There Be a Demo?

Will There Be a Demo.png

Can you try out New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch before the release? Read about Demo Availability for New Pokemon Snap.
Demo Details and How to Download

DLC Availabilty

No Confirmed DLC.png
Some players are wondering if the New Pokemon Snap will create a DLC after the game has been released. Read more about DLC availabilty for New Pokemon Snap.

Will There Be DLC?

List of New Features

Scan Mode Effect New Pokemon Snap Trailer.jpg

Excited for the new features? See what brand new features are in store for the Switch installment of Pokemon Snap!

List of New Features

Is New Pokemon Snap a Remake or Sequel?

New Pokemon Snap - A Sequel or Remake.png

Players might be wondering if the New Pokemon Snap is a remake or sequel because it has similar gameplay with the N64 Pokemon Snap. Learn about the differences with N64's Pokemon Snap, and new features added to the Switch version.

Is It a Remake or Sequel?

Will New Pokemon Snap be Open World?

Will New Pokemon Snap be Open World?.png

Are you wondering if New Pokemon Snap will be an Open World? Learn here about the gameplay nature of New Pokemon Snap.

Will New Pokemon Snap Be Open World?

What is the Illumina Phenomenon?

One of the unique features of the Lental Region, uncovering the secrets of the Illumina Phenomenon will be one of your primary missions! Help Professor Mirror uncover the truth behind this phenomenon.

What is the Illumina Phenomenon?

List of All Trailers

New Pokemon Snap Trailers.png
Check out all the trailers and gameplay footage available for the New Pokemon Snap!
List of All Trailers

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