New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

How to Get 10 4-Star Photos in One Run

New Pokemon Snap - How to Get 10 4-Star Photos in One Run
The Specialist Research Title requires you to snap one 4-star photo each for at least 10 species of Pokemon. This guide will show you one of the easiest ways to get the research title, and how to get 10 4-star photos in one course for New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) on the Nintendo Switch.

Best Level For 10 4-Star Photos

From what we've tested, the best and easiest course to get a lot of 4-Star photos from is Park (Night) at Research Level 2.

Illumina Orbs and the Melody are required, and the Turbo is optional, but helpful. Post-Game is not required.

The Pokemon that we will try to get 4-Star photos for include the following:

New Pokemon Snap ScorbunnyScorbunny New Pokemon Snap TangrowthTangrowth New Pokemon Snap MurkrowMurkrow New Pokemon Snap DodrioDodrio
New Pokemon Snap TorterraTorterra New Pokemon Snap SwannaSwanna New Pokemon Snap BidoofBidoof New Pokemon Snap SylveonSylveon
New Pokemon Snap PinsirPinsir New Pokemon Snap HeracrossHeracross New Pokemon Snap PidgeotPidgeot New Pokemon Snap VespiquenVespiquen
New Pokemon Snap CombeeCombee

How to Get 10 4-Star Photos in One Run

Video Guide

There is going to be a long sequence of actions you'll have to do which will be detailed below.

Since this guide covers how to get 13 4-stars poses in one run, you'll have some room for error in case you miss out on some of the poses! Do your best to follow along with the guide, and you'll definitely get at least 10 in no time.

Step-By-Step Text Guide

Step Procedure
1 As soon as the course starts, zoom in to above the sign. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Scorbunny above the sign. Take a photo of it with blue flames from it's kicks.
2 A Pidgeot will fly in and land behind the sleeping Boufallant. Feed it a Fluffruit for now to allow it to show up later in the course. In the meantime, throw an Illumina Orb at the Tangrowth sleeping nearby. It will quickly leap when awoken, so be sure to snap a photo of it in mid-air.
3 As the NEO-ONE crosses the bridge, throw Fluffruit into the patch of grass ahead of you. Murkrow will soon land in this area, and you'll want to take a photo of them munching on the fluffruit.
4 As you approach the Crystabloom to your left, make sure to throw fluffruit in the area, scan multiple times, and illuminate the Crystabloom so that Pinsir comes out of the ground and that Heracross falls from the tree. As you crest the hill, throw a Fluffruit at the Torterra ahead of you. Snap a photo of it yawning.
5 Look immediately to your left to spot a Dodrio. Hit it with an Illumina Orb and it will hop in surprise. Take a photo of it mid-air.
6 You should spot the Pidgeot, slightly to the right of the Dodrio in the previous step. Feed this a Fluffruit as well, then bring your attention back to the lake on your right. You should spot the Illuminated Swanna in the water. When you do, play the melody and it will lead all of the other Swanna to fly out of the lake. Take a photo of it lifting off.
7 With your attention still on the lake. Look for the Bidoof Dam. A Bidoof should be resting in it's self-made home. Wake it up with a Fluffruit and it will pop it's head out of the top. Take a photo of it peeking out.
8 Look back to your left and you should spot a Sylveon sleeping near a Torterra. Wake it up with an Illumina Orb then look back onto the path. You should see the Pinsir and Heracross you disturbed earlier in the course. They are about to have a confrontation, but you should play the Melody before they do. If successful, Sylveon will intervene and cheer them up. Take a photo of the happy Sylveon.
9 As Sylveon cheers them up, Heracross and Pinsir will dance in joy. Take a photo of Heracross dancing about.
10 Likewise, Pinsir will also appear to be shouting in glee. Take a photo of the excited Pinsir.
11 If you were able to feed Pidgeot both at the start of the course, and by the lake, Pidgeot should land on the path at the flower field to thank you. Take a photo of it bowing down.
12 After taking a photo of Pidgeot, illuminate the Crystabloom to it's right. This will trigger a nearby Combee to fetch a Vespiquen. Once Vespiquen arrives on the flower field, Illuminate the Crystabloom closest to it, and take a photo of it entranced by the crystabloom's glow.
13 By lighting up the Crystabloom next to the Vespiquen, it also excites the Combee. Take a photo of these excited Combee**
14 As the course ends, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Ideally you could have taken up to 13 4-star photos, but to get the reward you only need at least 10. Pick out your photos and submit them to Professor Mirror.

Reward For 10 4-Star Photos in One Run

Specialist Research Title

If you were able to successfully take and submit at least 10 4-star photos, you'll unlock the Specialist Research Title! Congratulations!

Learn How to Unlock All Research Titles

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4 Anonymousover 2 years

The Dodrio also appears at the beginning of the course to the left hitting him here with an orb will cause him to jump so you can grab his 4 sta photo. (Makes less to do mid map)

3 Anonymousover 2 years

The caterpie at the end behind the sign that you trigger with a scan/melody (can’t remember what one you use) also count as a 4 star photo.


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