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This is a guide to all new features found in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can learn about the new items and modes of play in the Switch version of Pokemon Snap, and find out all new additions that were not present in the N64 version!

New Features in New Pokemon Snap

Illumina Orbs

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Illumina Orbs are an item invented by Professor Mirror while he was investigating the Illumina Phenomenon present in the Lental Region. Throwing one at a Pokemon will cause it to glow, and may have other effects that will be useful for recording photos!

What is the Illumina Phenomenon?


Native to the Lental Region, Crystablooms scatter the islands of the region. Tossing an Illumina Orb at a these glowing flowers may lead you to new discoveries!


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Play the Melody and nearby Pokemon will react or dance to it. The Melody affects all Pokemon within view, so you can use it to take coordinated group photos.

How to use Melody

Scan Mode

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Scan Mode is a feature that will help you analyze your surroundings. Use the scan mode to uncover new paths, find hidden Pokemon and discover mysterious things around the Lental Region.

Branching Routes

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Using Scan Mode while exploring may reveal Branching Routes, denoted by an icon on your HUD. These routes may be easy to miss without Scan Mode, as they would be covered by other layers of the environment. The Branching Route icon will quickly inform you if a path is traversable or not. Finding these Branching Routes are vital to completing your research on Pokemon's different ecologies.
How to Use Scan Mode

Pokemon Photodex

New Pokemon Snap features a Pokemon Photodex, which will allow you to record all of the Pokemon you have been able to capture in photos during your adventure. Go out and try to snap them all!

Pokemon List and Gallery

Edit Your Photos in your Personal Album

Re-snap can be used to edit your photo's features

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A new feature known as re-snap will allow you to adjust things like the brightness, focus, and zoom on photos saved in your album after completing a course. This will allow you to make Pokemon in shots more visible, get a closer look at their location, and create a better photo!

Add frames or stamps to your photos

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After saving your photos, you can further edit them by adding on frames, filters, and stickers to liven them up. Take your cutest photos and make them even better, or add funny edits so you can share them and have a laugh with your friends. The possibilities are endless!

Photo Editing Mode Guide

Online Features

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New to Pokemon Snap for Switch is an online mode, which will allow you to upload your best photos to the internet and share them with other players. This will allow you to take part in a scoring system on global leaderboards, where you can compete with other photographers for a high score!

How Does Online Play Work?

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